OC Info

Name : Skye Hatake

Age : When first arriving 8, then 13

Gender : Female

Personality : Calm, quiet, rarely shows much emotion only through her eyes, she hardly speaks unless it is completely necessary or when she is comfortable with those around her.

Appearance : Above shoulder length brown hair tied into low pig tails, red sleeveless high collar covering her mouth and nose jacket over white elbow length t-shirt, black knee length cargo shorts with black and white high top converse. She also has blue and Black headphones and a black wrist watch on her right arm and a black and white checkered bracelet on her left wrist. She has rather large brown orbs.

Likes : Reading, drawing, playing music or listening to it, playing and training her Pokemon, and hanging with her friends.

Dislikes : Very loud people, being annoyed or dressed up in revealing or girly clothing.

Partner Pokemon : Flareon, Umbreon, Lucario, Staraptor, Luxray, Oshwott

Close Friends : Gradually most of them

Name : Keita Hatake

Age : 10 when first arriving then 15

Gender : Male

Personality : Loud, happy, confident from childhood to teen he always spoke his mind

Appearance : Messy brown hair and crimson eyes, he wears clothes identical to red but the colours are different, all the red parts are green and all the grey bits are black the white bits are black as well, he wears different shoes though, converse high tops main colour green with black laces. (all the green is a dark forest green)

Likes : Loud things, hanging out with friends, sleep, hanging with his Pokemon and food

Dislikes : Being still, people who abuse their Pokémon

Partner Pokemon : Cast form, Pikachu, Leafeon, Unknown, Drillbur, Snivy

Close Friends : Everyone

Name : Shinichi Hatake

Age : On arrival 5, then 10

Gender : Male

Personality : When he was 5 he was a very loud and protective boy anyone of his close friends or siblings were to get hurt he would snap and be violent, when he got older he got a hold of his temper and is shown hanging out with his Pokemon and sister the most

Appearance : He has black hair and crimson eyes like his brother, he wears cargo pants hiding the top of his hightop black and red converse. A black leather jacket reaching his elbows and a silver dog tag along with a plain white hoodie underneath.

Likes : Silence, music and Pokémon

Dislikes : Hyperactive people, annoying sounds

Partner Pokemon : Tepig, Sawk, Venusaur, Wartortle, Nidoqueen, Azumarill

Close Friends : Skye, Keita and Red