Ash's Family Secrets

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This Pokemon is known for/ Pokedex/PokéHolder

Rattata is unable to battle/ Referee

Telethy: * Can you hear me?*

Translated PokéSpeech: 'I want more berries.'

** PLEASE READ**After starting this fanfiction I have bought Pokemon Black2 so later on this story WILL be in the Unova Region along with Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Kids start their journey at age 12. So Ash is 12.

What if it wasn't Misty that fished out Ash and Pikachu at the start of their journey.

Chapter 2

Odd Start

" I bring forth Wizard."

Was the first thing that Ash heard after opening his eyes from his place on the ground. He quickly looked to were the voice had come from to find, a caramel skin teenage girl releasing her weirdly colored PokéBall in the air.

She was about 5 feet 7 inches, she had dark brown curly hair all the way to her shoulders. The older teenage girl was wearing a black shirt with a red PokéBall out line on the right bottom corner. She has a black hoodie jacket but on the back it had a blue circle like the shiny version of Umbreon. The rest of the girl's outfit was a pair of dark blue jeans, two black and red fingerless gloves and her shoes were black with blue shoelaces.

Taking his eyes away from the girl to look at the Pokemon her had release only for the Pokemon to give a battle cry of, " Kadabra!,"

The Pokemon then started forming a Light Screen around itself without his trainer calling out any commands. But the girl's eyes glowed a pale blue before the Kadabra named Wizard gave a sharp nod and forming Light Screen. After Wizard started the attack the girl's eyes returned to the color brown.

'Odd.' thought Ash as he continued to watch the battle.

Then the Kadabra combined some kind of electric type move, Psychic, Teleport and Confusion to make a awesome attack that took out all of the flying Pokemon.

With all the Pokemon out for the count the Psychic Pokemon released his attacks only to fall to his knees.

"Oh you did great Wiz." said Wizard's trainer as she gave her tired Pokemon a hug.

"That was awesome what was that move." asked Ash from his spot on the ground.

Three pairs of eyes focused on his face after his question.

" Oh your awake. That's good we don't have to carry you all the way back to town." said the boy that was holding his Pikachu.

The boy had slightly darker skin then the girl with spiky silver hair. He has dark green eyes. His outfit was made up of a dark green zipper jacket with a black and white striped T-shirt. He had faded blue jeans and ware black boots with white and green laces.

"What's your name? My name is Tia, this is my brother Tory and my partner Wizard. And that was one of Wiz's combo moves."

"Oh I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. Is Pikachu going to be okay?" asked Ash as he got up from the ground and got a better look at his starter.

"Yeah he'll be fine after a good nights rest and some food." said Tory as he handed Pikachu back to his trainer.

Once Tory's hands were free he tossed two PokéBalls at the two biggest Spearows of the flock.

" Thank you guys for saving me and Pikachu." said Ash after Tory's two PokéBalls -dinged- Telling him that it was a successful capture.

" No problem. You said you're from Pallet Town was Professor Oak still there when you left your hometown?" asked Tia.

"Yes he was taking care of a trainer's Pokemon when I left."

"Ok that's good because we have to see him before he leave for Johto tonight." said Tory before Tia continue.

"We are closer to Viridian City then Pallet Town right now, so why don't you take Wizard for protection while you go to heal Pikachu. If you want Wiz can Teleport you back to our house in Viridian city and our family healer can check you and Pikachu."

" Oh thank you I'll make sure nothing happens to Wizard while he helps me." said Ash with bow to the two siblings.

" Its fine just tell our dad that I'll be home later tonight." said Tia as she handed Wizard a piece of fruit.

"Oh, is this the first time you going some place using Teleport?" asked Tony remembering his first time when Wizard was an Abra.

"Yes." answered Ash

"Ok then you might want to hold on to Wizard." informed Tory

"Ok." said Ash as he got closer to the Psi Pokemon before asking, "Oh what's your dad's name?"

Wizard, Ash and Pikachu disappeared in a blink of an eye but not before Ash heard Tory answer his questions.

"His name is Giovanni."

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