I was floating through the tree's, a serene sort of peace washing over me as I brushed through the leaves.

I came to a river and took a tentative a step on to the water. A feeling of dread washed over me, and it looked like even the tree's started to move, as if they were ready to pull me from the depths, but I didn't fall in. I started to walk across the flowing water, heading towards the waterfall that fell lightly on the rocks below.

There was no pain, no worry in that one instance, and as I got closer to the waterfall, I imagined myself climbing up it, but I walked straight through.

A sudden heat overtook me, as if I'd walked straight through a wall of fire before I started to fall.

"Me or them"

"I can't do this"

"No, please"

"Run, run, run!"

I smacked the ground and screamed in pain.

Only nothing, but a mumble, passed my lips. I opened my eyes to the hell that was in front of me. Pirates. Bars. Chains. Prisoners. Screams….

So. Many. Screams

I shut my eyes and suddenly it all came flooding back. The pirates, the boat, the gun shot, Murphy.


I didn't want to open my eyes, but I had to know if he was still alive. I opened my eye's to the darkness, but there were lanterns and torches lighting the camp up. I went to turn my head, to get a better look at what was around me, but everything started to hurt. I tried to relax, but every movement, every sound, it made my body clench up and tense, as if it'd only now just woken up to the pain.

I could feel something in my mouth, some sort of cloth, and I could see my feet were tied together with some rope. My arms were being held above my head and I could feel the binds pulling at my wrists, as if I'd already tried to escape, but failed. I tried to keep my body still, trying to block out all the noises, the laughter, the screams, but when I heard the gun shot, I flinched; tugging my arm forward and feeling a sharp pain run through my shoulder.


I tried to think back to what had happened, but all I could remember was being hit over the head, and that was one of the things that didn't hurt.

Three pirates patrolled the area, walking back and forth past the prisoners, stopping every now and then to light up a fag or examine the rifles they were carrying, as if they were trying to assert their dominance.

In front of us was a stage, and around us were a number of huts and guard posts.

There only seemed to be a handful of pirates at first, but all of a sudden, more started to appear, a bit like vultures to a kill.

People started to shout from behind me and I looked down at my feet, they were shouting about some prisoner. I saw a pirate drag an unconscious man passed my cage. He had tattoos all over his arms and face; it took me seconds to realise what he was. Another was dragged past, but he was awake, kicking his feet and screaming as he was dragged across the ground by his arms.

"The gods will strike you down and take away everything you hold dear",

"They already have" someone shouted back.

All of sudden, a man ran passed my cage, a sense of urgency and determination plastered across his face as he looked for the best possible escape route.

"Shoot him" someone shouted before a machine gun was let loose from up on one the balconies and sprayed the escapee with bullets. He was still alive as he fell to the floor and rocked around on the ground, groaning in pain. One of the pirates jumped on top of him and started hitting him, every punch making him quieter and quieter before the groaning stopped. The pirate stood up, spat on him and then walked away, gesturing to one of the other pirates as he went out of sight. The pirate picked up the dead man and dragged him away.

The Rakyat warrior's were just play things to these pirates.

On the stage, the four Rakyat warriors were now knelt, awaiting their fate. The unconscious one was awake, but just barely. His head was bobbing up and down, as if he was trying to force himself to stay awake. The poor boy couldn't of been any older than eighteen. The other three were much older, and all seemed to have a bit more fight left in them, but then a pirate got up on stage with them, and all that fighting spirit fled from their bodies. He never looked at the audience, he looked at each and every warrior, as if to make sure they were all pure white and absolutely terrified. I've never seen a warrior so helpless, so absolutely terrified of a man probably half their size. He looked like any other pirate, but to them, he must of looked like Satan.

"This is what you always wanted" he shrugged as he walked up and down the line, "Your choices have brought you here, and now; you will be punished". The pirate took out his gun, and I expected them to be shot, but then he held it up and four women were brought out, all of them sobbing, but unharmed.

They were pushed to the floor in front of the stage. In the torch light, I recognised them as natives, and the first one in line was heavily pregnant. She looked like she could have but days left.

I heard someone in a cage next to me start to protest and the pirate on the stage turned round. I looked away, I didn't even want to see his face. Man, if the Rakyat warriors were scared of him, I'd be fucking terrified! I guess he must of pointed at the prisoner, giving him a role in this little stage play he was performing. I looked over slightly and saw a pirate drag him out of his cage. The man was dressed in a black suit, and looked relatively clean and unharmed.

The pirate put a pistol in to his hands as he reached the stage.

I closed my eyes. I didn't want to think about what was about to happen, but the noises made my imagination run wild.

A woman started to scream, and a man started shouting. At first, it was in Rakyat language, but then it turned to English,

"Please, leave them alone" he begged, "Please, leave the baby alone",

I imagined that the pregnant women was being held down and having her stomach cut in to as the warrior watched, too beaten and broken to do anything, but beg. I felt vomit come in to my mouth, but I couldn't do anything, but swallow it again. My throat burned and I tried to block it out, squeezing my eyes shut, hoping that somehow it'd stop the noise, but then two shots fired, one after another, made the shouting stop.

It was merely seconds before they started on the next couple.

The second woman pleaded with them,

"I'll do anything" she cried as I heard something hit the floor, which I could only guess was the next warrior. I heard a series of grunts and moans, it was as if he was being kicked the crap in to. "Please, stop it" she begged.

Her wish was granted and the two shots fired...

After a couple seconds of silence, I heard the next woman scream as I heard what sounded like slashing. I imagined the warrior being mauled with a hatchet, having his limbs cut off as the women watched, screaming.

"Please, please, please!"..

It only stopped when the gun shot.

Six gun shots, that meant that only two prisoners were left.

"If you don't shoot him, we'll throw him to the tiger". I saw the scene in my head, the girl was holding the gun and aiming it at the warrior, shaking, sobbing. It was seconds before I heard the gun shot, and from the cheer's of the pirates I knew she'd done it. Sometimes, you just gotta do it. There was a deadly silence before I heard the next one.

I opened my eyes, dreading what these savages had left...

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