I realised also, that to do what I intended to do, I'd have to accept it. I'd have to deal with what they did.

I made the venture outside. Some prisoner was screaming for help, but I knew I had to ignore it. The prisoner that screamed was lying on his back, looking up at the sky. It seemed like the only reason he screamed was to assure himself that he was still alive.

I walked over to a pair of pirates who were in front of a beaten target. They were throwing knives at it.

I stood next to one of the supporting wood beams that was holding the sheltered structure up when they started to show off. Or tried.

They were making complete fools of themselves, but still thought they were acting sexy.

Eventually, Benny showed up. He gave me a quick smile before he turned his attention to the men,

"That's not how you do it boys" he told them. One of the pirates passed him a knife and he threw it at the target, narrowly missing the bullseye, his aim had got better, but still wasn't perfect.

The men shrugged at his attempts. They'd obviously seen better.

"Go on Ren, show them how its done" Benny said to me, handing me a couple knives and positioning me in front of the target.

A couple things ran through my mind at this point...

Kill em...
Kill him...

They all said the same thing.

Suffice to say, I didn't listen and brought my left hand back and threw it at the target. I struck the bullseye and the pirates that had congregated behind me cheered.

I turned to Benny just as Vaas turned up.

"Seems you haven't lost your touch" Vaas proclaimed as he joined us at the front and took the spare knife from my hand. He swiped the other from the target and then turned back to me, "Lets see how well you can hunt",

I didn't have a choice.

As he took my silent reply as a yes, my mind went back to the last time I'd tried to hunt. It hadn't worked out that great, but at least, this time, there wouldn't be any unwanted interventions.

Benny and Vaas talked briefly before he walked off, ordering the other pirates to get him a truck and load a couple of supplies. Benny was a bit on edge as we made our way to the truck. You could see it in his face.

I asked him what was up, but he blanked me.

I got in the back of the pick-up truck as Benny got in the front. Vaas sat opposite me, twirling the ancient knife in his hands.

None of them said anything as we drove to our destination, so I decided to enjoy the scenery, which hadn't much changed since the last time I was here.

The vibrant greens of the jungle, the stripes of a tiger that sat just off the road, watching us as we went passed. The birds that sat quietly in the trees.

Everything was peaceful, but then we stopped and two pirates walked from the bush, two hostages bloodied and beaten walking in front, guns aimed at the back of their head.

This wasn't a normal hunt.

"Come on hermana, lets see what you got' Vaas grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up and out of the truck.

His touch was cold, making the hairs on my arm stand on end and me pull from his grip as soon as he relaxed his hold,

"You have to be kidding me!" I said as the men were made to get on their knees, "This isn't a hunt, this is sick!",

"Did I ask for your opinion" Vaas screamed, coming towards me. I flinched, knowing it was the worse thing I could have done, but my mind made me retaliate,

"I'm not doing this" I told him.

For a second, it was almost like he saw red, but then he calmed himself and drew his pistol. He fired two shots at the knelt men and they both fell to the ground, dead.

I couldn't help, but believe that fait was better than what would have been.

As he pulled me back on to the truck, I remembered what I'd told myself. I'd told myself that I'd have to accept the fact that they did this, that these things happened, but accepting them didn't mean I had to be a part of them.

A/N: I'm sorry this took so long. I moved to a different country and started a university course!