Hi guys. This is my first Klaroline drabble.

Klaus hears her footsteps walking towards him cautiously. "Knew you would come love." He tells her without looking at her.

She stops a few steps away from him. She was confused by his request earlier to meet him in the woods, but she was also curious by the request. She knew she was willingly walking into the wolf's cave. "What do you want?" Keeping her voice calm.

After a few moments of silence, as he sat in the same place as she found him he finally responded, taking one last drink of his beer. "I am leaving, love".

She didn't know how to respond to his answer. Not knowing if it was true or not. The only thing that she thought was, "Why?"

He finally looked at her. "Does it really matter, love? I will be gone and all your lot will be happy." He stared at her big beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes that made him drown in the humanity he tried to run from.

"Klaus," she whispers while walking towards him, but stop as he starts to speak again.

"I would asked you to come with me, but you and I know you are not ready yet. Not ready to leave this small life. But maybe one day. One day you will truly give it a chance." Staring one last time trying to memorize her features one last time he walked away.

As she watched him leave, Caroline felt cold and hoped that he was right. That one day she would finally be ready to give it a chance.

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