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This story starts in Kanto, in Pallet Town. Home to the famous Professor Samuele Oak and Ask Ketchum. It's been 6 years since he left Unova (He was 14, was proved on the internet) and came home to his mother Delia and his beloved Pokemon. He started training the moment he came back so he could prepare himself and his Pokemon to challenge Cynthia, who is still Champion, and become a Pokemon Master. He is currently one of the Elite Four in Sinnoh, along with Tobias, Paul and Flint. He had travelled through Kanto 2 years after Unova re-challenging all of the gym leaders to prove to himself and others he deserved their badges.

We find Ash sitting in his living room sprawled across the couch on a Saturday afternoon watching T.V. It's 11:05am and of course Pikachu is lying on the floor curled up in a ball having a snooze.

"..and Darkrai is down! Tobias could not take out Cynthia's unbeatable Garchomp and once again Cynthia still remains Champion of the Sinnoh League *crowd cheering*"

Ash looked at Pikachu as he pricked up his long yellow ears and stared at his master, he took the remote and switched off the telly like he does when he's is thought and sat up on the edge of the couch.

"How does she do it buddy?" Ash asked Pikachu with his arms crossed.

"Pika?" he stared back in confusion with a tilted head.

"Every time she battles, she's unstoppable, she clears her head and concentrates on only the battle, I don't know how she does it, she must have a superpower!" Ash chuckled to himself, thinking it sounded totally ridiculous. "Right" he stood up changing the subject "Up for some training buddy?" he said enthusiastically to Pikachu clenching his right fist.

"Pika!" he said with a nod.

Ash walked into the kitchen where his mother and Mimey were preparing lunch, as he walked over he could remember being smaller than his mother, though now he was 20 years of age standing 5.9" with dark raven like hair and had his mothers sweet brown eyes. He glanced over her shoulder checking too see what was to eat. The smell of vegetables and meat almost made his mouth water if he didn't have training to do.

"Hey mum?"

"Yes dear?" Delia responded turning round given her son a big smile.

"I'm going to go see Professor Oak and the Pokemon, Gary apparently has some news for me as well and Tracy called last night to say someone was trying to get in touch" Ash took a bite out of an apple while leaning against the bunker, expecting his mother to say 'off you go then'.

"Ok, and Ash.." Ash turned to glance at his mother before running out of the kitchen "Don't be late!" she chimed. Ash rolled his eyes at his mothers words. When was he ever late?

Ash went upstairs to get his black battling gloves which were sitting beside his computer in his room. He was currently wearing his Black Unova trousers, though on his torso he wore a black shirt and a light blue long sleeved jumper, similar to the one he had in Sinnoh but the zipper outlines were white and instead of yellow it was a slightly darker shade of blue (If you've ever played Pokemon Black or White, think of the characters in that) his hat was half white and red with the similar sign on his BW hat but in black.

Ash raced down the stairs and took off his slippers and shoved his red hi top Unova trainers on and sprinted outside with Pikachu behind him. "See you later mum!"he shouted while bolting out the door.

Delia chuckled under breath "That boy is still growing up and he looks more like his father everyday, I'm so proud of him"

At the Ranch

Tracey was surprised to see Ash heading up to the Ranch at this time. He usually came in the afternoon after he had lunch. Everyone knows that Ash and an empty stomach don't mix well. "Hey Ash! How come your up here at this time? I thought you'd be relaxing?"

"Oh, hey Tracy, I'm just wanting to train a little since my match isn't for another month and I needed to talk to Gary too, is he here?" Ash responded with a slight sarcasm in his voice.

Tracey smirked, getting up on his feet from doing the gardening outside of the entrance "Training huh? Well, I'll get those targets ready then. And Gary isn't here right now, but he'll be back shortly"

Ash laughed. Gary had been acting strange recently and everyone knew it had something to do with a certain girl, but nobody knew who it was! Just as Ash turned his heel to walk into the building, Tracey's voice caused him to halt.

"Oh Ash, you got a call yesterday from Dawn, she wants to talk to you" Tracey said this with slight caution, he knew how Ash felt about Dawn and he hadn't seen her in 2 years, with him being back in the Sinnoh league after Kanto she was in Kanto touring Contests and teaching classes after she had become a Top Coordinator 4 years prior.

Ash looked up at the sky then turned to Tracey. trying to force a smile "Right, thanks Tracey, I'll go and phone her now.." he trailed off walking into the building.

It took a while for Ash to even type in her number. It was nothing he never really did, phoning his friends. He only ever did it with his mum and all of the Professors. As it rang, Ash' heart was beating rapidly, he hadn't seen her in 2 years but didn't know what to expect. Had she changed? Did she dye her hair? Did she grow taller? and the most important question to him was if she's seeing anyone.

"Hello, Dawn Berlitz speaking?" a sweet charismatic voice could be heard on the other end of the line. The screen showed her but not himself, obviousely she didn't know who it was. He just stared at her, ignoring her call of 'who is it', her long blue elbow length hair shining from the light in her living room, the white strappy top she wore which showed her chest and showed off her beautiful porcelain arms. Those gorgeous sapphire eyes glistening through the video screen...


Ash jumped at the loud scream and out of his thoughts, pressing the green button to show himself on screen, as he popped up Dawn's face lit up like a Lantern, he didn't expect this kind of reaction. To her, Ash thought he just felt like a friend and nothing more.

"ASH! Oh my Arceus! I can't believe it's really you! You haven't changed a bit have you? Apart from being so tall of course, oh wait look who's here!" she gleamed grabbing two arms from her sides pulling them down towards the camera.

"Wow, ASH! I can't believe it? Where have you been? Where's our visit? If your not here in 2 seconds I'm gonna have to fine you!" Ash knew straight away who this was, Barry hadn't changed a bit! He still wore allot of orange and was incredibly hyper from the tone of his voice. But then he noticed someone on Dawn's right side which caught his attention straight away. He stared at the face and gave a slight smile.

"Hey Paul" Ash blurted out, "How've you been? Long time no speak!" Ash and Paul were confident speaking 'peacefully' with each other now without causing some kind of argument like they did years ago, after all they weren't rivals, they were friends, they were both in the Elite Four and respected each other in every way, their only disagreement was who was going to beat Cynthia.

Paul looked exactly like his brother Reggie in so many ways, he didn't have long hair any more, it was short spiky and a light shade of purple, similar to his brothers. His eyes were different too. A soft and innocent looking shade of black. It was weird seeing Paul look so happy, he never usually was when around Barry.. or a girl for that matter. Paul waved slightly and broke the silence with a curiosity in his voice.

"Did you see the title match? Cynthia literally wiped Tobias out, he was devastated!"

Ash smiled "Yeah, I did watch a repeat this morning, I was out pretty late last night with Gary so I didn't get home in time to watch it right away, it was interesting"

"Interesting? Tobias phoned Flint up earlier and asked him for a exhibition match!"

Ash gaped "He what?"

Paul nodded furiousely "Yeah, he wants another shot soon. But he has to wait 3 months"

"Of-course he does, I'm next!"

Paul changed the subject, driving away from getting in a conversation that involved Ash's title shot "What did you think of Darkrai and Garchomp then? Pretty powerful don't you think?"

Ash nodded in agreement "I noticed that Darkrai has levelled up a whole lot, but then again, so has Garchomp. Both Pokemon are loyal to their partners and they would do anything for them to win, but I think Tobias was just in the hands of bad luck. Darkrai is a Legendary after all"

"That's true" Paul nodded in understanding then turned to look at the clock behind him noticing the time they had left "Well, I will talk to you about it when I see you then?"

Ash looked puzzled. Why would he come all the way to Kanto to talk to me about some match? "What do you mean 'see me'?" he finally asked.

"Well, it's your birthday next Saturday and were all coming down to celebrate! Your mum-" Dawn pushed him away with a furious look on her face, making him stop mid-sentence.

"What Paul means is" she said clearing her throat "Were coming to Pallet town during the week to stay for a while, I want to meet all of your Pokemon and obviously see May and everyone else"

Ash looked at her in absolute embaressment, with his hand across his eyes staring down at the floor. His mum actually phoned people to come across for him and Gary's birthday!? A ringing noise from the video phone caught his attention as he lifted his head. He looked back up at Dawn noticing who was calling "Hold that thought Dawn"

Ash pressed a button on the side of the monitor to 'share' the call. Appearing on the screen was their old travel companion and a Pokemon Doctor Brock Stone.

"Hello everybody!" Brock yelled in delight,

"Hey Brocko!" Ash waved,

"Hi Brock, CONGRATULATIONS!" Dawn bursted out, Brock suddenly turned red and Ash looked at him in confusion.

"Congratulations? Did you win something Brock?" Ash asked jokingly knowing it would be something more serious.

Brock stared at Dawn with a serious face "Didn't you tell him?"

"Well, I just got on the phone to him now, apparently he was out with GARY last night and it was more important than this" Dawn explained and they both looked at Ash who was turning red at this moment, scared to face what he had done.

Ash's patience grew thin "Well, tell me what it is then? I'm here now and I was hoping to go and train soo-"

"Jasmine's pregnant" Brock shouted as he leaped out of his seat in joy,

Ash was speechless. When he visited the Pewter Gym he knew they were together, but when he came home after a year they had moved in together and 4 years down the line, their having a family, it was incredible! He called on Pikachu who was outside playing with the other Pokemon. He leaped up in-front of the computer as everyone waved hello. Sitting on his lap Ash stared at Pikachu and started to speak low enough so the others wouldn't hear him.

"Guess what buddy?" Ash whispered in his ear.

"Pikaa?" he replied in wonder,

"Brock is having a baby! So turn round and say congratulations!" whispering again, winking at Pikachu.

Brock, Dawn, Barry, Paul and even Jasmine now watching was staring at Ash waiting for a 'congratulations' or 'when did this happen' question, but nothing. They sat/stood their watching him speak to Pikachu and take something out of his pocket. It was a shock at first. Pikachu spun round and started dancing with a banner that read 'congratulations' it looked quite old, like it had been sitting in his trousers for a while. Though the bright colours and some messy writing at the bottom, it looked adorable! Everyone cheered and laughed as they watched Pikachu dancing around in front of the monitor singing a 'Pika Pika' song.

Brock was still laughing "Thanks Ash, that was unexpected!"

Dawn giggled too "Wow Ash, how did you know in advance that this was going to happen?" giving him a slight wink.

"Well.." Ash replied scratching the back of his head "I knew it would when I came back from my journey here in Kanto, I went to visit Brock and his family at the gym and noticed how in love they were, it was obvious, so when I got home I suggested to Pikachu to make something and so we did"

"Awww" the girls cooed in sync, Pikachu standing proud with his hands on his hips.

Ash decided to make a joke out of it "You can tell which bit is mines right? The nicely decorated bit?" he pointed towards the bottom where Pikachu's writing was.

"That's nasty Ash!" Dawn exclaimed. She turned to Pikachu and smiled "Pikachu, it's beautiful and I'm sure Ash is just blaming you because your a Pokemon and that's actually his writing and drawings" Everyone snickered at that. Ash was too easy to take the piss out of. Though poor Pikachu was still devastated at the hurtful comment. He turned to look at his master with spraks flying from his cheeks, something Ash knew quite well.

Ash just laughed and brought out a mini bottle of ketchup from his pocket and handed it to Pikachu. Brock and Jasmine smiled as they watched Pikachu rub his cheeks against the bottle in bliss. Pikachu turned towards Ash, ran up onto his shoulders and cuddled into his neck "Chaaaaaa!" Ash scratched the top of his head before he could jump down and headed into the corner so no one would bother him and the ketchup. As Ash turned back to the screen Dawn and her party had a confused look on their faces and Brock was laughing.

"Oh yeah didn't you know? Pikachu loves Ketchup, I keep it with me at all times now so I can cheer him up every now and again" Dawn just laughed, Barry thought it was unreal and Paul sniggered a little but he didn't like to show too much emotion.

There was a small silence before Dawn broke it "Well, I have to go now, mums preparing lunch so we will see you within the week Ash" Dawn winked and gave him a wave as he just nodded and waved back "Oh and Brock, I hope Jasmine is coming too, I want to congratulate you both personally" Brock nodded and waved goodbye to his old companion.

As the screen went blank Brock just stared at Ash while Jasmine walked out of the room. He noticed his friends face drooping. He didn't look happy "Hey Ash, what's up?"

"Well, you know what it is Brock" Brock didn't answer as if to say 'No I don't' "My match is in a month and it's either too late or too early for me to tell her how I feel, my mum has been going crazy about it, she said she has a huge surprise for me for my birthday. I'm just under allot of stress"

"Ash everyone is under stress right now.. Your only a year older, that doesn't make you ancient!" he almost giggled at the word.

Ash's blood was starting to boil and Brock could see it "I'm going to be 21 Brock! That is ancient! Also, it's not easy watching everyone else move on, Arceus I even envy Paul for being there with her!"

"Ash listen, why don't you tell her when she gets there, she'll be staying at your house any ways" Brocks enthusiastic voice set Ash on edge "Gain something great out of a good situation. Take advantage!"

"Take advantage? You mean just ask her out?" he asked worriedly, still not understanding.

"Yes but that's not what I meant! Take advantage of the situation at hand. She's coming to Kanto, you'll be alone with her every now and again. Ask her out when the time feels right to you"

Ash thought for a moment, processing all the things his friend just said "Well.. I'll see. I need to go now Brocko, got some powerful Pokemon of mine to train" he changed his attitude suddenly, giving him a wink he stopped "Oh and Congratulations by the way" smiling he waved at his old companion and cut the video feed.

Pikachu ran up onto his master's shoulder sensing that there's something wrong.

"Pika pi?"

Ash reached up and scratched in-between his friends ears "I'm ok Pikachu. I just can't wait until she get's here" he smiled, getting up and inhaling deeply. "Right, let's get Charizard down and have a battle with Gary!"

Next Time..: Everyone arrives for the boys birthday. Will Ash admit his feelings for Dawn? An who's the girl from Sinnoh Gary has been seeing?