Chapter Two

There was another knock on the door.

'Come in!' The next visitor took him by surprise, 'Connor!'

'Hey!' He smiled nervously, 'Sorry! Am I disturbing you?'

'No! No! Come in!' He smiled, 'Shouldn't you be in class?'

'Free period.' He sat down nervously, 'Is everything alright with you and Mum?'

'Yeah! Everything's great with me and your Mum.'

'Oh right because she though the baby thing…' He paused and shook his head, 'Sorry, it's not my place.'

'No, go on.' Michael urged.

'It's just that… Well Mum really likes you and I've never seen her this happy, I mean, I don't want to jinx it but nearly four months sober, that's a record for her! And I think that's something to do with you, I mean she seems to be coping with it much easier I mean what with one thing and another.'

Michael looked at him carefully, 'You don't blame yourself for what happen do you?'

'Well no but it can't be easy her seeing me every day, being reminded.'

'Hey! Hey!' Michael replied, 'Your mother loves you very much!'

'I know but even so!' There were tears in his eyes.'

Michael got up and squeezed his shoulder, 'Hey! C'mon, we'll get through this together.'

Connor looked up at him, 'Really?'

'Yeah! We will.'

Connor smiled and went to the door, he hesitated, 'Y'know, I wasn't sure how I was going to react with you two but it's kinda cool having you around.'

Michael smiled, touched the door closed behind Connor and Michael leaned back, thinking.

It was the end of the day and Christine was just packing up when she heard a timid knock on the door she looked up, 'Oh! Good news! False alarm I started today.'

'Oh!' Michael sighed, 'Christine.'


He took her in his arms, 'I'm sorry for today, it was just a shock that's all.'

She nodded, 'Mmm, well I didn't plan it if that's what you mean, I didn't trap you or anything.'

'I know! I know!' Michael hugged her close, 'Look, I'm having a great time with you and I'm sorry. I kinda like the idea of being a family.' He stroked her cheek, 'And, who knows, perhaps somewhere down the line…'

Christine smiled, 'Well yeah I mean I've never really thought of having another but I think that's because I've been alone for so long.'

'Well, Good to know we have options isn't it?'


Michael smiled and kissed her softly, 'I'm sorry' he whispered, 'so sorry… I-I love you.'

Christine kissed him happily, 'I love you too.'

There was a timid knock on the door and Connor entered, 'Sorry… I'll wait.'

'No need darling, I'm coming.' Christine smiled.

He looked at Michael warily, 'Is Michael coming too?'

She looked at Michael and smiled, 'Of course he is!'

'Yeah! I'll help with dinner.'

'Great!' Connor grinned, 'Give me a rest!'

'Er! Since when have you ever helped young man?'


'Yes but you could unload the dishwasher instead of "conveniently" having urgent homework!'

Mum I swear! I just got a bit behind that's all!'

'Yeah! Of course you did!' She ruffled his hair lovingly and Michael smiled as he turned the classroom light off and closed the door.

OK Guys! Hope you liked it!