Warnings: Strong Language, Sexual Refrences

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Chapter Three

I changed quickly into my Gym clothes, before going outside to Coach Jackson and Coach Boggs. My coach was Coach Boggs, the male Coach. Coach Jackson was the female coach. Anyways, once roll was taken and we stretched, it was time to play my favorite sport.


I was fast and strong, both advantages. Plus you get to hit people you dislike, whether it be on purpose or accident. But I currently have no enimies other than Marvel and Cato. No way in hell was I gonna try to hut Glimmer or Clove. Although if we're allowed to...

Everything went in slow motion. The whistle sounded. I ran to the line of balls. I grabbed four. I ran back, throwing two at random kids. I got back to where the team was lined up before. I looked and saw that Finnick, Annie, Johanna, and Katniss were four of the ten that were out. And there was only twenty kids per team. I decided to go hard core.

I threw hard, and I dodged every ball. By the time I was the last on my team, Marvel and Cato were the last ones on the opposite team. I smirked.

"You can do it Peeta!" I heard Katniss yell. I looked and she was blushing rapidly, and then Finnick yelled.

"Peeta! Peeta! Peeta!" Finnick yelled.

Then my whole team burst out in cheers. I looked back at Marvel and Cato.

"Ready to lose, New Kid?" Cato yelled.

"In your dreams Dumbo." I smirked.

"Oooooooooh!" Finnick said.

"Good one!" Joanna exclaimed.

"Oh that's it." Marvel said. He threw the ball-hard-but I caught it. It was an easy catch too.

"What the fuck?" He yelled. "How the fuck did you fucking catch that fucking throw?"

"Cause he's awesome like that bitch!" Katniss exclaimed, as she walked back onto the court that was split in two.

"Whatever whore." Marvel said, walking away from Cato.

"This coming from the guy whose had sex with almost every girl here. Oh wait- not me or Johanna! So you CAN'T get in every girl's pants like you said." Katniss said. That received a gasp from the whole class except Clove, Glimmer, and Cato. I smirked. Then Cato threw his ball at Katniss roughly. Katniss was caught by surprise but did a cart-wheel sideways to dodge the ball. I looked at her with a surprised expression. I received a smirk from her.

"Like that? Well, then watch this." She picked up a ball, and aimed it, before throwing it at Cato. It hit his nose, hard.


Katniss POV

Yes, I hurt Cato to impress Peeta.

So what?

It's been a week since the first time I said hi. Ever since I saw him in the office that morning, I get nervous around him. I figured it was just my hormones, but now I'm not so sure. I can't explain it, but my stomach starts fluttering, my heart speeds up, and the room suddenly gets warm. I wish I knew what was going on. I figured this was what you felt when you fell in love, but I never felt that with my ex, Gale Hawthorne. Then again, he is a jerk.

Anyways, when I first saw him with Finnick, I realized I hadn't seen him anywhere before, so I figured that he was new. When I talked to Finnick via text message on the way for first hour. He told me Peeta's name, timeline, age, and many other things. Wow. That makes me sound like a creeper. Oh well.

I figured I'd ask Annie a favor.

A big favor.

Annie POV

I walked to third hour study hall silently. That is until Katniss caught up with me.

"Annie!" she called. I turned around as she caught up.

"Hey Kat. What's up?" I asked.

"I need a big favor." she asked.

I gave her a questioning look. "What can I do for ya?" I asked.

"I need you to convince Finn to hold a party and to invite Peeta." Kat said.

"Why?" I asked, eyebrows raised and arms crossed. She then started blushing hard. I put two and two together. "You like him!" I exclaimed.

"Shut up." She said. I could tell she like him though.

"Fine. I'll ask Finny for you." I said.


And I'll tell Peeta to ask you to the party. I thought, mentally smirking.

"Your welcome. Now let's get to Study Hall."

Finnick POV

I sat at a table in my last class of the day, Math. Annie walked in, a mischievous smile on her face.

When she sat, I looked to her.

"Hey babe, why the mischievous smile?" I asked.

"Oh, I just have a favor to ask you." She said, and gave me a quick kiss.

"Yea?" I asked cautionary.

"Can you hold a party?" She asked. I gave her a confused expression. "Kat wants to spend time with Peeta."

I smirked. "Of course I will. If-" she glared at me. "-you will be my date."

She smiled. "Always!"

We shared one last kiss, and I thought of a plan.

I was going to get Peeta to ask Katniss out.

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