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Chapter 2: What the...?

Sometimes the life could be cruel, other could be wonderful... but others, other times just want to play with you in one of the most strange ways


A kind breeze was blowing in the valley; full of mounds upholsterers with green and beautiful grass that shine with the warm sunlight of the afternoon. In the middle of the view, that only the nature could offer, a road of brown earth could be see it. Two quadrupeds creature were walking in the peaceful road, if someone could see they would say that they are horses but with a better look they would see that they are actually ponies… some unique ones.

One of them had a purple coat, it mane and tail were a dark blue and also have two tufts, one purple and the other pink, But the most notorious was that it have a… horn in the top of the head!

"Thanks again Pinkie for coming with me" Say the purple pony. For the voice anyone would know that the pony was actually a girl.

"No problem!" Respond the other pony whit a happy and playful way, and yes, she was a girl too.

This Pinkie was a pink mare, with her tail and mane of the same color but a little darker, also it was fluffy and with some swirls.

"I love visiting Fluttershy, and also help her with her little and cute animals"

"Just not forget that we are going to help her first counting the newborn rabbits" The purple mare know that her friend sometimes get a little excited and forget the important thinks.

"Oh!, that´s right twilight but don't worry, you know that Pinkie Pie never forgets" Say the pink mare, talking of herself in third person and doing a proud pose.

The purple one, or now Twilight, only rolls her eyes. "Yeah, of course" thought in a sarcastic way.

The two mares continue their way to the house of their friend. She lives nearby to the entrance of one forest, one known for the ponies as Everfree forest. Any sane pony never goes close to the forest because of all the dangers and all ferocious predators that round in the middle of the foliage.

Twilight rise her head up to the sky after feeling a cold and strange wind that blow in her back and up to her mane, spreading a chill in all her body. She didn't know what it is, but something feels odd about this wind, and what worries her is the fact that she don't know if it was a good thing or a bad one. When she was able to see to the clean sky she notice that it actually wasn't clean at all, grey clouds start to come together in a single point in the sky over the Everfree forest. She raises a brow and turn to her pink friend.

"Pinkie, ¿Are you seeing this?" She says while pointing a hoof to the strange phenomenon

"Mm? What thing Twilight?" She ask in a curious and innocent tone. When she looks up she understands what her friend meant.

The clouds start to rotate in a kind of whirl. Purple thunders start to flash in the middle of the vortex… Really weird.

"I-I don't like this Pinkie"

"Me too, I thought that this would be a sunny day and now I wouldn´t be able to have that picnic whit Applejack!, and you know how much I love the picnics!"

Twilight had to force herself to not hit her own face with her hoof. Her friend just didn't get it sometimes.

The thoughts of frustration of the purple mare were cut it when a big thunder roars in all the forest and even in the entire valley. Birds of all sizes and colors fly up to the sky in an attempt to get the most far that they can from all the chaos, and also all the ground animals run out of the forest in a search for a safe place. Suddenly, and for the surprise and horror of the two ponies, the clouds go down to the ground whit a force and intensity that it seems that it would dig to core of the planet, a shock wave send a powerful wind that almost take flying the two ponies. After a blinding purple flash and a thunderous noise all the clouds start to cleared just like if nothing had happen.

Both ponies but specially twilight stay in silent shocked for the unnatural event that happen some moments ago, their jaws almost hit the ground.

"W-what?... W-what was just that?!" Shouted the purple mare.

"I don't know, but it was so awesome and scary at the same time! First it was like 'Boom' And then 'Buaaggg' and then- "


"…Oh, sorry" The pink pony has given a nervous chuckle after see that her friend start to get annoyed.

Twilight shake her head and then start running in the direction of where just moments ago was one of the most disturbing things that her eyes never meet.

"Hurry up Pinkie!" Call the purple mare for the distance.

"Wait, Twilight, what about Fluttershy?!" The voice of the mare had a mix between Concern and confusion. What is the big idea in the head of her friend this time?

"NO TIME!, that was something too powerful and maybe it could bring problems, ¡Is or duty to investigate it! " She wasn´t sure what it could be… but she would find it out.


He was awake… or some kind. He has his eyes closet and feel like his was floating in the sky, in a dark void.

He couldn´t feel his arms, legs, and… well, he couldn´t feel anything. It was like having a big cramp in all his body. Some seconds past, and the seconds become minutes. Finally, he was able to feel something; he could feel the wind in his face just like if it's given him gentile petting. His eyes slowly began to open, at first the light annoyed him and he only was able to see a white blur, but after some seconds his sight cleared. The grass was able to be felt in his back, or at least that is what he thought it could be, What else by the way?

He had his back in the floor, looking up. The sky was covered whit green leaves that allow the light of the sun come into the forest only for some small spots, just like the stars in a beautiful night. His arms and legs seems that finally were awake too, in a slow and a little painful move he manage to get up… but instantly lose balance and fall to the tough ground, face first.

He was a little dizzy and he actually thought that he fell for that. After some more seconds of waiting he becomes a little impatient. Now in this new position he start looking to his surroundings, as how he thought he was in the middle of a forest, the trees have long and thick branches, the leafs fall in a way that made they look a little spooky.

The time past and after he see that he wouldn't get better he search for options.

"Maybe I can shout for help…" It wasn't really a bad idea but they are other thinks that the blond need to take into account "But it could be dangerous, I don't know where I´m and in my current state I would be an easy target… But I AM an easy target right now…" This made the head of the shinobi a mess, he hate to make decisions, he was happier only kicking the ass of the bad guys, after all who need to think when you have Shikamaru near to you? "…Uuff… oh right… think about it Naruto, if you don't get out of here maybe you would face someone that you didn't want, but if I made a mistake who knows if there aren't Akatsukis near?... the heck whit this!, I´m not gonna spend the rest of my life lying in here!"

"…S-som… s-some…Someone… SOMEONE!" He finally manage to shout, even if wasn't sure about it.

And then again the insupportable silent. For some seconds nothing happen, nothing could be heard it. His voice was only to some few seconds to rise again but it soundly stop when his ears found something, it was all most a whisper, but he was able to heard it.

"Nahpruttpookuoun…" the voice sounds like it come from a deep, deep hole and he wouldn't be able to heard if his arrive hasn´t bring a big silent to the forest.

"Naurto-kun!" Their it was again, but this time he understand it, even more, he now who it was.


"I´m down here Naruto, under your jacket"

After this the little slug began her journey out of the clothes of the blond, given him some tickles in the process. When she was risen up she actually feel something… odd. The back of Naruto feels like…like. "Fur?"

It couldn't be right, the last time she known Naruto didn't have that much body hair, something was wrong, but if she want to find it out she first need to get out. It didn't take more than some seconds to her to come out, and then…

"N-na-Narutttoo-Kun?" Obviously she was confused and afraid.

"Mm? What happen Katsuyu-san?"

The voice that it was coming from his mouth only helps to freak her out. The blond had to cover his ears if he want to still have them, her scream was something of other level, even when Tsunade or Sakura yell him wasn't this powerful. After a painful groan the blond become worry to.

"What´s going on Katsuyu-san, what it´s the problem?! "

"I-it's really you Naruto-kun?"

The blond only rise a brow, what she means by 'if it was him', of course it was him!, ¿who else could be?

"Look at yourself, Naruto-kun"

This only confuses him even more, but when he obeys and looks to his right hand… it was a hoof! He didn't know what to think; in the place that his hand should be now was a hoof.

"What the-?"

He try to move his hand but instead the hoof do it, when he get it up the hoof get it up, the same to down and to the right and left. Now he was freak it out, he look down to his body and his eyes become wide. Instead of legs and a chest was something that looks like a body of some animal. Ignoring the pain of his body he soundly get up and look for something. In the perspective of the little slug he was more than scary and worry, the words just doesn't could be used to describe his state. After some seconds the blond find it, or more exactly heard it, a river.

When he try to run to the source of the water he immediately fall, but now he now why, he didn't stop even after he fall more than ten times. When he understand that it was a lose fight he only crawl the most fast that he can. Only some more yards.

When he finally was in the edge of the river he wasn't sure if it was a good idea, but he need to do it. When he look to his reflection in the water he…



Twilight need to cover her ears, it was the most painful thing she never feel. The scream spread to the four winds, even the roar of a manticore wasn't that high.

"What was that?!" Ask the purple mare.

"I don't know twi, but it sound like a pony" Pinkie just let free her ears of the grab of her hoops that were trying to protect them.

"Oh,No! Maybe he´s in trouble! Hurry Pinkie, we need to find him"

One of the thoughts of Twilight was that maybe the poor pony had get in the way of who knows what was that thing before, and if it was dangerous now the pony would be in troubles.

The two mares run even more fast in the direction of the scream, that for they luck, or maybe misfortune, was in the direction of the phenomenon, more deep in the forest.


He was panicking, he try to run in all the directions even when he continue falling miserable. It was like one of the weirdest dreams he never have, or maybe a nightmare, yeah, that need to be, just a nightmare. The blond pinch his leg again, in a try to get free of this world of dreams.

"I already told you that this it isn´t a dream Naruto-kun " Say the little slug, the last few minutes she try to calm the blond, and obviously she was failing.

"That is what you say!" This time he smash his head whit a tree, even then he didn't wake up.

"Uff… Naru-" She was interrupted by another smash. "Naruto-kun you nee-" The blond wasn't paying attention to the slug and even she whit her calm temper can´t get it more.


He stops immediately and even fall whit a fall branch for the surprise. This was the first time he heard Katsuyu this angry and also the first time she yell to him. After some seconds of astonishment he returns to the reality, he look up to his shoulder to see his little, and mad, friend.

"Listen to me Naruto-kun, this isn´t a dream, you already try it and it wasn't a genjutsu, and I´m whit you so please, don't worry…" Her voice was soft and sweet; it was just like when a mother scolds her little child.

The respond was only a nod for the blond; at least it was a begin.

"Oh right, now let think what just happen, what do you say?"

Another nod.

"Good. Now… let see… " She get deep in her thoughts and memories, trying to understand what just happen. "The last thing we do?..."

"We were whit Nagato…" At least now he was more calm, but he still a little worry, well, he want to panic again but for sure he didn't want that Katsuyu shout to him again.

"Yes, that's right, he say something about he want to give you a 'Chance'…"

"Yeah, and then he made that strange jutsu… That´s it!, his jutsu in some way made me this!"

The little slug think it for a while, it actually made senses.

"Mmm… let see, what it was it name again?... "

"Gedo:… Rinne Shin sekai… no Tensei…" He says in a low voice, now he was cooperating.

"mmm… 'Reincarnation… of the new world'?, what that's mean?... Reincarnation?...mmm" Katsuyu stare at the blond for a minute, she look to all his body, his legs, 'arms', head, all. Now Naruto was a little uncomfortable.

The blond try to ask her what it's the matter but she only continues looking at him, like the answer was in some place of him.

"Yeah, that's need to be, that technic transforms you into a…"

"…A horse…" Complete the blond in an annoying tone, in all the animals, in all the beings, Why a horse?

"Well… your proportions are smaller than the ones of a normal horse, Naruto-kun, I think that you are actually a… Pony" An angry growl comes from his mouth.

"GOOD, Not only I´m a horse, but a midget one!" The anger and frustration could be heard even between the sarcasm.

"At least you still have your jacket and forehead protector"

"Yeah, yeah my jacket, forehead protector and my-" He stop suddenly his sentence, after reconsidering what Katsuyu has say, or more exactly what she didn´t say. He could feel a tiny but cold wind going under his lower part. Whit a little fear he move his head so he could see his body, when he reach his back he could see the lack of something, something so important for him.

"¡MY PANTS!" Katsuyu would like to have arms so she could be able to cover her little ears from the scream of the boy, well, and ears too. After another panic attack of the blond Katsuyu was able calm him enough so he could hear her.

"Naruto C-A-L-M-D-O-W-N " She say slowly every letter so he could be able to understand perfectly her words. "You don't have anything to worry about it"

"What are you saying, I don't even more have my pants!, oh kami, Katsuyu-san don't look at me!"

After a little shake of her head she continue.

"Naruto, you are now an stallion, its ok if you don't have pants, us, the animals didn't use clothes, maybe some ones but its only because they like it, your dignity it isn´t in danger, so calm down, don't worry, or tell me when do you see me wearing a dress, Hm?"

After considering his statement he, barely believe her, but if she say it, it should be true.

"Ok… but Katsuyu-san… don't look at my backside" She only roll her eyes, or at least that it's what she try "Don't worry I NOT gonna see your 'Backside'" The blond finally look that he could stand a logic talk so they continue.

The both of them stay in that place, talking for some minutes, trying to find an explanation of how he had ended like a stallion, as the time past they didn't get account that they were watching by someone. When they finally understand that they not gonna get to no place, they finally give up.

"… But I didn't DIE!"

"No, but I suppose it´s only a reference… By the way, the second part…"

"What whit it?" His question was serious, the same as the voice of the slug.

She then returns to the bottom of her thoughts, analyzing all the meanings and possibilities. The blond pony start to hate this, when she go and let him alone, he gonna need to talk with her about it, but that will need to wait, they are more important things that need all his, and her, attention. After another minute of searching, she actually realize something, something that she forget and now she couldn't understand how she let something so important go unnoticed. She couldn't feel 'Them'.

"OH NO!" The little slug now was the panic one, and Naruto see it.

"What?, what is the problem?!"

Katsuyu stay in silent for some seconds, seconds that for the blond feel like years, annoying ones, he begin to get worry too, he had never see her this afraid, and it needs to be something big to let her in this state.

"I-I…I-i" She try to speak but the words doesn't come, after some seconds she finally snap out "I can feel them…"

"Feel them?" He didn't understand it, is she talking about the people of Konoha?, if that's the case maybe she couldn't because that Nagato has send them to far for the village, but she now that, so… what could it be?

Then the slug speak again "I don't feel… my others selves… " He only raises a brow, did she get mad?, the blond didn't have time to ask because she continue. She see the confusion in his face and realize she need to explain herself. "What I mean Naruto-kun, is that I didn't feel my clones, my other small selves… do you understand me?" Now he remember, Katsuyu can divide herself in smaller versions, just like the one that is whit him right now.

"Oh, yeah, I remember now, but what it's the problem, I can´t feel my clones too when I made them" She shake her head, he didn't get it, at least not all. "No, you see Naruto-kun, my clones aren't exactly clones, they or I, well… we are real, what I´m trying to say is that we aren´t just an accumulation of chakra, we have organs, our own minds, and we can actually live a life without the rest of ourselves, we are a being for ourselves, we are a division… Do you get it now? "

He thought it for some seconds, trying to process all the information that she just gave him, for some seconds she thought he wouldn't be able to understand it, but her answer comes. He nods.

"I think I get it, but… if you say you can´t feel them, well… What does it mean? "

"You see, I have a mind link with them, I can now what they thought and that´s how I communicate with my other selves, that´s how I communicate you with the shinobis of konoha back in our last battle" She stop for some seconds, the ideas she have weren't good at all, if she was right then this would become a bigger problem.

He begin to become worry, he know that when people say that there´s problem and stay in a deep silent it´s something big, Heck!, Kami knows that he already had a lot of that experiences, some of them really painful. After her, unintentionally, dramatic pause she return and start at the boy whit, what he guess that should be, a worry sigh. Its kind hard to know, when your partner doesn´t really have eyes, or at least brows.

"…There are only two possibilities, One; that… " Is hard for her to say it "…that my others are, well, they had been… destroyed"

The sadness of her voice couldn't be hide, the idea that a part of her, HER has been eliminated is just too much, it's not only like losing an arm, and that´s a 'little' extreme, it's something more, more deep that couldn´t be explained whit words. In the blond's side he was the same astonished as her, maybe he wasn´t able to understand what kind of lost it´s, but he had a little idea, back when he lose a clone in battle he, for some strange reason, feel sorry, he know they weren't real but know that someone had kick your ass doesn't feel good, and for Katsuyu it would be worse. After a second or two he decided that the best it would be to try to comfort his little friend. But of course been Naruto Uzumaki didn´t help him too much in this kind of situations.

"Well… so, what is the other option, Katsuyu-san?" with the voice of the blond she snap out of her thoughts, after he repeat the question for her, she remember it "Oh, yes the other possibility… well I don´t know if this is better, but… at least it wouldn´t involve me been killed"

"Well, what are you waiting, tell me!"

"The only other logic explanation it would be that… we are too far for Konoha to feel my other selves"

The blond raise a brow.

"How far?"

Then again, that irritating silent. She thought the idea again and again, and when she finally determinate that it's the most logic answer, even when it doesn't sound like that, she continue.

"Well, my bond it's enough powerful to cover all the… " The idea was right in there, but even for her it was difficult to believe "… the planet, that should mean that, we aren't even more in our own world, Naruto-Kun"

His brow is raised, he start laughing. Even for him this was too much, and his brain just break, "another world?" Even in his more crazy dreams or thoughts he never consider go to an entire new world far beyond his own. After seeing the upset expression in the face of his little friend he understands that she wasn't joking.

"what, are you serious?!"

"Of course!, I was telling you the true, the far I know, we could be even in a totally different dimension"

His head begin hurt, he try to assimilate all this information, and rubbing his temples whit tough hooves wasn't helping. When he consider and accept this new reality he get lost in his mind, full whit thoughts, ideas, memories and promises he wouldn't be able to keep. He would give everything to return home, but he knows he can´t, at least for now, he didn't know any Jutsu or other way that could give him the ride back to Konoha and sadly Katsuyu doesn't know a way too.

See the young boy in this condition hurt her, the optimist, cheerful and always persistent shinobi now whit his head down and depressed, how a sad scene. She tries some times to get his attention, but he didn't hear her, after another attempt he stops her in the middle of her talk.

"…Now what?..." Two words, only one question that she isn't able to answer and that scare her too. Now what?

What they could do, snatched away from their village, their home, their lives… they both know that they should be doing something right now, maybe finding a way to return or at least trying to find… well, they don't know exactly what, thinking about it what should be the first step to begging something that maybe could be your new life?

Their peace didn't stay for more long, menacing growls could be heard back from the bushes. When the duo turn around they find their new threat, three quadrupeds with sharp teeths and claws, Wolfs. Even in this new dimension they now that this frightening creatures couldn't be other thing than wolfs. Two of them were dark brown with black and deep eyes, that feel that they could kill you only watching you the enough time. The third one was a little bigger with a black and, under the belly, gray fur. The leader, or at least that it's how it looks like with it in front of the other two predators. They growl again allowing the two friends see their deadly snouts.

Naruto rose from the full of roots floor, he forget his walk-problems but that was only for a second, because when he try to move he almost fall whit his snout first. The little slug knew that he couldn´t stay a fight, at least not in the current state of the blond, so she told him the only intelligent idea that could be suggested in this situation.


"What?!, no wa-" His sentences was interrupted when one of the brown wolfs jump and try to eat his face. The immediately shock of adrenaline allows him to run, he even forget that he was falling just some minutes ago. The wolfs wouldn´t lost a meat so easy so they start their hunt.

"I-uff … Just want-uff… tell you that I´m-uff… running because you ask to me… not because I can´t kick their sorry asses-uff" Say him between pants. Trying to save his pride, or the least he have. He had fought some of the most powerful shinobis around the world but now he was running from some wolfs. The true is, that he hadn't get used to his new body so he wasn't able to control his chakra properly to allow him to improve his speed or strength, so, Katsuyu had a point, he wouldn't be able to stand a fight.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't stop running!" He accelerate when he feel the wet teeths of the wolfs combing his tale.

"Ahg!, the only thing that I need right now, a pack of wolfs trying to tear my head off, just PERFECT… " His sarcastic thoughts end when he hear another growl, too close to his right ear if you ask him.


The two colorful mares continue their race in the forest, still trying to find the source of the panicking screams. They suddenly stop when they hear some disturbs to their left.

"What it´s that twi?" Ask the pink one.

She didn't get an answer, the purple mare stares at the place where the now growls and yells become stronger every second. The two friends had to stoop their heads when, suddenly, a yellow blur jump out of the bushes, followed by other three things. The both of them let out a scream for the surprised terror, and for their bad luck, the other three blurs notice them. They turn around only to see one of the most terrifying scenes, three hungry wolfs start approaching to them, throwing deadly sights and growls that allow everyone see their BIG and sharp teeths. The fear make Twilight forget her magical powers that maybe could save them, but then, even in this that could be their tragic end, her curiosity rise and she look to the back of the wolfs, where a yellow shape stares at them with, what she could only guess, a look whit a mix of concern and urgency to run away.


Naruto see only one thing in the eyes of the purple pony, one that go directly to his heard, 'Help'.

There were some things that Naruto always care for in all his life; his village, his friends, and, even if it sound odd, the animals. They were the only ones that never fear him when he was just a child heated for his entire village, he could always find a friend in every dog, bird or any other creature that you could think, and now seeing this two defenseless ponies that will be the dinner of the wolfs in any second… something grew in his mind, one idea, one of the most crazy he never have.


Twilight see with surprise how the sight of the blond pony change to one of determination and anger, and, even for more surprise she saw how the blond start running to the trio of wolf whit a battle cry.

In one second Naruto tackle the black wolf in one of it sides and both of them start rolling in the floor. After some seconds of fight the blond manage to get free and get up, to his luck, or at least to luck of his plan, the other two wolfs get their attention to him after seeing their boss lying on the floor.

"What are the problem guys? Mm? Why you don't come here and taste this yellow meat?"

Naruto didn't have to tease the wolfs more because immediately the brown ones run to him with assassin intentions. Naruto expect this and when one of the wolfs try to jump up in him he duck it and when the creature past him he gave it a powerful kick whit his hind hooves, the bad thing for the wolf is that a kick of a stallion hurt, a lot. The kick sends the canine directly to tree, after the smash the poor creature blackout. Seeing the misfortune of his teammate the other wolf try another attack, this time a directly one. Naruto jump and dodge the movement ending falling in the back of the wolf, the weight of the stallion make the predator fall to the ground, seeing this opportunity the blond give the wolf a kick just in it snout knocking it.

When the young boy thought that everything was over the black wolf jump at him, even more mad after seeing how its friends end. Naruto manage to dodge it, but start a new strategy, run. This wolf is a tough one and he know that he would need a new idea to take it down, and also, in this way he would give time to the ponies so they could escape. His hoops suddenly stopped when their wasn't any more road in the forest, he just come to the edge of a cliff, and for what he could see, it was at least ten yards to the bottom. When he was about to search for another path the wolf jump out of the brush and launched the both of them to the cliff.


For his luck… maybe, he didn´t fall directly to the bottom of the cliff but instead roll in the border, hitting in the process some rocks and lonely branches. After his painful fall he smashed the tough floor.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Was the only thing that comes out of his mouth after the slam, he could feel how something inside of him had just broke, maybe a rib.

When he slowly turn his head he saw how the wolf was lying in the floor whit a little line of blood falling from it snout he could only guess that the wolf just die.

He slowly starts losing the conscious, falling in another dream, another darkness.

The last thing he could see when he turn his sight to the edge of the cliff was two blurs, one pink and the other purple. He could also swear that, aside with the yells of Katsuyu he hear other two voices yelling, they sound… females ones.

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