Chapter 11: Back To Our Original Selves: Part 2

"Now first up we have Bloom and Sky." Saladin said. The two nodded and got in their positions. Their theme was "Fire". They had to run through fire without getting burned. When they heard a loud shot they ran.

"So first we have to watch out for falling wood and..." Bloom started.

"And stay close to each other." Sky finished. Bloom blushed and Sky smiled. They soon got back to business. They're was falling wood every where, so it made hard to get out safely. Some wood was about to fall on top of Bloom, but Sky was able to use his blue shield to cover her.

"Thanks Sky." Bloom said. Sky just simply nodded and they started running. They saw a small opening and decided to turn for it. When they reached it they came out as 16 and 17 year old Bloom and Sky.

"Wait - did we just run through that?" Sky asked.

"Yea - I TOLD YOU TO PUT ME DOWN!" Bloom shouted.

"I DID!" Sky shouted back.

"Fine.." Bloom said.

"Stella and Brandon you're next." Saladin informed. They simply nodded and got ready. Their theme was "The Under Realm"(I think that's how they call it). They had to beat the shadow monsters without getting hurt. Once again they heard a shot and ran.

"Awww man..I already feel weak." Stella stated.

"Don't worry you're safe with me." Brandon assured. One of the shadow monsters was about to bite Stella's foot but Brandon slashed its neck off with his green double-bladed sword.

"RUN!" Stella yelled. There was more shadow monsters coming their way. Stella stopped for a second transformed into her charmix and used the last of her magic to make them disappear. They saw the exact same opening Sky and Bloom went through. They came out as 16 and 17 year old Stella and Brandon.

" hea - OH MY GOD! FOURTH TIME PEOPLE FOURTH TIME!" Brandon shouted.

"Brandon it's just a headache." Stella said annoyed. She then rubbed her head "Never mind."

"Musa, Riven, and Layla you're up." Saladin said.

They got in their positions and looked at their theme. It was "The Army Of Decay". They have to make it through without getting touched. They ran when they heard the shot.

"FUCK!" Riven cursed as the monster he had just slashed started reforming. Musa and Layla transformed into their charmix and blasted them.

"THAT WON'T HOLD THEM FOR LONG!" Layla noted. They nodded and ran to the opening. When they exited they were 16 and 17 year old Musa, Layla, and Riven.

"Okay that was weird." Layla said.

"Tell me about." Musa agreed. Riven just stayed quiet.

"Flora and Helia you're next." Faragonda said. They nodded slowly and got in their positions. Their theme was "Black Mud Swap". They had to make it through the forest with out attracting any ogres. They heard the shot and ran.

"Let me see if the trees can help us." Flora suggested quietly. She places her hand on one of the trees and closed her eyes.

"Flora..." The tree softly said.

"Can you help us through the forest?" Flora asked nicely.

"Keep going straight then turn left and that's where the opening is..." The tree softly answered.

"Okay got it." Flora said.

"HELLO!? DON'T I GET A THANK YOU?!" The tree yelled/asked.

"Oh yea..thanks." Flora said. The tree had yelled so loud that it gave Flora a headache. "You're welcome.." The tree softly said.

"Okay so we keep going straight then we make a left and that's where the opening is." Flora informed. Helia nodded and grabbed Flora's hand. They saw the opening and ran to it. They finally came out like their old selves.

"Why do I feel like a tree just yelled at me?" Flora wondered out loud.

Helia looked at her "Why do I feel like if I went crazy?" He asked. They both shrugged and left with the others.

"Last but not least Tecna and Timmy." Faragonda said. Their theme was "Omega Dimension". They have to make it through without freezing to death. They ran once they heard the shot.

"WOW! IT'S SO COLD!" Tecna shouted. Timmy just nodded. They ran down a steep hill that looked like it could break any second. Tecna slipped and almost fell. Luckily Timmy caught her.

"YOU OKAY?!" Timmy asked. Their was a strong wind that caused them to yell.

"YEA!" Tecna answered. Timmy pulled her up and they continued running. They saw the opening and exited. Like the rest - they came out like their original selves.

"Weren't we already - never mind." Tecna said as she rubbed her shoulders.

Faragonda walked up to them and told them what happened.

"So we were transformed into kids?" Stella asked. Faragonda nodded.

"Well...I guess we have to safe the universe from Valtor again. You in?" Bloom asked. The rest just looked at each other with smirks on their faces.

"We're in." They said.

"LETS GO WINX AND SPECIALISTS!" The leaders yelled. The girls transformed into sirenix while the guys got out their weapons. Looks like they're back..

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