Disclaimer: The creation of the Greek gods came from the minds of the Greeks.

You ask me child, why I am overbearing,

that I don't understand what love is

that I couldn't possibly understand you.

My sweet, I was once young too.

I was beautiful, oh so very beautiful, even rivaling Aphrodite

I had all of the gods and mortals eating at the palm of my hand

But I had eyes only for one.

He was breath-taking.

With rippling muscles, long fine hair the color of wheat

and blue eyes matching the domain he ruled over.

He wooed me with his golden tongue and

without heeding my sisters' warnings,

I gave myself to him.


That was my downfall. And so it was for you.

He left me- with child, with you.

Left me for his newest conquest.

So do not ask me to trust because I no longer have any trust left to give.

Do not ask me to forgive because I cannot forgive someone who has no remorse.

Do not ask me to forget because no amount of water from the river of Lethos can erase this traumatic event.

Do not ask me to let you go because you are the only one that I can and will always love.

My sweet Persephone.

A/N: It came to me during my Latin class when I was searching up Demeter's story. I've always wondered why Demeter was so overbearing towards Persephone and came to the conclusion that she was acting out her hurt. Tell me what you guys think?