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Mycroft, who could normally be relied upon to be his cynical and officious self, was quite pleased to see Sherlock, If his (dare one suggest it) gleeful expression was anything to go by when Sherlock slunk willfully into the back of his car. The sleek, black vehicle had prowled slowly behind Sherlock for several blocks after he John's flat before he finally got in.

"Why are you so pleased?" Sherlock drawled, "Did you have an extra cake with tea? Or, perhaps, topple a third-world government this morning?"

"Now, Sherlock," Mycroft actually smiled at his brother, "My younger brother's soon-to-be miraculous, and well-publicized, return from the dead is enough to make one a touch more cheerful than normal."

There was a plain manila folder residing on his lap that he began to flip through. Sherlock pretended not to pay attention, which was pointless because Mycroft knew that Sherlock always paid attention to him (before doing the exact opposite of what he wanted). There was a screen capture from a CCTV camera, thoughtfully placed on a lamp post outside of John's flat, which showed Sherlock's recent audience with the good doctor.

Mycroft studied the print-out for a moment before tutting, "It would seem that your reunion with Dr. Watson did not go as you had hoped."

Sherlock scowled out the window of the smoothly gliding car but did not respond.

Mycroft sifted through a few more photos of John pausing on one long enough that Sherlock withdrew his outward gaze to look at it. This was not a photo taken from the CCTV system. This was a sharply detailed picture taken with a quality camera and zoom lens. John was in an upstairs room, bedroom judging by the curtains, in mid conversation with a woman that he probably found attractive. They were standing closer than Sherlock deemed appropriate.

"You felt it necessary to place a surveillance team in the flat across the street from John?"

Mycroft would do nothing as vulgar as shrug his shoulders but the slight arch of his left eyebrow was undeniably clear.

"You have become far too much of a voyeur, Mycroft, in my absence. Tell me-" Sherlock ran his gloved hands through his tangled, wet curls before popping up his collar, "-Why are you so interested in John?"

His brother had the gall to chuckle. "Oh Sherlock, I do not find John interesting at all, but you do and I find that incredibly fascinating."

The car slowed to a crawl while approaching a traffic light. Sherlock took this opportunity to shove open the door and slide back out into the rain. The car's driver hit the brakes upon the door's opening bringing traffic to a sudden halt. Sherlock turned back to his brother, ignoring a car horn that was blasting from the driver behind them.

"Grow up, Mycroft!"

And Mycroft, that posh bastard, laughed.