Rest In Peace, L'il Killer

Summary: The Son of one of the First 9 honors his Father by designing a new Patch.

I own nothing except for my OC, Thomas 'Tommy' Moran, the son of Otto 'L'il Killer' Moran, as well as the patch designs you don't recognize.

Tommy slowly sipped his beer while holding a pencil in his other hand. A blank piece of paper lay in front of the Nomad Vice President and Former Army Ranger. He was trying to design a new patch for the Club.

The 39 year old man had been 17 when his Father, Otto 'L'il Killer' Moran, had been found dead, floating in a river in 1985. No one had ever figured out how he ended up dead in a river, but they all knew that he had drowned.

Personally, Tommy was of the opinion, considering his Dad's massive Gambling Debt, that someone had finally caught up to him and murdered him. The SOB might have been as Mean as a snake, but he was still his Father.

"What's going on Tommy?"

A soft spoken voice dragged Tommy out of his thoughts when he turned to face Quinn, the Nomad President. The former Marine had been Tommy's Sponsor when he patched directly into the Nomad Charter in 1997, and a man who, Tommy had to admit, was almost a Dad to him.

"Nothing much. Trying to make a new patch is all." he replied.

"For your Father?" Damn it. The Alaskan native always been able to read minds.

"Yeah. You got any ideas?"

Quinn took a look at the paper, then looked to Tommy. Then he looked back at the paper. "How about RIPLK?"


"Rest In Peace, L'il Killer." The older man explained. "All you have to do now is bring it up with Clay, and he'll take a vote. If it's unanimous with Redwood, we can make it."

Four weeks later, Tommy finished sewing the fresh patch onto his Cut. Quinn had promised him that he could have the first one they ever made.

Confident it was sewn on tightly, Tommy decided that maybe one day he would find the man who killed his Father, and have his own revenge.

4 years later, when a member was stripped of his patch for betrayal of the Club and murder of one it's members in the Mother Charter, it came out that he was the one who had murdered Otto, all those years ago. Tommy was the one assigned by Quinn, who was busy with some business with the Nomad Charter, to deal with him. Aside from that, Quinn thought he deserved to be the one who did it. Jax reluctantly agreed to it.

Tommy buried the Mother Fucker in the Desert after insuring he suffered a death that would've made Happy cringe. His final words to Clay Morrow, right before he pulled the trigger, were "This is for my Father, you Bastard."