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Tuesday afternoon (around 3:00pm)

Gary and Ash were at the ranch checking all of their Pokemon. Professor Oak was currently at a live radio show and Tracy was on his weekly date with Misty. Yes, that's right, Misty and Tracy had been together nearly 5 years, Misty couldn't resist his charm and kindness when he came over to the gym every few days, he had helped her allot since she became Gym Leader, feeding the Pokemon, doing repairs and even taking her sisters out so they wouldn't get in the way.

"So, Ashy Boy, what's the deal with you and that Sinnoh girl" asked Gary is a cheeky tone,

"Well, nothing yet, I'm waiting until my birthday" Ash was uneasy talking to Gary about his love life, because Gary had become somewhat well known for his research in Sinnoh, he was a bit of a sleaze and especially fooled around with one particular girl who was unknown to Ash, but other than the secrecy, they were still best friends.

Every time they went out, he would pick up anyone, well any girl that looked like a 'model' to him. Now it was a case of backing out last minute, which confused Ash. Ever since they turned 18 he would go on and on to Ash about how the girls are in the clubs and how easy it is to pick them up. That was Gary's style, Ash wasn't interested and eventually became his wingman, until now.

"Unlucky Ashy Boy, it seems to me you really like her, you should do something about that"

"Yeah well, I'm planning something" he placed one of his Johto balls in it's slot before turning back to his friend "Oh so how's 'Miss. Sinnoh Unknown' you know the one you've been getting it on with for the past year and a half, seems to me you really like her" Ash winked at Gary, in-between rotating his hips in a circular motion in the air as a tease.

"Oh piss off, I don't like her, she's just good at what she does" Gary posed for a moment trying to act a big man. He stared up at the ceiling while placing an 'L' shaped finger and thumb under it. Ash chuckled as he flung something towards Gary's face that almost caused him to fall of the desk.

Ash's loudest laugh spread throughout the Ranch, nobody knew what in Arceus' name was going on "Gary, if you seriously like her, ask her out. Do you even know her name?" he thought about what he just said. 'This is GARY we're talking about.. oh wait' Ash's laughter corrupted again. He couldn't stop laughing, after smacking him with a Pokeball and taking the mick out of his booty call, his day couldn't get any better. Gary rubbed his face and gave Ash a glance that could make Pikachu faint and be declared unable to battle.

Ash inhaled deeply then smiled "I'm just joking Gary my Arceus, cheer up a bit will you. Don't forget Saturday is our night so be prepared, we'll have a blast!" Ash walked over and placed his hand in front of Gary as if to say 'sorry bud'. Gary grabbed his hand pulling himself out of the chair with Ash's help and they shook firmly.

"Now that we have that sorted, are you ready for Saturday?" Ash changed the subject, in hoping it wouldn't create an argument.

"Of-course! Were gonna be 21 Ashy-Boy, it's a big step!" Ash smiled back in agreement "Am I driving or should we take a cab, because I really need a drink on my 21st-" Ash cut him off.

"Look, we'll get a cab, my mum and your Grandpa have already made arrangements to go to my friend Cilan's Restaurant in Scissor Street, you know my old companion in Unova?" Gary nodded "Well he and his brothers are making a fortune there, plus Cilan is an A Class Connoisseur and apparently we're getting half off" Ash looked at Gary with a cheesy grin before adding "..Oh and drinks are free all night too so guess what Gary, we are getting pissed!" Gary stared at Ash before jumping up in delight and high fiving him. It felt awkward afterwards. They looked around to check nobody had seen their 'girly' side and headed back too work. (I forgot to add, these 2 are extremely close, and yes Ash does drink regularly, he has more confidence now and of-course he's legal to drink. He's matured)

Wednesday 14:55

As Ash and Pikachu sat and watched television, his mother and Mimey were preparing snacks for the guests that were arriving shortly, though Ash didn't know who was coming, he prepared himself for the worst.

Finally a doorbell rang, he glanced at the door hoping it would open itself. 'I absolutely hate guests' he muttered in his head, something he always did in-front of his mother. He eventually got up and headed towards it with Pikachu on his shoulders. As Ash opened the door he had to glance twice to see who it was. It was May, her brother Max and a tall white haired young man who look very familiar to Ash.

"ASH!" May ran in giving him a huge hug,

"Wow, May, it's good to see you too" he hugged her back with a smile on his face, she was like a sister to him, he felt comfortable around her and could tell her anything. She was nearly the same height as Ash and wore her Johto travelling outfit. He glanced down and noticed her little brother who was quite tall now, standing 5.2" with long green hair and a green jacket with jeans and hi-tops. Max was now 15, he didn't need glasses any more but Ash thought he turned out quite well for his age.

"Hey squirt! How's the travelling?" he turned to Max who was in delight to see him again.

"Great Ash! My Growvyle evolved into Sceptile last week, it was awesome!" he smiled, then he gave Ash a serious look "You remember your promise right?"

Ash knew what the promise was but he acted stupid shaking his head as if to say 'no sorry' Max was furious, he kicked Ash in the knee and put his hands on his own hips "You promised to battle me when I became experienced!"Ash laughed and looked at him and bent down a little to come to his level.

"Hey Max, I was just kidding, of course I remembered, we can do it tomorrow how's that?" said Ash as he was clutching his knee. Ash was really hoping for a yes, after that blow he doesn't think he could handle a battle right now.

"Alright then, tomorrow it is, who will I be battling?" Max asked with such curiosity,

"Well, I tell you what, you can pick any one of my Pokemon at the Ranch to battle against and you can have the advantage, how's that?" Max's face lit up with delight "Oh thanks Ash!" smiling as he walked through the door and into the living room to be greeted by Delia. Ash turned towards the young male standing in the doorway, May gleamed as she jumped to his side and held his hand.

"Ash this is my boyfriend Brendan"

"Hi, nice to meet you" Ash held out his hand to greet him in, the young male, or Brendan smiled and took his hand in acceptance.

"I've heard allot about you Ash, your quite a guy from what I've heard from May and her family" His voice was sensitive and sweet but quite deep. Ash smiled at his words then gave him a serious look which caused May to get really nervous.

"Wait, aren't you Brendan Birch? Professor Birch's son? Your one of the Elite Four in Hoenn?" Ash stared at Brendan still in the position of shaking his hand and when Brendan nodded he let go of his hand and stood there staring at him in annoyance. May was confused but very angry that Ash would be so rude, he was always polite to new trainers. Finally, Ash let out a smirk and he welcomed them both inside. Brendan felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders as he sighed in relief.

May slapped him across the chest as she entered "Don't ever do that again you hear me Ash Ketchum!"

"Don't be so hard on him May, you did tell me he was a joker after all" Brendan laughed as he took his trainers off in the hall with his arm still wrapped around May's wast.

"Yeah May, don't be too hard on me, I was only joking" Ash stuck out his tongue, annoying May in the process. Brendan snickered at the two making faces towards each other as Pikachu began greeting the guests, he was very cautious of the new stranger smell in the house, like a dog.

Later on in the evening around 6:30pm

Misty and Tracey had popped down to see everyone, because they didn't live very far, it would be unfair to steal all the spare room in the house so they promised to come over in the afternoon to watch the battle and to meet them at the restaurant on the Saturday night since Misty had to run the gym until 5:30 and Professor Oak and Tracey were at the Ranch until late. They hired help to keep an eye out on all the Pokemon, using Ash's Charizard, Infernape, Blastoise, Venasaur and Pikachu as guards as well as Gary's Arcanine, Nidoqueen, Blastoise and Electivire to keep everyone else safe while they were away.

Ash suddenly spoke as everyone sat down after exchanging hello's and hugs "So did everyone hear about Brock's news I take it?" while sipping on a cup of tea,

"What news?" Misty looked around at everyone's faces like she'd just walked into the wrong house,

Ash finally broke the silence "Well, Jasmine is pregnant"

Misty was gob smacked, she fidgeted in her seat as she screamed in joy "Oh my ARCEUS! really!? I'm so happy for him, when's he coming?"

"Either tomorrow or Friday, Jasmine needs to contact her brother and make sure the gym is ok first, then they are apparently looking for a house here in Kanto where they can live together, Brock is actually opening his own Pokemon Doctor's office near to where his new home will be, once he finds one that is" Ash spoke confidently. He wasn't used to having so many people in his home, but he decided this was a time to make an exception. Plus he was extremely happy for his friend. He finally found someone he loved and is spending the rest of his life with her.

The conversation between the group grew of Brock and Jasmine's news. Of course May had already known and Delia was just as excited, but everything came to a halt when the phone rang. Delia excused herself and walked over as the group thought and discussed house gifts and baby presents they should get for Brock.

Delia came through from the kitchen and stood there waiting for the group to settle down, she was a very patient and polite person and didn't want to spoil the reunion.

"Ash dear?"

"Yeah, mum?"

"Gary's on the phone for you, he said it's urgent?"

Ash stood up and turned to the group "Why don't we all chip in about £100 each (I'm Scottish so I used the pound sign) and then give it to him with a big card and then he can use that money to get what he wants for the wee one?" everyone looked at each other and then nodded in agreement, there was no point in buying presents when the parents know what's best for their children.

Ash walked over towards the kitchen and picked up the wireless telephone and leaned against the counter.

"Hey Ashy Boy, it's Gary"

"Yeah, I know, mum said it was urgent, what do you want?" Ash wasn't being rude but cheeky, he knew it would wind Gary up, a sort of pay back for calling him 'Ashy Boy'

"Hey smartarse, listen, I'm caught up doing research here in Sinnoh, I won't be home till Saturday afternoon but I'll still be able to take a ride with you and the lads to the restaurant, is that ok?"

Ash began laughing "Research? What research? Researching that girl you've been banging for so long!" Ash's mother overheard this and shouted on him to watch his language. He apologised and went back to the conversation.

"Haha, very funny, just know I will be there, wouldn't want to miss out on our night" Ash couldn't help but laugh even more, he still thought what he said was funny. Like a regular comedian.

"Yeah ok Gary, I'll see you Saturday then, say hey to her for me!" Ash laughed again, not being able to control himself.

"Yeah seeya Ashy Boy" Gary hung up in a mood knowing that Ash could see through his bullshit. Ash placed the phone back on the receiver, as he walked through to the sitting room, everyone was just staring at him unable to figure out what the joke was. Ash sat down and took a sip of his tea and scratched Pikachu's head, who was sitting right beside him on the couch facing towards the television.

He still felt eyes on him so he cleared his throat "It was Gary saying he won't be back in Kanto until Saturday" that was another weight lifted. People being so nosey he had to tell them who it was.

"So Ash, fancy a batt-"

May was cut off short when the doorbell rang "Wow Ash, your popular today!" Misty exclaimed leaning against Tracey.

Ash smiled as he walked over to the door and while opening it he faced the group in the living room "Yeah, more popular than most people" he said with a smile, he turned towards the door and who could it have been?

Dawn ran in and jumped in Ash's arms embracing him in a hug, almost knocking him back. Ash couldn't help but cling onto her, he closed his eyes taking in every bit of her, the smell of her hair, the touch of her skin and her body against his. It was like heaven. He suddenly stopped when he opened his eyes and noticed Paul and Barry standing there awkwardly. He forwarded his hand by to Dawn ensuring her to come in. Ash looked at Barry and Paul and smiled.

"So, you were gonna fine me if I didn't come huh Barry?"

"You know what he's like Ash" Paul scoffed walking in towards Ash and shaking his hand while taking off his shoes.

"So Ash, wanna battle?" Barry was excited, he hadn't seen Ash since he had been to Sinnoh and he rarely came to Kanto to visit his father who was a Frontier Brain.

"Nah, I'm really tired right now, I just want to eat and go to bed" Barry was in shock, what had happened to his friend that used to love battling?

"Fine, tomorrow then!"

"I have a battle tomorrow with May's brother Max, but yeah sure after that we can battle" Barry gave one of his cheesy smiles and held out his hand for Ash to shake it as he entered his home.

"Wow Ash, you didn't tell us you had a big house" Dawn was in awe at how nice it was, she loved the area, because it was quiet and peaceful.

"Everyone, this is Dawn, Barry and Paul" they all waved down at the group in the living room while they stood up awaiting to be greeted "And this is Misty, my first ever companion when I first started my journey, Tracey, who I met in the Orange Islands, Dawn you remember May?" she nodded and smiled "this is her boyfriend Brendan and her little brother Max, who I travelled with in Hoenn and oh sorry, this is my mother Delia" everyone gave a big hello as Delia got up to greet them all into her home. She especially gave special attention to Dawn, offering her anything she wanted and complimenting her new outfit (Again, if you've played Black and White it's the female uniform she's wearing, if not Google Dawn of Unova in images or check my images)

As the group talked and discussed their journeys together and exchanged funny stories, Misty and Tracey left to go back to the gym as Delia sat the group down to dinner. After dinner the obvious way to work this out was Barry and Paul with Brendan would go in Ash's room, Max can have his own room and the girls will share the room next door, giving everyone enough space and privacy. (Yehp, for me the Ketchum house has 4 bedrooms, 2 un-suite)

As the night grew, the boys couldn't help discuss their Pokemon battles since the old days and practically insult Barry all night. They were interested to know allot more about Brendan too, like how did he meet May and how long had be been a trainer. The girls on the other hand had more important things to talk about... boys.

In the morning everyone was greeted by Delia who had made a Buffet of food. Eggs, scones, toast, bacon, sausage, cereal, potato scones and even fresh fruit. The fact was that Ash hadn't even got up yet and it was 10:07. Dawn signalled Pikachu to come over and he eventually followed her upstairs with Piplup by her side, she slowly crept into Ash's room and walked over to the bed.

She turned to signal Pikachu so to use Thunderbolt and she couldn't help but laugh, Piplup and Pikachu both had cheeky grins on their faces. Suddenly sparks of lightening flew around Pikachu and was aimed towards the bed. They stopped laughing when they noticed there was nobody screaming or falling onto the floor.

All three turned slowly to their right towards the bathroom when they heard a male clear his throat in an 'excuse'. Ash was leaning in the door frame with his arms folded and a smug look on his face.

"You honestly think I was gonna fall for that one after last time when I stayed at your house?" Ash wasn't angry, but he found it funny that she attempted to fry him in the morning instead of having his mums fried eggs. Dawn's face beamed red, she couldn't help notice Ash's body. She noticed Ash's lips moving as he started to talk but she wasn't listening.

His torso was bare with a few scars and permanent bruising from past Pokemon encounters, his boxers showed over his grey cottons which looked a little big for him and his abs were glowing on his beige coloured tanned body, she didn't know Ash was so fit! She had noticed him in the past when he was like this but never had she thought how attractive he looked.

She was especially turned on by how his hair looked, it was the worst she'd ever seen it and she liked it like that. She just wanted to run her fingers through it and bring him down towards her..

"Are you listening to me Dawn!?" Ash eventually shouted at her when he noticed she was in a dream, a dream he had recently pictured himself. He walked over and waved his hands in front of her face. She was still imagining and playing that same scenario through her head.

Ash walked off out of his room and away down stairs to get his breakfast with Pikachu behind him after she refused to respond. Dawn eventually spoke, standing there totally frozen and looked down at Piplup with a red face. She gave a quick glance at the door to make sure no one was there and all she spoke was "I think I do love him Piplup" she sighed and headed off down stairs towards the group, careful not to disturb them all and still blushing from the sight of Ash.

As the day proceeded, everyone let their Pokemon out at the Ranch when they went up to visit, Ash introduced all of his Pokemon to Barry, Dawn, Brendan and Paul. Paul couldn't help but notice that Ash had allot of Pokemon, especially ones that looked powerful. He went over to Charizard and stared at it in confusion.

"Ash, why didn't you use Charizard in the Sinnoh League, he looks powerful" Charizard roared at the compliment and eventually Ash turned around to answer him.

"Because he has a family with Charla at the Charicific Valley, an unknown place near Johto where Charizards go to live and get stronger, and your right, my Charizard even defeated an Articuno once at the Battle Frontier" he smiled at himself for accomplishing that symbol. Paul looked at him in amazement and then May and Max burst into the conversation.

"Yeah, we saw the whole thing, it was a dream match up, Ash was amazing, and Charizard never gave up" everyone smiled as May let out her Blastoise and Venasaur to be greeted by Ash's while she spoke.

"So Ash, can we battle now?" Max eventually said after greeting all of Ash's Pokemon.

"Hmm, not yet, not everyone is here, and besides I still have to finish attending to my Pokemon, they need to look good as well as being powerful" Ash laughed, everyone just looked at him in slight amazement that he would put looks as well as power first in his Pokemon.

Dawn and May were practising their contest skills, since they were both Top Coordinators, it was right to try and share ideas and gain knowledge from each other. Brendan and Paul were helping Ash brush his Tauros and Barry was 'trying' to discuss strategies with Max.

"Look Barry, I appreciate the help, but I want to do this on my own, Ash will be a great opponent and I know which Pokemon I want to battle against" Barry stared at Max and gave him a slight smile.

"If you say so, so which Pokemon do you want to battle against?" Max suddenly gave Barry a glare.

"I'm not telling you!" he shouted and walked over to a spot where nobody could bother him. Barry walked over to Ash and Paul "So, Max is fired up for this battle Ash, hope your ready!" Barry exclaimed.

"Don't worry Barry, he's serious, I know that, but I'm not backing down" he smiled as he brushed his Tauros' bulk body and led him back through the fence towards their area.

As they all sat down after a few hours work, they heard footsteps coming through from the patio which led into the sitting room at the Ranch. Dawn suddenly jumped out of her deck chair and ran over towards the sliding doors.

"Hey look who showed up!"

"Hey guys" Brock yelled "Sorry were a little late, my parents decided to take my car so we had to wait for them to return from shopping"

"It's alright, come and sit down, my mum came and made fresh lemonade for everyone" Ash shouted across the field as he laid on the deck chair,

"So when's this battle starting then?" Jasmine asked Ash with a cheeky tone,

"Well, not everyone is-" Misty cut Ash off as she jumped through the doors with Tracey and ran towards the group "Sorry, my sisters were being a pain and wouldn't let me leave" she scoffed "Tracey had to come and pick me up because I couldn't find my bike" she finally noticed Jasmine and Brock and embraced them both in a hug as she congratulated them on their news.

Ash turned to Max, who had returned from his private time, smiled and eventually spoke "Well Max, let's get started, choose my Pokemon"

"I've given it allot of thought, and I choose Pikachu" everyone gasped as they stared at Max with a really deep confused look on their faces then stared down at Pikachu who was even more confused at the choice, he stood up, stretched and ran across by Ash's side giving him a wink. Everyone knew that Ash and Pikachu together was an unstoppable combination and they couldn't figure out Max's reason of choice. Max smiled and nodded his head "If I want to be the best, I have to defeat the best, isn't that right Ash?"

Max turned to Ash who was inspired by his sudden attitude towards their battle "Yes Max, your 100% right"

Brock stood in the middle of an open field, with Ash at his left and Max at his right.

"The following battle between Ash Ketchum one of the Sinnoh Elite Four and Max from the Petalburg Gym in Hoenn will now begin, this is a 1 on 1 Unofficial Pokemon Battle and the winner will be decided when either of their Pokemon is unable to battle or if one of the trainers forfeit, please present your Pokemon"

"Pikachu, your up buddy" Ash pointed towards the field as Pikachu ran in front of him with sparks flying from his cheeks.

Max smiled and eventually through a Pokeball towards the field "Ralts, I choose you" Ash, Brock and even May gasped at the Pokemon that stood before them.

NEXT TIME: The Battle continues, restaurant scene and everyone finds out (especially Ash) why Gary is acting so strange at the restaurant.