Hey It's mailaine with a new story. I know that I should just focus on one at a time but when I get a story idea I want to start writing it as soon as possible. That is why I have 3 ongoing FFs and 4 book ideas all at the same time... BUT I have more time now so I can write more often! Enjoy!

The Runaways

Chapter 1: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

It was just another normal day in Berk. Dragons were flying, Vikings were training and me, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, I was fixing Toothless' prosthetic tail fin. It had been attacked and set on fire by a terrible terror...again. I really need to make it stronger, and fireproof. I mean it's a dragon's fake tail fin, if it could be destroyed by a little terror's fire it needed to be fixed with something more durable. I finished reinforcing it with some leather and then looked at it admirably. I put it down before calling.


Shortly after I yelled a black streak came in through the door to the smithy with a rush of air, blowing my hair out of my face. My pet night fury appeared by my side and I smiled. I reached my hand out and pet him on the head. He purred contently with his eyes closing. When I lifted my hand off of him his eyes opened with curiosity, he wanted to see his new fin. I lifted it off of the table and held it out for him to sniff. His nose made contract with it for a second before he turned around and held his tail out to me. I quickly fanned out the leather enforced fin and put it right up next to his tail in the left side. I crouched down and buckled it onto his sleek black tail. I walked over to the wall and took Toothless' saddle off of a hook on the wall and walked over to Toothless, who had turned around helpfully. I stopped by his neck and I flung the saddle onto him. He lifted his head so I could go under his neck and buckle on the saddle. I attached the saddle to the fin with a strong cord.

When I was done Toothless dashed energetically out the door. I followed after him limping slightly on my fake leg. Once I was out the door I saw Toothless waiting for me impatiently. His body wriggled in every which way in anticipation of the long awaited flight. I swung my right leg over the saddle and slipped my prosthetic into the stirrup. Toothless crouched before launching himself into the air. His wings flapped laboriously until we were high enough up. His wings leveled out and I switched the position of the stirrup. I felt the wind rushing through my hair and into my face.

My mind wandered as we flew, but one subject it stayed on was Astrid and the fight we had last night. It was a stupid fight over Toothless' wellbeing and how she would be a better dragon rider for him. I didn't back down, which was surprising, cause I always back down. Toothless had run her out of the house angrily and I know that she was furious at me. She had broken up with me and left me crying far into the night. No matter how much Toothless tried to help I couldn't get over it. She was my first girlfriend and we had been together for a few years. I am now 17 and the next heir of the Hairy Hooligan tribe and I don't have anyone who would be my wife. Astrid was not going to get back together with me. She could have any guy on the island because she was so good looking.

I shook my head to get out of my thoughts. I wanted not to worry today, at least while I rode Toothless. I switched my prosthetic's position as he headed into a dive. We declined quickly to the ocean before pulling up and going parallel to the calm sea. I dipped my hand into the water and laughed while Toothless chuckled with me. The sun reflected off the water making it shine and the scene me and Toothless painted together felt so serene.

Toothless surprised me by going under the water. I took a deep breath and then I was pulled under. I squeezed my eyes shut to lock out the saltwater, but my curiosity got the best of me and I opened them. I looked around seeing everything fuzzily. I saw the streaks of light make the water into different shades of blue and green. My hair was floating around my head, and I felt weightless. I saw schools of fish swimming around. Toothless snapped at some of them, and sometimes successfully capturing them. A foolish catfish swam right up to Toothless curiously. Curiosity killed the catfish. I smirked.

My eyes stung from the saltwater after a while and the air in my lungs started to run out. I kicked Toothless lightly with my good right leg and he understood and started ascending to the surface. When we broke it I gasped for breath and breathed in the chilly autumn air as Toothless took to the sky again. The air rushed over my wet body and chilled me to the bone.

I soon dried and watched from Toothless' back as the sky grew darker and shadows became more pronounced. The sunset made the clouds on the horizon turn pink as the sun turned from yellow to orange and red.

"Okay, bud, let's go home," I whispered in Toothless' ear. He nodded in understanding and turned sharply making us almost perpendicular to the ground. The air grew colder as the sun went down and my fur vest, which was still a little damp, turned cold. I saw the lights of Berk in the distance and I leaned into Toothless to get warm as we headed home.

The lights approached quickly and we were soon over the Viking town. Toothless landed by the docks and I slid off of his back. We walked together for a while, but I told Toothless to go get something to eat and so he dashed off to his eating spot. I started walking up to the mess hall when something caught my eye.

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