Shada the hedgehog new beginnings

Chapter 2: a new baby yay!

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So the doctor went up to the front office to get the kids. "Umm are you two Stasis and Maya the hedgehogs?" the doctor said. "Why wyes we is!" Said the 4 year old Stasis the Hedgehog "shwoooshs! Stasis wremember how mommy said wnot to wtalk to wstrangers?" Said the 3 year old Maya the foxcat. "Yes wbut he is a doctor he welps mommy whave wittle sis" Said Stasis "OK!" "Now that this convo is over can we go see your mommy now I bet she thinks I took you little ones to a bad place" Said the doctor. "OK" Said both Stasis and Maya. So the doctor and the two kids went back to go see Misty. And things got a little good I gest. "Stasis, Maya im glad you here come see your baby sis…. That has an unknown name for right now…." Said Misty thinking about the new name. "SHE is so acute! DADDY!" yelled Maya "I know sweetie" Said Luke. "Mommy can she play boys wstuff like wction wigures?" "Umm I don't know… MABYE she might be a tomboy or a girly girl but let's just hope she is nice like your daddy" Said Misty as she looks at the baby pink and black fur. Than into her eyes her blood red eyes she whispers to herself "I just hope that she becomes an unlament life form like me because im the only one that is in this family" she said as she sheds a tear down her face. As she remembers a horrible memories of her past life.

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TACOS! ~Misty