Next Day:

Dr. Starr officially starts with the team. Again, she arrives dressed in Converses and jeans with a long sleeve

tee shirt. The outfit is polished by the presence of a large Cartier Tank watch and simple diamond

earrings. She is also wearing what Matt has heard Juliette describe as hipster glasses for a bit of the

geek chic and a "scope" draped around her neck. She is carrying a backpack and a bag

which Matt assumes to be her personal effects for the new job.

Anna is quite a contrast to Dani who is totally the fashionista. This time, however, the clothes

appear to be all her own. Matt cannot help but wonder about the white shirt from yesterday… It was a

men's dress shirt. .. an expensive men's dress shirt. "No white coat?" Matt walks up behind her as

she is walking down the hall. "Not my style. I only wear it when they make me at the hospital. Is there

a dress code that I am unaware of other than for game day, Mr. Donnally?" Matt is not sure if she is

being polite or sarcastic… or both at the moment. "Ah… not that I am aware of… you can call me Matt."

She turns to him with a wink as she heads into Coach's office. "I know." Matt is unsure how to read the

new Doctor but she is interesting. She is definitely a breath of fresh air in contrast to Doc Morgan.

Coach meets Anna the door of his office. He is not thrilled with the idea of a female team physician for

his guys. It always leads to far too many awkward moments. "Let's go Doc, time to have a look at the

boys… welcome to the nightmare."

Anna is fully expecting a break in period since she is female… and new. Bring it boys… bring it on.

As Anna rounds the corner with Coach, they run into TK. TK takes one look at Anna and immediately

grabs her and swings her around. Coach is shocked and dumbfounded. "Baby girl, how the hell are you

Doc?" He puts her down and gives her a huge hug. "Hey TK… you look good… baby boy." Coach has to

ask how the hell these two would know each other. Needless to say, they are from different worlds.

"TK, how do you know the Doctor here?"

"Coach, Baby Girl here saved my life… man… she was my surgeon." Coach is surprised. He didn't know

that was her connection to the team. She was the trauma surgeon. It makes more sense now. Coach

looks her up and down. He wonders about TK's statement since they did not meet with a female doctor

that night.

"That was you?" Anna smiles and nods as a response. "I'll be damned." Coach is not sure what to

think. "What are you doing here, Doc?" She smiles. "She is the new top Doc for the Hawks." Coach

takes the opportunity and answers for her. "Seriously… that's awesome. I catch you later, Doc."

He kisses her on the cheek as he walks away.

"You were the trauma surgeon when TK was shot." Coach leans against the wall to talk to her for a

moment. "Yeah, he was one of mine." "Why don't I remember seeing you that night?" Anna laughs.

"Because, I had 3 back to back emergency surgeries that night… You didn't see me because my colleague

met with you. TK saw me days later when I checked in on him." Coach shows her to her office and

gives her some time to settle in and asks her to join them on the field a bit later.

Matt joins Coach on the sidelines as the team is practicing. "Donnally, I learned an interesting tidbit

about our dear Doctor this morning. Matt is intrigued. "Well, are you going to tell me or make me

guess?" Coach gives him a sidelong look. "Did you know that the Doc was the trauma surgeon that

worked on TK?" Matt returns a look of total and complete astonishment to that remark. "Didn't know?"

Matt shakes his head. "You serious… did she tell you that? Then who did we meet with that night?"

"Nope… TK did…" Matt notices Anna emerging from the tunnel and heading their way. "The guy we

met with was just another attending Doctor. That little lady was the primary surgeon according to our

Mr. King." Matt is surprised by that news and is not sure what to make of it.

Coach heads out to the field to talk to some of the players. Anna comes up and stands next to Matt.

"Hey there." "Hey, yourself." Matt is trying to gage who she is. "Finding everything

okay?" Anna fixates her eyes on the players checking them out as she answers Matt. "Oh yeah… you

have a great facility." Matt turns towards her. "Were you really TK's surgeon?" Anna looks at him for a

moment unsure as to why this is news to all of them. "Yeah, that was one crazy night. We had three

back to back traumas arrive that night. It was a hell of a night." Matt is still facing her. "Who did we

meet with?" Anna gives him another sidelong look. "Matt, you met with Dr. Taylor while I scrubbed for the

next surgery. If you have reason to doubt me about it… check the records." She gives him an odd look

as she turns and heads back into the facility. She wants to check the files of a couple of the injured

players. When Matt realizes that she has walked away, he actually feels a little guilty for making her



As Anna is sitting at her desk reviewing player's files she receives several phone calls. Her assistant,

Raphie had been trying to get a hold of her all afternoon. She had purposely left her phone in her office.

She makes it a habit that when she is around patients to just disconnect from the electronic world

especially since she is not on call for the hospital. The news that Raphie delivers… pisses her off.

She is wondering what the hell is wrong with these people. This isn't her first rodeo with professional

sports but this is certainly turning out to be a bizarre day. She leaves the office and goes in search of the

source of her annoyance. As she heads upstairs, Anna sees the men she has been looking for in Nico's

office. The door is open so she walks in and stands in the dead center of the room in front of Nico.

Matt is now standing behind her and both men are aware that their new colleague is obviously a little

irriatated. . "Can I help you Dr. Starr?" Nico is cool and business like as he speaks.

As she speaks, her voice is clear and direct without a single sign of the agitation that is

written on her face.

"Mr. Careles… next time you wish to go digging into my background… might I suggest the acquisition of

a larger backhoe… you are not the only one with friends in high and low places or… federal agencies."

She turns to walk out of the room but stops at the threshold. Nico knows this tone. He knows this voice.

Who the hell is she? "Yes… I know who you are Nico… you know who I am too… you just haven't placed

me yet." She turns and walks out of the room.

Matt looks at Nico absorbing what Anna has just said. "Was that her way of saying you're gonna need a

bigger boat?" Nico is still staring at the door. The GM in Matt is curious about why the Doc is an

unknown to his fixer but the rival in him digs the fact that there is someone on the planet who can

actually stump Nico and its only her first day. This is going to prove to be interesting.