Shada the hedgehog new beginnings

Shada: today Ima host today story because I did something not on purpose to Ty. Ty: -tape over mouth- muffmf, mfuuuuryyyuyuuddfff Trans: HELP ME THIS GIRL OVER THERE HAS GOT MAD AT ME BECAUSE I SAID NO TO HER ABOUT HOSTING THE SHOW! Shada: well…..while I teach her about snitching on someone LETS GET ON TO THE STORY

*RING, RING, RING* "OK, CLASS TO YOUR SEATS N- OH MY GLOB WHO DID THIS TO THESE TWO!" Said Ms. Sweet about Amy and Fiona, Sonic was about to rise his hand to tell but the whole group look at him with glares. And Shada's had one of her hands as a paw from wolf form pretending to cut her neck with her one of her claws. "Sonic you know who?" Said Ms. Sweet "Ummmm…." Said Sonic looking at Shada and the rest "No, no do not I just wanted to ask if me, Shada, Keira, Shadow, Scourge and tails, can Ummmm go somewhere?" "Go where?" Sonic look at the other that is thinking of way to get out of class, Shada turns around and looks at her older bro Stasis and put up a sign that said…"USE YOUR POWER TO CALL THE OFFICE THAT IM AND THE OTHERS ARE GOING HOME BEACAUSE THERE ARE ALL VERY SICK" Stasis put up a new sign that said…."OK, BUT CAN ME AND MAYA GO?" Shada put up a new sign "NO, U NEED TO STAY HERE TO GO OUT WITH THAT BAT U IN LOVE WITH AND I BET MAYA DON'T WANNA GO BECAUSE SHE IS A NERD SHE LIKE SCHOOL" "TURE OK IM GONNA DO IT" Said Stasis as he work his mind to call the office then look at the class phone and waited till it ring….. BURRING, BURRING* "Hello...uhuh, ok now who leaving? Sonic, Shada oh wow but they don't look like it…" As Ms. Sweet was talking on the phone she turn around to see if the group was sick and saw that shadow was trying to get some air in his body, Keira having a chest burn, Sonic raising his hand to go to the bathroom because he have diarrhea, then she saw Shada scratching her body like she was having a rash, then scourge looks like he has a fever, last tails was just sitting there looking fine until the group look back at him saying… "pretend to be sick" While still doing their thing Then Tails FINALLY understand what they were saying and started waving his hands in front of his face as if he's was very hydrated. "yea I will bring them up there ok thanks bye" Ms. Sweet hung up the phone and said "Ummmm…I think this is strange and you guys are not even related but Sonic, Shada, Shadow, Scourge, Keira and Tails are sign out you all may leave….UNTIL YOU ALL TELL ME WHO DID THIS TO AMY AND FEONA!" "Ummmm…. I know it was….umm… was….LARRY!" Said Keira said as she points to Larry the lobster (my big bro was like WHF is he doing in the story) "Yeah it was me I was keeping it real!" He said "HOW DARE YOU DO THIS GO TO THE OFFICE NOWWWW" "ok but I was at the wrong set anyway im supposed to be at SpongeBob set but ill-"He got cut off "wait a second …..KIERA!" The group ran the past the office and when they go to shada home they stop "come on the door is unlock lets go in" Said Shada as she open the door "wow" was all they could say….. "This place is big" Said Shadow "make yourself at home if you want" "oh ok" "Sooo… y are here I the first place?" Said Sonic "Oh I don't know maybe because we all did not get in trouble" Said Shada "oh-" "BOOM, CRASH, BANG HAHAHAHA IM GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD" "Oh, my bad that was my phone I know weird ring tone ( lol I bet u was thinking Dr. eggmen was crashing the city lol got u ha). Shada said "yellow? Yep really oh umm we at the house mmmhmm hold on what time he coming in town in 1mins ok got it ok bye love u too bye" "what? It was Maya telling me that some fat guy is coming to destroy the city so get ready as much as u can I don't care you start fighting with each other just take it outside please?" Said Shada going up to her to punch her dummy*SLAM* "whoa pinkblack what wrong with her?" "I don't know maybe she is angry at what Amy called her I think when she said that she got really tick off and the thing that broke her saying that stay away from you Shadow…" Said Kiera telling truth "how come you know everything about her already and you just meet her today…" Said Shadow changing the subject "Don't try changing the subject Shadow…." Said a voice "huh….." Shadow and everyone else turn to the stairs and saw and looked up to see it was Shada but not just Shada but Shada as a wolf and as had a middle sexy voice "I know, I know why am im in my wolf from now when the 1mins started ten sec a go. Well Im going to train early out this back door and start" Shada said "May I ask how is u are going to get down the stairs?" Tails said and got his answer fast by seeing Shada jump all the way up there all the way down here. "There" She said "Sooo….pinkblack you don't play when it comes to fighting do you?" Said Scourge "No, no I do not" She said. Sonic whispers to Shadow "Say you told me that you love girls that don't play when they fight and… know the rest "Yea I know"

Shada: she was going to write some more but she was too sleepy

Ty: -break out of chair by mind control and take tape off- IMA KILL U SHADA Y WOULD U DO THAT U-U-U IM SORRY BUT BUTTHEAD!

Shada: - runs with try in her eye

Ty: that will show her how to NOT take over someone story

~Misty or Ty