Chapter 1: A chance for this world and… you.

He has anger and rage… and want answers.

¿But what happened when the life make one of its unexpected turns?

¿This was what he was looking for?... ¿even if he didn't know it?


The young Genin stood in large valley, know covered with dust and rocks all over the place, he was tired for all that just happen moments ago, but he can't rest… he still need to finish his task. He was standing beside a male body that rest on the floor, he has orange and spiky hair with pale skin, and He also has a lot of piercings all over his body. He wears a pairs of dark blue ninja-pants like, a pair of black ninja-sandals, and a half destroyed black tunic, with red clouds stamped in it. For what it sees he was injured just in the abdomen. The body it isn't more alive…well… even more.

"So… it's ended?"

The one that ask was a little slug, no bigger that a hand, for it voice it's clear that is a female, and an adult. She is white with blue marks in her back. She had just come out of the jacket of the Genin right in the neck. She stares at the body on the rocks while she questioned.

"No… it isn't over…"

"…What do you mean, Naruto-kun?"

The now known teenager as Naruto stay in silent for a moment, just thinking. He has blond spiky hair, clear skin tone, clear blue eyes and some kind of marks like whiskers in his cheeks. A black band whit a metallic plate whit the symbol of his village covers his forehead. He wears an orange and black jacket, whit black ninja-pants to, and finally a pair of ninja-sandals.

"…I… I have…Feel, something during the fight… I-I think I know where the true Pain is" answered the blond. He still a little confused of what he had felt, but if he´s right; he will be able to finish this chaos.

"mmm… ok, tell me where, and I going to say to the other shinobis tha-"

"NO!... I don't want to risk them, and… I want to talk first whit the real Pain"

The little Slug wasn't entirely sure about the idea but she trust in Naruto.

"Oh right, I will tell them to stay away"

The blond just nodded. He goes down a take out one of piercings. In an unexpected and fast move he punctured his hand whit the little bard-piercing.

"Naruto-Kun! ,What are you doing?!" The slug now was worried for the actions of the boy.

"D-Don't worry… Now I know… where it´s the true one" He says between teeths for the pain.

He throws the little black bar and immediately go out of the valley, running into the forest at high speed.


Naruto stay outside of a giant tree, it doesn't look natural and when he touch it, he discovered that it´s made of… Paper?

He sank his fingers in the tree and start pulling it out. He manage to open a little entry, enough big to allow him past.

It was dark inside of the big tree, but the light that comes through the hole he has made allow him to see two silhouettes inside the big space. When he starts to approach he sees that one of them was a woman. She has blue hair that go to the half of her neck with a flower made of paper on the top. She wears a black tunic with red clouds all over, just like all the Pains, and white heels.

The other one… well, it is strange actually.

He is a man, whit red hair that go to half of the neck, he has pale skin and he look… gaunt. On his back he has some black and large bars that are nailed. But the strangest thing was the Machine in what he was sitting. It´s like a big mechanic chair with six spider legs.

He also has the named Rinnegan.

"So… the peace had just arrived" The skinny man was the first to talk, he´s voice emotionless and deep.

"Y-You are the true Pain, aren't you?" Ask the blond.

"And you are Naruto Uzumaki, the container of the Kyuubi" That was the only respond of the red haired man.

Naruto finally have found him… and… and… he doesn't know what to do.

He feel a lot of anger and rage against him, anger and rage that start to externalize to his body. His eyes ,that some seconds ago where gold and whit and horizontal pupil thanks to the old and sage technique known as Sage mode, now are red whit a vertical pupil to.

"Tell me jinchuriki… Do you hate me?"

The question had surprise him, what did he mean?, of course he hate him!

"Hmm… I see, you can´t even move, you can´t give me the Answer…"

Naruto blink sometimes, he remember, the question that Pain make to him during their battle.

"Tell me Kid, Had you found the answer for the Peace? mmm?"

Naruto was Shocked at first, indeed, he couldn't find an answer, a solution to bring peace after he heard the explanation of Pain, But know…

"I… I come here because I want to talk whit you, and being honest… I wasn't sure what I will do when I find you"

"So… what you will do?, I´m right here, the person that bring you so much pain and the one you hate, you can´t forgive me for what I do, so I ask you again; ¿What you will do?"

Naruto stand in silence, clenched teeth.

"I-I… I can´t forgive you for what you do… and… and I want to KILL you!"

Naruto can´t hold himself even more. He ran whit the fist high, Ready to…

Before he can reach the man the blue haired woman stood in front of him, ready to stop him, even if she can´t. Naruto stop in short, he still looking like a mad, but… he stare to calm down. His eyes return to their natural blue as he relax his body.

"When I hear that you were a students of ero-sennin… A question come to my mind… you two aren't like the others akatsuki… you don't kill just for fun… but… I can´t understand, how you two end like this if you were his students!"

His voice change. It still have anger but also… sadness.

"I have an answer for you… but first… I want to know… I want to hear your story" Naruto really need to hear… he couldn´t believe that if this two were the students of ero-sennin they end like this.

The skinny man stares at him for a moment and then speaks.

"Fine… if that it´s what you want… I will share our pain whit you"


A gray haired man runs through the thick forest. He wears a green waistcoat, under it he also have a dark blue shirt. He also has a pair of dark blue ninja-pants, two ninja-sandals and a pair of fingerless gloves. What it´s most characteristic of him is that all his face, with the exception of his right eye, it´s covered in combination of his forehead protector and a dark mask.

For what it could see he was tired and full of scrapes all over his clothes and body. He had a tough fight. And the ones that know for sure had been told him that he need to rest after his death experience. But it would be for nothing. He needs to reach his student. He knows that he would need his help and…

"I don't know why… but I have a REALLY bad feeling… something is going to happen…" He say to no one in specific, more to himself. Anyone that could have heard him would say that he was worry.

With this thought in his mind he accelerate his race.

He needs to find him… Fast.


Naruto stay in front of the man…surprised.

The man, that now Naruto know that his name is Nagato and the woman name is Konan , has just finished his story. The blond are more confused, no with thoughts but with feelings. He still hates this man but… now he feels sorry for him too. He had heard all the pain that this two had suffer in all their lives. He knows too what pain can do to the hearts of the people. He isn´t sure how to judge him… the red haired man really want to find the true piece for this world… but he have taken the wrong path.

"…Now that you know my reasons I want to know your answer" Nagato ask, his voice still emotionless."¿What you have to say to me?"

Naruto stay in silent for a moment, he was thinking… but… he pull out a little book from his pocket.

"When ero-sennin told me about what he wants for this world, about the peace"he say while he stares at the book " … and he will need to let to me that search… I really wasn't pay attention… I was happy that he recognizes me… But… Now I understand what he was saying. The road to find the peace it isn´t easy… but… this world still have a chance… I understand what you are saying and what you have to go through… I… I believe in what ero-sennin thought, and that it's my ANSWER!" He finish with a lot of conviction in his voice.

"You… You believe in what Jiraiya believe?..." He stares at him, just like if he was get mad."Don't play fool whit me!" He shout, a lot of anger could be heard in his voice "It´s too late to believe in the fanciful dreams of Jiraiya, the true peace it´s impossible in this cursed world!"

"No… if this world have something like a curse… we can still find a solution, we can break that curse!... we can find that peace… just…just never give up!"

Nagato was in shock.

"T-those words" He says still couldn´t believing it.

"Yes these words are from this book… the first book that ero-sennin had written… you know, in the end of this book ero-sennin thanks a student of him…a student that help him in his search for peace… that student… it´s YOU Nagato!"

Nagato was in silent with his head down. He was thoughtful. He remember... now remember what he says to Jiraiya. About how he want to find the peace… about that what it´s important it isn´t the way but to believe that you can do it… about to… to never give up.

Nagato return to see at the blond.

"You know…" he start with a calm voice "you are curious guy… you remember me when I was like you… I couldn´t believe in myself… I couldn't believe in Jiraiya-sensei… the way" He the look at Naruto an stares "I think I can believe in what you say… maybe this world has a 'chance'… it only need that someone give it to it…" The read haired man then look to his companion and she look at him in response. They just stare to each other eyes. She was worried, she has just seen something that she didn't see in him for so long time… hope… and that scare her. She has an idea of what it's gonna happen...

"Naruto" Nagato speak again broken the silent, he return his sight to the blond "I gonna do two things…"

Now Naruto was confused. What he will do?, He still want to attack him?, or…

"I know that it´s too late to redeem myself… but you´re right… this world still has an opportunity… and I want to give it to it…" Then the skinny man start to pull out his arm of some kind of strange cylinders. "I don't really hope that you can forgive me… but at least… this should heal your pain…" The man join his hands in a single hand seal , the ram seal.

"Gedo: Rinnen Tensei no Jutsu!"

Konan go wide eyed, her fears come true… he has used that jutsu.

"Nagato! No!" She yells whit despair and concern.

"Konan… it´s all right… I had taken a new decision… one that far ago I had left…" His voice was calm and full of security.

Naruto has been in silent until know but his curiosity can be controlled any more.

"W-what´s going on?, What kind of jutsu is that?" For sure he was confused.

The blue haired woman then looks at him with a worried and sad sigh. Then she speaks.

"The one that had the Rinnegan is able to use the power of the six Pains…" She stop for a moment and look to her old friend and leader "… and he will be able to control the line between the life… and dead… Nagato is the seventh Pain"

Say that Naruto was surprised falls short.

"He will be able to control life and… dead?" he can only thought.


Something really strange and surprising was happening in the crater that once was The hidden Village of Konoha.

A giant and monstrous head was risen of the ground in and strange portal of purple flames. It´s look like an human head but… it wasn't. It´s skin was light blue, it had a big nose as same as it mouth. Also it has the enigmatic Rinnegan. It wears and strange pointed and black hat whit the kanji of "King", a shirt whit a long and outstanding neck and finally a kind of white cloth cover it mouth. For what it could be see it have an angry look.

In a second the cloth was retired by itself and reveal and giant mouth with pointed teeth. For inside of it mouth and strange green light start to rise. In an instant a rain of green beams of energy were shouted out of the mouth of the creature and start to disperse for all the debris of Konoha. Maybe it sounds strange but all the beams were looking for all the dead shinobis and all the villagers. Once a beam found a body immediately hit it and the corpse start to glow in the same energy. One by one the ones that dye in the recent battle start to… come to life!


"Naruto!" Shout the little slug.

"mmm? What´s going on Katsuyu-san?" Ask the blond in respond.

"T-the v-villagers they… they start to return to life!"

Naruto go wide eyed. He didn't know what to say.

"How is this possible?" Was the only thing that the blond could thought.

In a strange event the hair of Nagato that once was red now start to get white.

The man was breathing whit difficult, he was so exhausted and… well, he doesn't look well.

"Nagato… you go this far only for this kid… Naruto… you have change Nagato…" Konan try to find an explanation for the actions of her friend. But she can´t. This kid for sure has something special.

"N-naruto…" his voice was weak but it still audible "…your generation is young, all of you don't know what the war can bring… all the pain and suffering… it only obscure your heart. I only hope that this help you and your village…"

Naruto was in silent, looking at the ground. He never expect this, he thought that all his friends and the ones he know will never come back, but… know all of them are alive. Then a thought cross his mind.

"Wait… you say you gonna do two things…¿what is the second?" Naruto wasn't sure but he thought that he see a weak smile in Nagato´s face.

"Yeah… I say it, right?" His voice now was… calm, just like if he was in peace "You want to give a chance to this world right?" The young blond only nod "Well, like I say, me too… you see Naruto, in this world are some ones that doesn't think like us… they are powerful and only want more power, they want the world for them… but if we can stop their plans… maybe this world would have a chance" The now white haired man do other hand seals and then end with the ram one again. "This world deserve an opportunity to feel the peace...Naruto… and you too."

Naruto raise a brown. What is he talking about?

"Gedo: Rinne Shin sekai no Tensei!"

"W-what are you doing?"Ask the blond but he didn't get an answer from Nagato. His answer comes when a strange sound comes from behind him.

Naruto turn around only to see how purple flames start to burn in the ground and from them a giant and strange head comes out. He recognized it, it´s the same thing that Pain use to regenerate the other bodies. Naruto didn't have a chance to ask what the heck is going on, the large head open it´s huge mouth and… what Naruto see inside of it scares him to no end.

A purple vortex of energy, that was created in mouth of the monster, starts to absorb him into the mouth of the huge head.

"Aaaahh!... W-what the heck is this?!" The blond yell while he tries to release himself out of the whirlwind that caught him. He stares at Nagato with anger and confusion.

"Farewell Naruto… and good luck" Was the last thing that Nagato told to the blond.

Naruto go wide eyed when two tongue like arms that come from the mouth of the head grab him into the purple vortex. When the blond past the portal the huge head close it mouth and disappear in a purple flare.

The two ninjas stay in silent for a moment until…

"Nagato…" Her voice was full of sadness and it sounds just like if she gonna start to cry "…Why?" That was the only thing that she could think. Why?

For some seconds he didn't respond, and she starts to get worried, but…

"W-we… we both know His true intentions… H-he doesn't want the peace that you and me were looking for… He wants t-to destroy this world… I-I never trust in Him…" Now he was really bad, he had problems only to breath, some blood was coming out of his mouth and just talk a little was a pain, but… he can let her like this.

She can hold it anymore, she start to cry in silent. Tears falling for her cheeks. She closed her eyes, she don't want to see… don't want see how her last friend start to leave this world… and the worst part is… that she can´t help him. A gentile touch in her right cheek made her open her beautiful golden eyes, now a little red for the tears. It was his hand, he clean her tears whit his thumb… he is using all his strengths just to stay this last moments with her.

"P-please D-don't cry, Konan…" He stares at her eyes… that beautiful eyes "I-I´m sorry, I w-will like to use that J-jutsu whit Y-you too… but I just don't have enough Chakra"

She shook her head while tears continue to fall for her cheeks.

"You don't have to feel sorry Nagato… You was right… at least this world will be safe from him…" She give him a false smile… and he know it.

"K-konan… I… I have a last m-mission for…you" She nod.

"whatever you want Nagato"

He smiles, but not a false one but a genuine and warm one.

"P-please… F-found…" He had to cough blood just for continue talking "…Found your happiness and… peace… please…"

She nod whit a lot of strength and despair. Even in the end he just want to be sure that she would be safe. His hand fall from her cheek and his head go down… he was gone… he gone and she wouldn´t be able to see him again.

She fall to her knees, and start crying while she rest her head in the metallic chair. It was a cry of huge sadness… she just lost his friend… the last part of her family… she was alone now. After some minutes she clean her eyes whit her sleeve, her makeup was now staining her face.

"N-naruto…" Her voice was weak "Naruto I… I just hope you use this opportunity… you BETTER use it…"

She stays in silent for another while. Just alone in the dark.


In another part of the universe, or most exactly between the universes, a certain blond was falling for a huge swirl of purple energy.

"AAAAAAHHHH!" He can only scream while he continues to fall, fall and fall even more. It just looks that he will never be able stop.

"SOMEONEOOOO! HEEELPPP!" But no one was able to help him, he just continues his fall.

After some minutes later he start to… feel something strange in all his body, it was like a pain but in some way it feels different. He scream again for the feeling, all his body was burning. He can barely open his eyes, but when he do it… he see what looks just like a big and white light and what he could only thought that most need to be the end of this… thing.

"¿This is the end?, ¿I´m going to die?" Before the blond could get an answer the light come to strong and wasn't able to keep his eyes open. He yell one last time when he fill just like he was burning, even more.



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* Gedo: Rinne tensei. * Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique

*Gedo: Rinne Shin sekai no tensei *Outer Path: reincarnation of the new world

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