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Bit of swearing, not enough to scar any little Pokeshippers though!
This is an AaML fic, if you don't like then shoo!

It was a normal-ish day in Cerulean Gym; The Pidgeys were singing; the weather was average; and the Goldeen were happily splashing in their pond. The only difference's that a certain redhead and her sisters are watching the redhead's so-called "best friend", now acclaimed Pokemon Master, being interviewed after a very heated battle with the former Pokemon Master.

"Now, Ash Ketchum, The newest Pokemon Master, what are you going to do now you have reached your lifelong dream?" the interviewer asks eagerly, shoving the microphone dangerously close to his mouth

"Well, I actually have a message I need to address..." *AHEM* "This is to Misty Waterflower, Gym Leader of Cerulean! I will be visiting your place in a few days! And you'd better be ready by then!" he exclaims, flashing a cheesy grin and victory pose. "Thanks for let-"*CZZZK*

"Hey, why'd you turn it off? And what is the meaning of that?" Daisy questions her little sister, eyeing her teasingly

"THE HECK SHOULD I KNOW!" Misty exclaims angrily, standing up (Shit! He tells me now out of the blue? What should I wear? ARRRRGH!)
It should be noted here that even after 5 years after their separation, Misty, sadly, still is heavily in love with this now world famous idiot.

"Hey Daisy? How long does it take for a recording to be broadcast live?" Misty asks with a clear worried expression on her face.

"I don't know... about 4 days I think"

"And how long does it take to travel from Unova to here?"

"...4 days."

(Crap.) Misty bites her thumb th- *DING DONG* Oh come on! I was narrating!

*door opens* "Hey Mist! Have you shrunk or something?" A (susprisingly matured) Ash greets her.

... (Well someonehas matured!) Misty thinks as she stares at him, wide-eyed

"... Misty? Hello?"

"I... wow, hi Ash! It's been a long time..." Misty manages to stammer out, a slight blush prominent on her cheeks.

"Yeah it has... Can I talk to you in private?" Ash asks, noticing her sisters peeking around the corner.

"Sure I- Whaa!" She almost answers as she is hurriedly pulled by Ash

"Good! I'll be borrowing her then!" Ash exclaims

"Alright! have fun~" Her sisters coo. (it's obvious. For both of them.) they all think "Well," Lily says, yawning "I'm gonna hit the sack." "Yeah, me too" Violet says, backing up their sentiment with a yawn as well
"Oh no you two don't!" Daisy exclaims, hands on their collars and a glint of mischievousness in her eyes.


"Well, you know how a long time ago you said I could I could talk to you if I had any... girl problems?" He asks, uncertain

(Huh? Did I tell him that?) "Yeah?" Misty agrees, playing along

"Well as you can see, puberty hit me pretty hard, and I've finally realized my feelings for a girl I know!" he exclaims, not noticing the shocked/pained expression on Misty's face

(what?he comes all this way to tell me he likes someone?! Is he totally oblivious still?!) "Oh really then? How do you know that you love her?" Misty states, crossing her arms

"Wha-? Well" *fidgets* "She makes me laugh, makes me smile, makes me warm when I call her by her nickname, makes me happy when I think of her, even when we fight; makes me cry when I think of painful memories" He recites, head down while pacing in circles.

"Ohh, seems like you really like her..." She remarks with scorn and sarcasm(Why the hell is he telling me all of this? Doesn't he need help with it or something? Damn it! Why did I say I would help him!?)

*he pauses* "And I love the expression she makes when I call her a 'runt'..." He stops and stares at "her".

Misty's heart stops for a second. (Wha? Wait... did I hear that correctly? Is he serious?) She looks back at him with confusion...

"Mist, there's something I need to say right now... MISTY I-"

"Prepare for Trouble!" recites James
"Make it Doub-" rallies Jessie


*CLANG* Misty's mallet impacts them way off in the distant horizon, way past Unova
"We didn't even finish our motto!" cries James
"Yeah! I don't even think he had his Pikachu this time..." says Jessie
"Whatever, let's leave those two loveboids alone" says Meowth "but in the mean time..."

"Wow Misty, a bit harsh don't you think? Anyway, Mist, I-" Ash begins but gets cut off by Misty's finger on his lips

"Shh, I'll finish it" She continues, preparing to tell him everything"It's funny. Back when I saved you in the river, I thought you were just an arrogant kid who is headstrong about everything, which wasn't very far from the truth;" she gives him a quick smirk as he sweatdrops "But after I followed you around so you repay me for my bike for a while, I noticed how you cared for everyone, Pokemon and people alike" (I can't remember how many times he's risked his life for someone else or a Pokemon) and I promptly forgot about the bike; Though it was a good excuse to tag along for those few amazing years. I was heartbroken when my idiotic sisters forced me back home, but thankfully you didn't forget me, your best friend. I love you Ash Ketchum. I have for 10 years and always will." She stares into his chocolate eyes

"Yeah. I love you too Mist" He answers, unlike Misty, quick to the point as he takes her in his arms and stares into her aquamarine eyes

"...Wait a second... This is too perfect" Misty says with suspicion, then notices a rustling in the bushes. (I KNEW IT) "YOU THREE! GET OUT HERE!" forcing her "sensational" sisters out of their hiding spot

"Sorry Misty! We didn't want to ruin your moment with your boyfriend!" Daisy apologizes, smiling at the newly formed couple

"HE'S NOT..." Misty starts but look at the blushing Ash "Well, I guess he is!" She acclaims as she glomps him and pecks him on the cheek

Ash breaks a mischievous grin "Hey, you're not going to get away with just that!" Ash grabs Misty and pulls her into a deep kiss. A LONG one. With tongue. One which Misty gratefully accepted.


"...They forgot all about us didn't they?" Lily asks, half interested and tired

"Yup. Not that that's a bad thing..." Daisy says as she takes a picture with her phone