A/N: Howdy everyone!

I posted this on tumblr just yesterday (I know it's a bit late), and I wanted to share it with everyone!

In honor of the newly released TODAY, Hetalia season five, The Beautiful World!

'Twas the day before Season 5…

Based on "Twas the night before Christmas":

'Twas the day before Season 5
And all through the internet

All the Hetalians were stirring
For the biggest thing yet

The Italies strung up their moustaches with care
In hopes to give Germany quite a scare

The Baltics were nestled all snug in one bed
With visions of Russia's dancing in their heads

And Hungary and her pan and China with his wok
Settled down that day for a mid-winter's stalk

When out on the Internet, a noise such a clatter
That England and FMB woke up to see what was the matter

Away to the computer, Brittania flew like a flash
Turned on the tumblr (and not for the slash ;) )

The fangirls swooned on the new youtube show
That had so mesmerized them, their eyes were aglow

What, to other fangirls was just another silly anime
Was Hetalia Season 5, and here it was to stay

In came Prussia, awesome as he was
Came in to see what was with all the buzz

He kesesese'd and hooted and hollered and guffawed
At what others thought was just stupid and odd

When Austria heard this strange (but AWESOME) noise,
He went alongside Prussia and squealed-but with poise

And then, in a twinkling, they saw their own faces
But, shinier, and prettier, and were quite complacent

The art style, so fresh and sweet and new
That France's clothes were already askew

Their eyes-how they twinkled! The fangirls wanted to marry
Just about everyone on the show-except Belarus (she is quite scary!)

And in came the OTP's, the slashings, the pairings
The fandom just got bigger (and it needed repairing~!)

So, let's draw a circle and toast with our boots
We'll make the earth, a white flag, TO HETALIA WE SALUTE!

BTW, I saw this episode today. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it, it's super sparkly and awesome!