I looked at my rider. Hiccup looked determined but worried. Nobody could stop him now. I flew up with the red death right behind me ready with one thing on mind. Kill. I was worried about Hiccup. He wasn't fire-proof like I was. Hiccup ordered me to "disappear" like I used to. I flew up into the clouds as fast as I could. I never thought I could fly this fast but I could and I was gaining speed. The red death had stopped in the clouds. It was aiming fire everywhere. I was flying here and there to make sure Hiccup wouldn't get hurt.

When we decided it was time to be seen I dive bombed. The red death had shot fire at my tail. I could see the stream of smoke coming from my tail as I fell. I heard the familiar voice of Hiccup say "Come on bud, just a bit longer. NOW" I knew what to do. I aimed my blue ring of fire for its mouth. Its wings were evaporating and I knew we had won. We were almost done. We just needed to get through the spikes and out of the fire. The tail hit Hiccup and I. I saw Hiccup fall into the fire. I turned around and dive bombed.

I woke up to see Stoic. He was crying. I knew something wasn't right. Then I opened my wings to show Hiccup was alive to his father. "He's alive! You brought him back to life!" I heard everyone cheer up and I even saw Snotlout shed a tear of relief even though I knew he would have been chief next if something were to happen to hiccup. I was later invited to stay with Hiccup and live with his family. I knew that now Stoic trusted me and my friends so I quickly said yes. Everything was going to be okay.

It had been days and Hiccup still wasn't awake. For those few days I was in charge of watching Hiccup for in case he woke up. I got tired of Hiccup sleeping so I tried to wake him up. Nothing. I jumped on top of him and I found out he had a weak spot. He quickly jumped up. "Oh hey bud! Where am I?"

Hiccup soon realised about his leg. I felt guilty because it was my fault Hiccup may never walk again because of me. But I had to stay strong for Hiccup. I knew he wouldn't want to wake up only to see a worthless dragon who felt nothing but guilt. I knew he wanted to see me happy. "I'm in my house. You're in my house!?" I jumped around to show that I was clearly here. Hiccup quickly told me to stop. He stood up. I saw that he had trouble so I quickly went beside him. I caught his fall. I felt happy to see my trainer, rider, best friend, Hiccup.

He opened the door and saw a monstrous nightmare flying by. Hiccup quickly shut the door. "You stay here bud." I watched as he walked outside. I could hear his mouth drop he was so surprised. I realised I wasn't the only one happy.

Everything was where it should be. For now at least. I had saved Hiccup and his whole village from death from my own kind. Hiccup saved me from starvation in the cove. I had done this as my way to repay him. Instead he did most of the work. I couldn't bare the fact that one of his legs was gone until I realised about my tail. We were even. That's the way it should be. He hurt my tail so now I hurt his. Both were on accident. I guess life on Berk will be more interesting than attacking it.