The Heart of an Imprint

Well Hello there, missed me? I am back. After both my computers shit themselves and real life kicking my arse writing for fan fiction had to take a back burner. Now I have just had my lap top fixed and although it is working it isn't working at 100% but I am not complaining. Totaly beats trying to read stories on the i-phone or trying to use a tablet with a cracked screen, yes Technology and I have some major beef. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has reviewed and to those who sent me messages for updates. Thankyou for you patience and encouragement to get back to writing, your comments lightened my days but also frustrated me as I had no computer to write with. On the bright side I have had plenty of time to think about where I want this story to go.

Just a warning this computer has no spell check although I am doing my best to make sure I catch any mistakes I am only human so one or two may slip by. :)

Now I know you have been waiting so without further a due...

Heart of an Imprint Chapter I have no idea I should look that up

Maybe 23...

Bella's Pov

I hadn't seen Kim, Emily or Paul for the last four days. Once we had landed we had headed straight for Heidelberg where I was performing heart surgery for a three year old who had numerous holes in thier heart. It was a rather tricky and delicate procedure as at any minute the stitching on the heart lining could fail and the possiblity of this little man bleeding out was great. This young man would need to undergo another round of surgery to continue to close up the holes. If I continued till there was no more his little heart wouldnt be able to with stand the trauma.

Some times it was frustrating, I wish I could just fix my small patients and that was the end of such trying times for them and thier families. Life would never be that simple though.

Paul I must admit had been fantastic, he happily had been driven to a villa that had been set aside for me courtesy of the hospital with only the slightest showing of distress. I was happy that he was respecting me and the position I held within the Cardioloigy community. Truth was if Paul really wanted to build something tangible and lasting with me he would have to adjust to the crazy hours I spent away doing what I loved to do.

It was with great relief that I hopped into the back of the sleek car that was waiting for me, I was so tired and had only caught a couple of hours rest between preparing for the surgeries and doing mock trials. These gave me and the assisting staff pactice plus we were able to plan out contingency plans for if things went wrong. there was a lot of intricate detailing that went into each and every surgery I performed, I wasn't one of those doctors who where willing to go with the flow and if the chatter within hospital circles were to believed I had one of the highest survival ratings of my patients, which was some thing in it's self.

Paul's Pov

I had to admit I was having a wonderful time checking out the local sights and museums in this area. Germany was full of interesting and yet absolutley terrible historys. Kim, Emily and I had been exploring for three days now, we were all shattered after the flight. I was in awe of my Bella she hopped into the car and went straight into the hospital, we hadn't seen her since. Then again she also slept on the flight. I guess she must of been well practice for as comfortable as first class was the three of us couldn't sit still.

The air hostess kept on bringing us food and drinks, I had never had any thing as fancy on a plane before, not that I had ever flown first class before. There were also the best in flight movie menu to choose from and unlike economy I wasn't expected to shell out an arm and a leg to watch what I wanted.

As the flight progressed I couldn't help but think of all that had occured in such a short time period. It blew my mind that Sue had gone to such lengths to coverup her and Charlie's affair and what she did to make both Leah and Seth phase. She had never come across as such a bitch, there hadn't even been moments of doubt that she was anything but what she had appeared to be, a respected medical professional and tribal elder. I wonder if poor Harry had any idea of the despicable person that she was, or had any incling of what she and his so called best friend was doing behind his back.

The sound of a car door opening caught my attention and I was overjoyed to see Bella's tired and exausted form enter the room, she looked dead on her feet yet happy enough to see me. I knew we had lots of things to talk about but for now she needed a rest.
I helped guide her tired body to the tabe and ladled her some stew and crusty bread that was made in pre made frozen packages in the freezer.

"Eat up honey and then take a shower" I said gently

"Thanks Paul, where are the girls?

"They are out enjoying the pool and spa" I laughed "they haven't stopped since the second day we got here" I replied

"Do you have any plans for the next two days?"

"No I was hoping that you would get some time for sight seeing, when are you next due back at the hospital?" please I begged mentaly say you have some time off now

"I am not due back for the next three days, which will just be follow ups and checking on my patient"

"How did it all go?"

She positively beamed at me "Little man will be ok, still has a long road to go but I think he should be able to lead a full life within time" then she let out a massive yawn "I am sorry Paul as much as I would love to sit here and talk I need to get some sleep" as she left for the shower she gave me a brief hug. Progress!

Old Quill's Pov

Tribal drums were thrumbing through my head, when I woke up I could hear the persistant beat of those drums but some thing sounded off about the pitch. I opened my eyes slowly sitting beside me with his head resting on the bed was my grandson, this wasn't my room and I wasn't at home. Why did I feel as weak as a new born kitten? I tried to move but couldn't manage to sit up, my chest hurt, my whole body felt stiff like I haven't moved in a long time.

I tried to gain Ouill's attention but all I managed was a pitifull squeak. Taka Akhi what had happened to me?

"Mr Arterra how are you feeling?" I was startled by a young woman dressed in a nurses uniform, I tried to speak again but nothing came out "It's ok don't stress you are in Forks Memorial Hospital, you have had a major heart attack" she said gently

"Grandfather your awake" young Quill was looking at me with tears in his eyes "you gave us all such a fright, I thought you were done for" he sobbed. I had had a heart attack? The last thing I remembered was being at Sue and Charlie's wedding.

"I will just go and get your doctor and then we will see if you can have any fluids" the nurse said and walked out. I tried to as number six what was happening but I felt so tired, I must of dozed off for a little while for when I next awoke Billy was beside me. He raised the bed slightly and held a cup and straw.

"Well this make for a change" he chuckled "I remember it was me that woke to your ugly mug a long time ago, seems the roles have been reversed" He held the straw steady while I managed to take a few small sips, it was like ambrosia.

"how long have I been here?" I croaked. I sounded like I had been smoking three packets of cigarettes a day.

"Almost a week and a half, thought you were a goner for a while, your opperation took nearly ten hours" I could hear my heart rate sky rocket on the monitor. "Hey now calm down, it is going to be ok" Billy said

"Are you crazy? How can we afford the bill for what ever it is I had done to me? Who gave permission for any thing to be done? I was just an old man I had no money to pay for any type of medical procedure let alone a full blown opperation. Hell I couldn't even afford insurance even the most basic package.

"Let me tell you a story" Billy said "you may as well get comfortable"

"Once upon a time there was a young girl" he began.