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"- because I'm a little wimp."

Oh. My. God.

I can't help but feel something sink inside me, Johanna can be so cruel, to get what she wants.

Madge looks shocked, and blinks several times. Gale simply glares at Johanna.

Oh no.

Johanna will just keep tormenting them, she will make it worse if Gale doesn't accept.

Madge is still sitting on Gale's lap, with the least contact possible.

Johanna smiles. "Go on, you two. Because I'm a wimp."

Madge shuffles off Gale, and they look at each other, but not with their eyes. I can see that they have accepted their fate, and don't want Johanna to make it worse for them.

Madge's POV

Oh no. I have to face it. That evil Johanna. I have to face it. I hope he can forgive me. I can't even hope that he might like me too. He has always loved Katniss. Always. I can't change that.

Gale is staring at me, but I can't look. I raise my head hesitantly, but still don't look. I can't. I can't look into his eyes. He will know.

"Remember, a real one. More than five seconds this time." Johanna orders. Damn. No escaping. Then I have an idea.

"Okay. Let's get this over with." Gale says. I sigh and meet his eyes. I try to keep my face blank. I don't know if it works. Gale's grey eyes are unreadable, as always.

He leans closer. I start to panic.

When he touches his lips to mine, I don't know what I feel. I know that I like Gale, really like him. But I also know that he can never like me.

It is a blank kiss, a nothing kiss. I don't know what I expected. I don't know what this is either.

I pull away quickly, feeling my cheeks redden. Gale sits back, avoiding my eyes.

Johanna raises her eyebrow and whistles. "Alrighty then, because I'm a little wimp."

The rest of the group look at each other, some smirking. I hope they didn't notice. I so hope they didn't.

Gale is glaring at his shoes, and is that a blush I see on his cheeks? No. No. I can't think like that. No.

"Uh-" Gale says.

An ear piercing scream breaks the tension. Everyone is silent, then breaks out laughing. I am glad for the last dare to be mostly out of everyone's minds.

"Jeez, Finnick. Anyway, Delly. Truth or dare?"

"Dare, this time."

"Okay um..." Another scream. "Go to Haymitch's. steal one of his wine bottles."

Della's mouth drops open. "Are you SERIOUS?"

"And, you have to drink it all."


Woah. That is just a little bit of an overreaction I think. Delly can be strange sometimes.

Delly hmphs but stands up. "Well, I'M not a coward. I'm going." She stomps to the door, and we follow. I can't help but worry for Delly, for what Haymitch might do.

Delly stands on Haymitch's doorstep, and takes a deep breath. She turns the handle and steps inside.

We wait on the porch, until yells sound from inside. Delly rockets out of the house, flies down the lane and into Peeta's house. We take the hint and run after her, though not before Haymitch throws a few drunken slurs at our backs. He trips down the front stairs, as I see from a glance back, and seemingly gives up to slump back inside. I'm sure he will get us back later.

In Peeta's house, we find Delly rolling around on the floor, the bottle spilling onto the carpet.

"He... He saw me take it... But he was so drunk... He threw... He threw a sandwich at me!"

I can't help but let a laugh escape me. A drunk Haymitch is quite amusing.

"Katniss, your go." Delly says.

Katniss considers. "Truth."

Delly smiles. Oh great. I hope she doesn't do the same for Katniss and Peeta that she and Johanna have been doing for Gale and I.

"Katniss... Do you love Peeta?"

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