A/N truth or dare. Set after Mockingjay. Delly and Madge are alive. Yup. Enjoy.

I trudged through the dark meadow, my mood echoing the shadows of rain clouds hovering above. My hunting bag was empty, no game today. Not that I particularly needed to hunt anymore, in the new district 12 we had food to spare. But the simple routine of the task, the total concentration, helped me to keep my mind off the nightmares and on the real world.

"Katniss! Wait!"
I groaned inwardly. Delly Cartwright. When will she just leave me alone?
I spun around, ready with a witty remark, but was cut off by an excited squeal.

"Come on, Katniss! We're playing truth or dare! You have to come!" She grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the victors village, deaf to my protests.

Not another silly game, I thought, a little fed up. Della seemed intent on getting us all to be happy and get over our past, which was fine and all, but her methods weren't exactly my cup of tea.

She dragged me into Peeta's house, which is basically mine too since I spend most of my time there.
In the living room, the couch and rug was crowded with people. Peeta leant on the side of the couch, shooting me an amused smile as I arrived. Madge was there too of course, and then Johanna, surprisingly. Also, Annie and Finnick had come over from 4. And then, sitting casually on the sofa, an arm slung over his knee, was Gale.
I scowled at the back of his head and set down my hunting bag. Why was he here?

Delly called for silence. "Okay, everyone. Today we're going to play a game called truth or dare. I'm sure everyone knows the rules."
Her comment was met by a round of confused, expectant faces, and she hurriedly continued.
"Well, someone has to ask someone else if they want truth or dare. Truth means that they have to answer a question truthfully, no exceptions. Dare means that they must do a dare of the asker's invention. No exceptions."
A few of us exchanged looks.
"Could we have a kind of penalty if we don't do it? Because, well, I'm not telling you people all the details of my life, as much as you may like to know them." Finnick piped up, to numerous eye rolls.
"Okay, Finnick. How about...if you don't do it, you have to do your next dare double. And if you do it twice in a row, the next one is triple."
Finnick smirked. "Okay, sure. I'm good with that."
The rest of us grumbled, but settled down to start the game. I sat on the rug, and we all looked obediently at Delly.

"Okay!" She said, a little too enthusiastically. "Um...Madge. Truth or Dare?"
"Okay. I dare you to lick the floor." Delly smirked.
"What? Are you serious?" Madge's face distorted into disgust.
"Yup. Go."
Madge scrunched up her eyes and glared at the hardwood floor. She slowly lowered her face to it. Just a centimeter away, she quickly stuck her tongue out and touched the floor. Then leapt up and yelped.
"It tasted like CINNAMON!"
I felt a laugh creep up my throat as everyone burst into giggles.
"Oh yeah," Peeta said, nonchalantly. "I dropped some scrolls there this morning."
I felt the laugh burst from my throat, and Peeta turned to smile at me, beaming.

Madge, who seemed to have recovered, focused her attention on Finnick.
"Thooth or thare?" She mumbled, her tongue still hanging out of her mouth. "Truth."
"Hmm...if you had to date anyone in this room, except for Annie, who would it be?"
"Well, not Katniss, Peeta would kill me. Delly, sorry, no," Delly pouted jokingly. "Johanna, YOU would kill me... Probably, you, Madge."
Madge squirmed uncomfortably, and out of the corner of my eye, I could have sworn I saw Gale shoot Finnick a death glare.

"Okay! Katniss!" Finnick cried, smiling evilly. I shudder. "Choose!"
I thought about my options. Truth would probably bring up something uncomfortable, and I don't really want to take my jacket off. It's cold.
Finnick rubbed his hands together.
"I dare you to kiss Gale."
Oh no. God no. I'm not doing that, I thought.
I sat solidly and crossed my arms.
"Okay, I guess my next dare is double then."
A few disappointed murmurs shivered around the room.
Gale was still staring menacingly at Finnick, who 'oohed' loudly.
I ignored him.

"Johanna. Truth or dare?"
"Dare," she muttered lazily. "I'm not a wuss."
"Um..." I tried to think of something that I won't regret. "Do the cinnamon challenge?" I said it more as a question than a statement.
Johanna still scowled.
"I bet I can do it." She said, strutting into the kitchen. "And if I do, you owe me a rabbit!"

Johanna returned with a teaspoon full of cinnamon. Finnick jumped up and ran out of the room, soon returning with a bucket.
Johanna twisted her face into an even deeper scowl. Finnick threw it at her and skipped back.
"Katniss, you better have caught something today." Johanna stuffed the spoon in her mouth. And we waited.

It took a few minutes for her to swallow the cinnamon, but swallow she did.
"There." She wheezed. "Oh God, it hurts to talk."

She ran out of the room to retch in the sink, disregarding Finnick's bucket. When she returned, she set her eyes determinedly on Gale.

"Truth or dare." She growled, and it sounded like an order.
"Er... Truth."
"Rate all the girls in this room on a scale of one to ten."
Gale squirmed and cast glances at Madge and I. Madge?
"Um...okay...you, 7...Annie, 6...Delly, 5-sorry Delly... Katniss, 8...and," Gale's eyes darted. "Madge, 9..."

The whole room went silent. Until Delly shouted, "A FIVE!"
Gale shrugged apologetically. "You're not really my type." He seemed relieved to be talking about Delly, and not Madge.

Madge sat on the couch with a thoughtful look on her face. She was absently tapping out piano notes on her knee.

"Okay! Lets go! Peeta, truth or dare?" Gale was a little too enthusiastic.
"Dare." Peeta replied
"Er... Tell Katniss how you really feel about her."
Peeta's face burnt the same shade of red that mine did. I know that Peeta still loves me now, but e is changed, and I don't know how we can be together like that without losing our treasured friendship.
Peeta glared at Gale and muttered flatly, "Pass."
Delly groaned loudly.

"Annie. Truth or dare?"
Just then, a huge shape stumbled into the room, swearing and shouting nonsense, and punched Peeta in the face before collapsing on the floor.

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