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Tomo's Beginning

The sun always shines on Cinnabar Island. All its people bustled with his or her usual morning activities.

Blaine did his exercises.

The grocer watered his produce.

The researchers broke from their all-nighter for breakfast.

Old Man Birch walked outside his house as the Delivery Pidgey swooped down to put the newspaper on the walk. A Growlithe sprung out of the doggy door and ran at the Pidgey, barking happily. The Pidgey squawked and flapped away. She barked again and picked up the newspaper.

"C'mon Ember, bring it here," called the jolly old man. Ember happily trotted up to him and sat down at his feet, her tail wagging frantically.

Old Man Birch stooped to take the paper. "Now, go wake up our lazy little man."

Ember raced up the stairs as fast as her old little legs could carry her to the closed door at the end of the hall. She nosed the cracked door open and padded up to the bed.

She barked once.

The lump on the bed groaned.

She tugged on the comforter.

The lump tugged back.

Finally, the Growlithe crouched down and jumped up onto the bed, yelping all the way. The lump groaned and then laughed as Ember attacked its face with kisses. "All right, all right! I'm up Ember."

A teenage boy with black shoulder-length hair and a single gold hoop through his ear stretched and yawned. The sunlight caught the tips of his hair where it was dyed scarlet and his lightly tanned arms were strong from lots of hard work. The teen rubbed his sleepy gray eyes as he climbed out of bed to search for some clothes. He found a pair of baggy black jeans and a white wife beater. He glanced in the mirror and shook his head to make his hair fall into place. Then he whistled to Ember, who leapt off the bed to follow him downstairs.

"Morning Gramps," he greeted as he popped some bread in the toaster oven.

"Good morning Tomoki," said his grandfather. The boy stopped and turned to stare at the old man, bread hanging out of his mouth. The formality was kind of freaking him out.

"Take a seat," instructed Mr. Birch. Tomoki, still bewildered by his grandfather, fell into the opposite seat.

"Tomoki," he began, but stopped, thought for a moment and began again. "Tomo, I know that you said before that you didn't mind not going on a Pokémon journey, but it is my wish that you take Ember and be off. I'm not sick anymore and Blaine is always dropping in. I can manage."

Tomo smiled at how uncomfortable this seemed to make his normally relaxed and laid-back grandfather. "Gee Gramps, if you wanted me out, you should've just said so!"

The old man observed his grandson over the tops of his glasses ad let out a booming laugh. "I'm going about this all wrong aren't I?"

Tomo laughed too as he got up to hug his grandfather. "Thanks Gramps, but I'm not taking Ember from you too. She may act like a puppy, but she's at least a couple decades old. That's a pretty long life for a Growlithe. She better stay with you."

Old Man Birch opened his mouth to protest, but his grandson cut him off. "No Gramps. Ember stays. I'll catch the next ferry to Vermillion City."

"Oh no you won't. Aqua will take you. go pack a bag. You're going straight to Pallet Town."

The old man shooed Tomo upstairs to pack and then hobbled outside to the little beach that was about forty yards from the back door.

"Aqua dearie! I have a job for you!"

a white head poked itself out of the water. "Dewgong?"

"Meet me and Tomo out on the north side of town," he ordered. The Dewgong, Aqua, merrily did a flip and dove out of sight.

Back at the house, Tomo had grabbed his black backpack and neatly put in three pairs of jeans, shirts, boxers and socks. He pulled his bet-up gray sleeping bag out pf the closet and put that in too. He tossed in his extra pair of black combat boots as well before he romped to the bathroom to grab a toothbrush and a bar of soap. He put them in the front pocket of his backpack. He took out the medicine case he used to fix up Ember and Aqua and threw that in too.

Tomo ran back to his bedroom and started rifling through his drawers. "Where is it…?"

Ember padded into the room with something in her mouth and nosed his elbow. He looked down and grinned. "You rock Ember!"

He took the wallet from Ember and put in all the money he'd saved for the last six years. Then he pulled on a black button up shirt and laced up his boots.

At the last minute, he whipped a navy blue bandanna onto his head. "Okay I think I'm ready!" he turned to Ember, who was now lounging on his bed. "How do I look Ember?" ember barked happily and wagged her tail. He ruffled her fur. "Atta girl."

Tomo strolled out the door and his grandfather walked him to Fisherman's Pier.

"All right, Tomo. Aqua will take you to Pallet Town. Have Professor Oak send her back to me from the lab. You should get there in about two days. I'll see you when I see you."

tomo climbed onto the patient Dewgong and waved to his grandfather. "See ya Gramps. Bye Ember! I'll miss you!"

The last thing Tomo saw as Cinnabar Island faded from view was Old Man Birch waving and Ember running back and forth with the waves, barking her good-bye.

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