"HI!" Said Percy, hopping on one foot.

"Hi" Replied Nico, "Percy have you had sugar?"

"Uh huh! I ate lots of candy to celebrate getting a Hamster!" Nico choked, then burst out laughing "A Hamster? Out of all the pets in the world you get a Hamster?"

Percy ignored him and continued, "He's black, and he keeps slamming his head into the wall, I used to have two, but Barney ate him-"

"B-Barney!" Nico spluttered, cutting him off. "

Yes, Barney. Anyways, so barney ate hufflepuff, but then he was still hungry, and he refused to eat the lettuce, I gave him meat and he ate it happily, but turns out he stashed the lettuce underneath his cage" Nico interrupted once again saying "Does he have red eyes?"

"Why yes actually" Percy replied

"Did you find him at a vampire movie?" Asked Nico, looking concerned

"Yes again Nico how did you know?" A confused Percy asked

"Percy I'm afraid you have Bunnicula" Said Nico

"Who?" Percy said, looking incredulous

"You didn't read that book?" Asked Nico, adopting Percy's expression.

"Erm Nico? The longest book I've read was 'Green eggs and ham'"

"By Dr. Suess? How long did it take you?" asked Nico

"It took me a week and I think that was the author" Said Percy, completely straight faced.

"How old were you?!" Nico questioned, beginning to laugh

"Nine" He said, like it was perfectly normal

"Nine?" Asked Nico, unable to stand up because he was laughing so much

"Yes Nine!" Percy snapped, "I read it with mommy!"

"Are you okay Percy" Asked Nico suddenly, genuinely concerned

"Why yes Nico, why do you ask?" Replied the son of Poseidon

"You seem… un-Percy-like" Was Nico's response, suddenly his features changed to a daughter of Hecate.

"I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!" Nico shouted joyfully

"Knew what?" The girl asked

"That children of Hecate went to Hogwarts!" Nico said, a grin plastered on his face

"How did you know?" She said, looking shocked

"It's name was Hufflepuff and you used the Poly-juice potion!"

"Oh" She said, looking dejected, then Dumbledore appeared and ate them.