Days pass and the day of the shower has arrived, it is up to Anna to get Matt to the party. Matt is at the

hospital conducting his daily routine which includes a stop into Anna's office before he leaves. "So how

is my favorite Doc today?" Matt drops into the chair in front of her desk. Anna gives him a huge smile.

"How's my favorite baby Daddy?" Matt gives her a smile considering the connotation if anyone was

walking by her office at that point. "Got plans tonight?" Anna begins the set up. "Nah… figured I'd hit

the hay early tonight… Why?" Anna gives him the look that always works on Harvey and Zak. "You up

for dinner and drinks?" Matt loves the look on her face. A flirty face… from Anna… now this could be

interesting. "That is an enticing offer." Anna looks up with a flash of bright eyes and eyelashes. "I'll pick

you up at seven… why don't you head out and make yourself pretty for me." The eye bat is followed by

a wicked grin and a wink. Matt thinks to himself that he could really use a carefree night out. Hell, the

last night out with Anna was an experience… why not. "See you at seven… don't be late. I expect my

dates to be prompt." Matt winks back.

Nico is preparing to head out to the party for Matt as Dani fusses with the last minute details on the

packages. Dani smiles as she sees Nico primping in the mirror. He catches a glimpse of her in the

mirror. He has never been happier. He watches her for a moment. She has never looked more

beautiful to him.

Dani can hear Abby fussing in the next room. She gets up to check on her as Nico pops into the nursery

to kiss them goodbye. He kisses them both and takes a glance back to see Dani doing her little dance to

rock Abby back to sleep. It always brings a smile to his face.

Matt's Apartment:

Anna arrives at Matt's door dressed to the nines. Matt is caught by surprise by the transformation.

Anna is a beautiful woman. He is so used to the no-nonsense looks of Dr. Anna… that date Anna is a

most pleasant surprise. Anna loves the smile that has crossed Matt's face. Oh honey… do I have a

surprise for you. Matt looks down at his watch… seven on the dot. He motions towards it with a smile.

"I aim to please Mr. Donnelly." He grabs his keys as he walks towards Anna. Her perfume is

intoxicating. He offers his arm as they head towards the elevator.

Once at the car, Matt finally asks where they are going. Anna winks and tells him it is a surprise and to

enjoy the ride. She brought the Porsche. Interesting choice… She has soft jazz playing. Matt leans back

in the seat. Okay… a woman in charge. This is kind of sexy.

Anna pulls up to an elegant boutique hotel and hands off the car to the valet. Matt walks towards her

and offers his arm as they traverse the steps. "So, where we going?" He looks down warmly at Anna.

The desk advises Raphie that Anna has arrived with the guest of honor. "Well, I thought we would do

something special tonight." Matt is thrilled at the thought of where this may be going and a little

nervous. Anna seems to know exactly where she is going. They approach a set of large oak doors. A

gentleman opens the door to reveal a dark room. As soon as Matt enters, the lights flash on to reveal

the team, his friends… it's a party? Matt is stunned as he is greeted. He soon realizes what the party is

for as TK approaches. After a few moments and his hellos, Matt circles back towards Anna and Raphie.

He pulls Anna near and whispers. "Did you use your feminine wiles to lure me here my sweet Doctor?"

Anna looks up with a smile. "I do declare Mr. Donnelly, I am a lady… I would do no such thing." She

kisses him on the cheek. "Have fun!" She leans over and kisses Raphie who is absolutely beaming.

"Hey, where are you going?" Anna turns before she gets to the door. "This is boys only, love." She

motions back towards the room. Matt looks back and realizes that it is boys only. Wow… he is stunned.

He is even more stunned that it is a baby shower for him. He is touched that they did this for him. He is

also kind of relieved. He had no idea what he was going to need for Liam. Thank God for men with

wives and girlfriends… and well boyfriends. Nico hands him a drink as he joins the revelry.

Anna grabs her car and heads out of the city. She makes a couple of stops and heads towards Long


Dani hears a knock at the door. She is surprised to see Anna bearing gifts. She has brought dinner from

the city. Dani realizes that she hasn't sat down and talked to Anna in a while. She could use some

female conversation that doesn't involve babies or bottles or binkies. Anna stopped at Dani's favorite

Italian bistro… and she brought cannolis… awesome.

Anna changes into jeans and a sweater before they hit the couches for a GNI. Anna doesn't realize how

much Dani needs this. Take out, romcoms and shoes… bring it. Time to pull herself out of the baby

blues… even for a night.