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My feet were jolted out from under me and I clung onto Hiccup as we fell into darkness. We hit the ground hard. Hiccup landed under me, which couldn't have felt good, and I was jolted out of his arms from the landing and onto a sharp piece of wood.I cried out in pain as it sliced through the back of my dress and sunk into my skin.

Hiccup ran over to me. I could only slightly see him, but I saw his eyes filled with worry as he lifted me from the spot I lay. I could feel my back wet with blood ruining the white dress I was wearing. I felt disappointed at that thought. I wouldn't get to keep the dress that I wore when HIccup and I became husband and wife. Hiccup walked over to a clear spot with me in his arms and laid me down on my stomach. I felt the wood getting removed and I squealed in pain.

"Shh, It'll be over in a minute," I heard Hiccup say softly. I nod into my arms that were supporting my head. His hands shifted across my back and I felt them pull some splinters out of the wound. He looked carefully at it and closely, not wanting to miss a splinter. He tore back the edges of the dress so it wouldn't get stuck in the wound. When he felt that he was finished he tore the bottom of my dress and had me stand up. He wrapped the torn cloth around my torso and over the bleeding gash. I grimaced as it touched the tender skin, but I stayed as still as possible.

Once Hiccup was done I got to look around where we were. The stage was far above us, about ten feet. The hole we had fallen through was smaller than I thought it would be. I could still hear the screams from above and it made my gaze harden as I looked around. I saw a lot of debris around us, but most of it had settled in the time that Hiccup had patched me up.

I saw a slight hint of light and beckoned Hiccup towards it. His hand grasped mine as we made our way to the line of light coming through what I supposed was the crack under a door. We reached the light. It was a dark wood door with a pull handle. Hiccup tried pulling it, but couldn't get it and started pounding lightly on the door. He stopped and we waited a minute before he pounded harder on the door. I heard some soft pattering footsteps before the door was pushed open. I was met with the sight of Hubert, Hamish and Harris with uncharacteristically serious expressions on their faces.

Their eyes went straight to my bloody dress. I smiled sheepishly. before straightening back up.

"You ready to kick some butt?" I asked the triplets.

Their faces lit up and mischievous smirks formed on their previously serious faces.

"Good, now let's go get the supplies," I said as Hiccup looked at my confused. Harris, Hubert and Hamish all started nodding quickly before running off. I laughed lightly and grabbed Hiccups hand before dashing after them. There was an evil plan forming in my mind and a smirk present on my face as Hiccup stumbled after me.

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