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This is the sequel to "The Time to Reveal", a sequel to "Their Feelings"
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() - thinking (or Pokemon trans)
[] - author notes/thoughts
"" - talking
italics - title or flashback

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"You make sure he wears new 'you-know-whats' everyday when you two are married!" Delia concludes
"Oh come on Ash dearie! You shouldn't get embarrassed by your dear old mother passing the torch to the next caretaker of your life!" Delia calls back
"You were not a caretaker at all and Misty sur-" Ash threatens to continue but is stopped by Misty's finger on his lips
"Both you and I know that Delia is only joking Ash" She reassures him with a small smile
"Yeah, sorry 'bout that" (I guess Mist is really the mediator in my life now, she sure has grown...)Ash apologizes while thinking of the childish adventures him, Misty and the rest had

"By the way Ash..." Misty queries [A/N hooray for synonyms!], something clearly on her mind
"Where's Pikachu? Isn't he always with you? I haven't seen him even after we were reunited..." ['reunited' is really something a romantic like Misty would say... hmm, I wonder what Ash woul- *whack!* oh right! Story!]

"Pikachu? Well he... Oh right! Mist, I've got another surprise for you!" Ash exclaims as he leads her upstairs
"Another surprise? I doubt it will be as wonderful as the most recent one..." Misty absently answers as she dreamily stares at her engagement ring
*blushes*"Well it won't be quite as wonderful, but I'm sure you'll get a surprise from it!" Says Ash as he (strangely) approaches his bedroom quietly
"Say Ash, what are-" "Shh!" Ash interrupts Misty mid-sentence

"... Pikachu? Can me 'n Misty come in?" He asks very quietly, posing many questions in Misty's mind
"Pika... (Yeah, but be quiet)" Pikachu answers at the same volume
"Alright, let's go in" Ash motions to Misty to (again) stay very quiet as he opens the door

As Misty enters Ash's room, she notices one familiar face: Ash's Pikachu on Ash's bed, who seems to have aged a bit; and a few new faces. Three new faces. Another Pikachu, this one female and sleeping on the other side, but with a red bow on her head and... Two sleeping Pichus between the two Pikachus.
"Pi Pikachupi (Hey Misty)" Pikachu greets them

"Ash? Is this picture what I think it is?" Misty asks, not believing what her eyes tell
"Believe it or not it is!" Ash confirms while staring happily at the scene in front of them
"How'd they meet?" Misty asks looking at the quite cute Pikachu sleeping

"Well, you remember Richie right?"
"Yeah, the guy who seemed like a carbon copy of you..."
"Well his Pikachu, Sparky,'s sister took a massive interest in Pikachu after me 'n Richie's battle. Even more than Dawn's Buneary"
"I find that hard to believe..." Misty says with disbelief, remembering the clinginess of Dawn's Buneary
"Well it's true. Turns out, those two have been secretly meeting after hours since then, after I've gone to sleep. It's only until recently she had those two and had to take refuge here in my bedroom."
"Yep! So Pikachu finally got hitched!"
"Pikapi chu pi-pika...(Could you use a nicer word Ash?)" Pikachu answers with a sweatdrop
"Oh come on Pikachu, he didn't mean any harm" Misty answers

"You can understand Pikachu Misty?" Ash asks, flabbergasted
"Yeah, I think it's because of our new 'bond'..." She answers blushing
"...Pi pika chu Pikapi? (...Did I miss something here Ash?) Pikachu asks quizzically [A/N Theasaurus, thou art amazing!]
"Oh yeah! I forgot! Misty, tell'em!"
"Pikachu," Misty begins " and Ash are engaged!" she exclaims, flaunting (again) her engagement ring
"PIKA?(SERIOUSLY?)" Pikachu yells, waking his kids and the other Pikachu

"Pika? (Hmm what was that?)" The other Pikachu asks sleepily
"Pi pika! Pipikachu chu... (Ah shoot! Sorry 'bout that guys!)" Pikachu apologizes as he tries to console the now crying Pichus.
"Pi kaka chu? Pipipi chu Pikachu! (We have company? C'mon, introduce us Pikachu!)" The other Pikachu nudges Pikachu [Even other Pikachus call Ash's Pikachu 'Pikachu'!]
"Pipikachu! (Sorry)" *ahem*

"Pikachupi, pika pi Chuchu! (Misty, this is my partner Chuchu!)" Pikachu introduces proudly.
"Nice to meet you! I see you've learned to understand Humans from Pikachu!" Misty comments to Chuchu
"Pi ka Pikachupi! Pi ka chu piiii Pikachu! Pi pika Pipi ka Pikapi pi chuuu pi chu pika pikap-(Same to you Misty! I've heard a whooole lot about you from Pikachu! Like how you and Ash were soooo in love during your travels but yo-)" She want to continue but gets inte- "pi pika Chuchu! (That's quite enough Chuchu!)" Pikachu interrupts both Chuchu and the narrator

Misty and Ash both sweatdrop "I wonder how many people knew we liked each other before we did..." Ash wonders
"Too many..." Misty also wonders

"Pikapi... (Moving on...)" Pikachu starts "Pi pika pi Pipi ka Pichupi! (And this is Pipi and Pichupi!)" He motions to Pipi and Pichupi who are looking at this newcomer with wonder and slight fear (it is only their third contact with a human, after Ash and Delia)
"Piii!~ (Haii!~~)" They both answer cutely

"So you're coming to our wedding right Pikachu?" Ash asks Pikachu while Misty plays with Chuchu and Co.
"Pi Pika! pi ka chupi pika! (You bet! It's about time too!)" Pikachu answers enthusiastically
"Good! But I don't want those two making a racket while I'm getting married!"
"I think they'll be fine!" Misty joins in, holding the now sleeping Pichus in her arms "They look soo cute when asleep!"
"Wow you've already lulled them to sleep? Looks like you're fit to be a mother anytime!" Ash exclaims nonchalantly, but later realizing his blunder and covers his head

"Mist?" Ash asks not feeling the wrath of Misty's mallet
"zzzzzzzzz..." Misty snores still clutching the Pichus
"Piiiika... (Awwww...)" Chuchu exclaims gushing at the sight
"Wow she really was tired," Ash remarks pulling a blanket over Misty's form "...*smirk* I love you Misty Waterflower" He whispers to Misty before falling asleep himeself

What we are left with is a true Kodak moment! Our heroes Ash and Misty, soon to be newlyweds, sleeping beside each other with a smile on both their faces, dreaming of their future together...

FIN (for now...)