The Winx and Specialists got turned into KIDS! (P.S the girls are 4 and the guys are 5)

"OWWWWWWWW"Brandon said "my head hurts" "you can say that again" Sky said rubbing his head "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" all the girls scream "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU" Stella shouted "ohhh this is great just great were stuck with some girls " Riven said "ohhhh look who's talking pink head"Musa said "Shut it pigtails" "hey if you have a problem with my pigtails deal with it" "HELLO NO ONE ANSWERED STELLA'S QUESTION" Layla shouted "FINNNEEE... I'm PRINCE Sky ,that's Brandon , Riven, Helia , and Timmy you happy now!?" Sky shouted " WELL I'm PRINCESS Layla , that's PRINCESS Stella , Bloom , Musa , Flora , and Tecna and NOOOOOO WERE NOT HAPPY NOW!"Layla said "oh great were stuck WITH A GROUP OF PRINCESSES SKY PRINCESSES!"Riven shouted in Sky's face " hey girls guess,what" Stella asked "what girl"the girls said " I'll call Sky princess blondie , Brandon fringe head ,and Riven pink head what do you think?" Stella stated "I think it's awesome but what about the other two" Bloom asked "they seem to nice so yeaaaaa" " I agree with Stella " Flora said "ok since WE have nicknames you Stella are FRIZZSTELLA since you hair is sooo wavy, you Bloom will be fire head, you Musa will be PIGTAILS AND LAYLA WILL BE "Miss I'm so awesome at sports"!"Brandon said and shouted "oh you crossed the line fringe head!"Stella yelled angry before tackling him to the ground. " YOU GO GIRL KICK HIM IN THE NUTS"Musa shouted "c'mon buddy don't let a girl treat you like that" riven shouted "excuse me but did YOU JUST SAY A GIRL CAN'T FIGHT" "IF THE SHOE FITS PIGTAILS" "OH IT'S ON" Musa shouted before slapping him to the ground " ummmmm let's all try to be friends okk" Flora said trying to make peace "STAY OUT OF THIS"the 4 kids shouted at the same time.

"c'mon guys fighting isn't the best way to make things better"Helia said trying the same thing as Flora did but got shut ups instead of what he was hopeing for. "GUYS THIS IS COMPELETY ILOGICAL"Tecna yelled "Hi" Bloom said to Sky "hh-ii"Sky shuttered "soooo what castle do you live in" "Eracklyon...…yyyyyooou"Sky shuttered again "Domino your funny are you nervous"Bloom said in a much more childish way "NOOOOO!Why is it obvious?"Sky yelled/asked "Yes yes it is" "ohhhh".

With Flora and Helia

"Hi thanks for trying to help me stop that fight"Flora said to Helia "your welcome I actually don't like fighting" " So your a pac-paci UGH what's the word I'm looking for?" "Pacifist" Helia said but not correctly " Yea that's the word" "we'll then your right I don't believe in fighting" " so what do you like to do" "I like to draw " "really me and one of my friends like to draw,too" "COOL" "Sooooo..." They kept talking to eachother until they feel asleep.

With Tecna and Timmy

"Hey you Timmy right" "yup that's my name Tecna right "Timmy said shyly "you wanna see something cool" " suuurrrreee" "check it " Tecna said as she pulled about a divise and pressed a button which made some spiral come out and spin in front of the two "woah you made that" "yup with the help of my big sister Helen" "can..I" " sure Timmy" "Thank you" they kept talking to each other about the divise.

With the other four and a sleeping Layla

"owwww...owwwww...OWWWWWWWW"Stella shouted as Brandon kept pulling her hair. " Owwww what the heck" Brandon yelled as Stella pinched him." SHUT UP FRINGE HEAD DON'T TELL ME YOUR ALREADY CRYING" "NOOOO IM SUPRISED YOUR NOT CRYING" and with that he earned a punch in the stomach by Stella which didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. "Have you had enough pink head " Musa said still slapping Riven "no have you" Riven said trying to get a grip on her hands which had no good process. "OMG WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SOOOOO RETARTED " "I DON'T KNOW PIGTAILS" " YOU JUST ADMITTED THAT YOU RETARTED" "NO I DIDN'T " "DID TOO" "DID NOT" "DID TOO" "WHATEVER"

1 Hour later

"Boys Saladin is-"Ms.F said but stopped when she saw them all asleep "Looks like well have to be babysitting the kids Grieslda" "I'll go call to inform Saladin that the boys will be staying here for a few weeks am I correct?" "Yes Grieslda yes you are " and with that they left and called Saladin.

Yea hi hope you like this chapter if not plzzz don't be mean Its my first day and I'm trying to make a good story here it may be short but like I said im new and also I'm sure ill NBE updating real soon since I'm writing stories on my iPad.

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