Niyahtwins: Okay so This is not A story this is telling about a story I'm going to start working on when I'm finish with My other stories. This is a Long term story so That means That It's going to be long.

In the Leetunkon Mansion The Head of the Family lay dead with Youngest son crying holding a Gun.

"P...P...Papa... I'm sorry but ...Y..Your in the way. I can't...Become..the Head like this."

The Far end door opened To reveal the oldest son.

"Jacub what happened...Did you kill Fa-" and Jacub killed the oldest son

"I...I.. must Kill him.. or..or" Jacub ran out the house.

But there Lay on the table the newspaper soaked in blood. With Kyoya O. As the Heir to the company.

The first Trailer what you think.