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Warning: Character Death and some OOCness.

It was a dark and gloomy day in Seireitei. Kuchiki Rukia could be found wandering around the grounds of squad six underneath the cherry blossoms. She was too lost in her own thoughts that she didn't hear or see Renji sneaking up behind her. So, when Renji said, "Yo" she jumped a little. "Renji?" She said, startled out of her thoughts, "What are you doing here?" Rukia asked, curious as to hear his answer.

"I was worried about you when I didn't find you at your quarters." Renji did seem concerned and worried about her. Rukia apologized, which was out of character of her. "Rukia… are you okay? You seem troubled." Renji asked, concerned. "I'm fine, I was just thinking. But, thanks for asking, Renji." She said that with such a sad smile that Renji just wanted to kiss her right then and there. But, he knew that would be inconsiderate, given the situation.

Rukia turned to leave, but then something grabbed her arm. It was Renji and he looked just as surprised as she did. "Renji-" Rukia started to say, but Renji cut her off by saying, "Rukia, I know that you're not okay. You've been troubled ever since he died. Ichigo was a great friend and I know that he wouldn't want you to mourn him."

"I-I know, but it's hard not to." Rukia's reply was short, but it held a lot of meaning. This was not at all the Rukia he knew and he felt an aching pain in his chest, conscious of his burning heart.

Renji longed to touch her pale, silk face, to cup it in his palms and declare his love for her. But, now with this passing death, it threw a wrench in his plans. It's not like Renji didn't miss Ichigo, though, because he did. He was a great friend who was both loyal and brave.

"Hey, how about this. You'll come with me to get a drink and relax a little." Renji said, while worrying about the tiredness in Rukia's eyes.

Renji took Rukia by the shoulders and steered her towards the bar.

"Stop, Rukia. You're drunk." Renji said, pleading with Rukia as her hands started to pull at the rough fabric that covered his body. "No, I'm not." Rukia slurred, being stubborn as usual. Renji pushed her gently off of him. Her head lulled back, and he could tell that she had passed out.

He had, of course, wanted this for a very long time (oh, how he longed for her touch), but not like this. Not after the death of Ichigo, Rukia's love-though she would never admit it. Renji had seen the way she looked at him. But, she was so vulnerable and fragile, just like she was after the death of Kaien, the whole situation was just so damn infuriating. She wouldn't talk to anyone for days, adamant to being left alone.

He picked her up and placed her tenderly onto the bed where she lay fitfully. He turned around the leave, but hesitated. He then turned back around, and kissed Rukia softly on the forehead. After the action had been complete, Rukia's slumber turned peaceful. Renji allowed a sad smile to spread across his face, as there was no one there to witness the tender side of him.

The pains in his chest were more agonizing than the pain that any physical wound could cause, he thought, with a now rueful smile on his face.

He opened the doors of Rukia's quarters and quietly left, wanting nothing more than to help Rukia.

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