Ash's Family Secrets

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Warnings: Het, Slash, Battle Violence, Language and AU.

Bashing: Misty, Cassidy and Butch.

Pairings: Tia Kaji(oc)/ ?, Ash/ ?, Tory Kaji(oc)/ ?.


We find our heroes/ Voice over

This Pokemon is known for/ Pokedex/PokéHolder

Rattata is unable to battle/ Referee

Telethy: * Can you hear me?*

Translated PokéSpeech: 'I want more berries.'

Please read before continuing. Only some Pokemon lay eggs ex: bug, dragon, bird, and fish species of Pokemon. The others give birth to live young ex: dog, mouse, and cat Pokemon species are know to do that. Oh this story will not be in the Unova Region. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh will be the only regions in this story if that changes later on I will tell you. Kids start their journey at age 12. So Ash is 12.

What if it wasn't Misty that fished out Ash and Pikachu at the start of their journey.

Chapter 1

Siblings to The Rescue

When we last saw young Ash Ketchum a flock of Spearow had forced him to jump off a cliff and into a river with his injured Pikachu.

Fifteen year old Tia Kaji and her eleven year old brother Tory had just sat down and casted their fishing poles out when they both felt a tug on their line.

"Oh man do you think that we cross lines or something." question the youngest sibling as they both tried to reel in what they hoped to be two new Pokemon.

"I don't thing so Tor." said Tia as they reeled it to the surface she tried to look to see if the shape of the Pokemon was showing yet.

"I hope its not a Gyarados."

"Hey Gyarados are great Pokemon." said Tia. She should know she raised one from an egg and captured one during her stay in the Hoenn region.

But still Gyarados was a powerfully Pokemon. So Tia not wanting to be caught unaware if it was a Gyarados tried to unclip one of her two Ping pong size PokéBall on her silver necklace. But before she could reach them the two siblings were able to pull out the Pokemon which turned out to be a past out young boy and a Pikachu.

Tia quickly check to see if they were breathing. After seeing that they were both breathing Tia got the young boy to cough up the water he had swallowed. While she was doing that Tory was healing the injured Pikachu. But before he could finish a whole flock of Spearow were flying towards them.

"Oh shit Tia we need to get out of here Now!" said Tory while picking up the injured Pikachu.

Tia looked up to see almost two dozen Spearow headed their way. Now most normal trainers would piss themselves and run but all Tia did was smirk.

"If we run they will follow us and attack the city. Plus I need Wizard to try out a new move we have been working on." Tia said with a smirk still on her face as she reach for the red and purple PokéBall and enlarged it.

" I bring forth Wizard." said Tia as she threw her oddly colored PokéBall up in the air. When the PokéBall opened a beam of red light come out of it and a Kadabra appeared on to ground in front of Tia.

"Kadabra!" yelled the second stage Pokemon.

*Wizard I need you to use the new move we have been working on but just use the Thunder punch and not the other two.* said Tia in her Pokemon's mind.

Wizard gave a sharp nod while saying, *Yes Matster Tia.*, through their mind link.

Wizard walked further away from his master and the rest of her group, before his eyes turned a bright yellow. After that five yellow wall went around him and formed a box showing that he used Light Screen.

Once that was done both his fists cracked with electric energy. Kadabra quickly hit the two walls on his sides before using both his fists on the wall in front of him. A dark purple energy then surrounded the three walls that have been hit. Wizard then used Teleport to get out of Light Screen.

As soon as Kadabra was out of the protection of Light screen the light purple color of Psychic consumes the whole box shape of the protection move. A red color then went over Kadabra's eyes as he looks up at the approaching Spearow. All twenty Spearow were soon all out lined with the red energy of Confusion.

In a flash Wizard had enlarged the box shaped Light Screen and had a small opening for the Spearow to enter though. Kadabra control the flock of Pokemon to enter before closing the opening and releasing Psychic from the box.

As soon as the energy holding back the electric energy of Thunder punch was gone the trapped Spearow were all hit by the sparks of electricity going around the box and were knocked unconscious.

With all the flying Pokemon out for the count Kadabra release the energy keeping Light Screen around. Once that was done Wizard fell to his knees panting heavily.

The whole move took ten seconds.

Tia quickly ran to her fallen Pokemon careful not to step on the unconscious Pokemon on the ground.

"Oh you did great Wiz." said Tia as she gave her tired Pokemon a hug.

"That was awesome what was that move." asked an unknown voice.

Tia, Wizard and Tory all turned their head to the new voice. It was the young boy that the siblings fished out of the river.


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