It was about a year and a half later when I heard many roars that seemed familiar. No it can't be her… She is supposed to be dead. My thoughts ended when Hiccup came up with his eyes wide open. My mouth fell down to a point where it was touching the ground. Hiccup looked like he did when he was almost dead when we had brought him back from the battle with the red death. Only this time he was awake. I couldn't believe it. The same exact look that told me he might be dead. His skin was so pale that I thought he was a vampire and he was bleeding on his arm. Something seemed to really stand out with why he looked this way though. Then I noticed his prosthetic wasn't on.

Hiccup finally spoke to end the silence of his once loud house. "Toothless you okay bud?" I went over to Hiccup and nuzzled him on his leg. "Oh that. The dragon out there was fierce. It shot a fireball at my prosthetic and it blew off. When I went to get it I saw it in pieces and shattered. It must be some kind of new species. It was dark purple that was black when it shoots fire. It had razor sharp teeth all over and the hottest fire I've ever seen. It was a little slow though so I think it was wounded." Hiccup rambled on and on about this new dragon until I heard him say "He was as big as the red death."

I KNEW IT! But why would she be here of all places I had to speak to Hiccup somehow to warn him of what this dragon was capable of. I was fireproof and yet it could roast me in 2 seconds flat. There was only one of its kind. The very thought of the beast made me want to cry. For it did the worst thing anyone could EVER do to me. I felt a tear sting my eye. I, the mighty night fury, was crying. All because of one beast. But that beast was like a million. I didn't care about my tears right now even though I knew what powers one could possess from them. They could become a dragon themselves if they drink a tear of mine. That's why night furies never, EVER, cry.

"Come on bud we have to go out and fight it if we want our village to survive!" I couldn't let Hiccup down so I had to. I just wish he knew the risks of this before he fought. We went outside. I looked at the dragon. I was right. It was the very dragon that did something so terrible it made me cry. I wanted to rip the flesh off of the beast.

We ran up to it. I knew the plan. It was the same as the one with the red death. It was the only way to kill a dragon with fire unless you were a purple mistcloud. It was named that because everything it blew its fire on turned to mist. All of my kind knew to stay away from them. They were ferocious beasts that were supposed to be extinct. But why this one, out of its whole kind, is the one still alive. I will never forgive that monster for what it did. I felt something on my tailfin.

"Alright bud here's your tailfin that lets you fly by yourself (from gift of the night fury). I won't survive out there and I don't want this to fail because of me. This is our best choice." I opened up my wings. I knew I couldn't survive this. Hiccup didn't know that yet and I wanted it to stay that way. I went up to him and let him pet me for the last time. I sobbed as I flew off. How would I know Hiccup will be okay? Will the others pick on him? But it was time. My life was up. I wanted to wake up and see it was all just a nightmare but I wasn't dumb. This was real.

I was going to see my parents. I was going to die from the same dragon they died from. That horrible purple mistcloud just wanted to rule. It had a family but then killed them all. That way she would be the only purple mistcloud left. It had always wanted to kill all of the night furies. Now it was going to get its wish.

I looked back at the village. I saw the only other person who knew what this dragon was capable of, Stoick. I noticed he was crying. He knew I wouldn't survive this one and Hiccup wouldn't have anyone close enough to lean on. I couldn't believe I lived to see the day where Stoick would cry. But that day was my last. I should've spent it with Hiccup.

I flew up higher and higher with the purple mistcloud right behind me. I turned around. It stopped to inhale some air for fire when I shot mine into its mouth. I was still alive. I couldn't believe it. Instead of dying I got revenge on that terrible excuse for a living being.

My tailfin caught fire from the burning remains of the dragon. Maybe I wouldn't be so lucky. I looked at Hiccup who gave me hope. I had to fly out. I had to show I had what it takes to be a loyal friend of a human as great as Hiccup. I angled myself. That was what Hiccup told me when we fell for the first time. I was going slow and wobbly but I was flying.

I fell unconscious from shock of what I had done. I had actually killed a purple mistcloud. They are now extinct. I no longer had to worry about the beast coming back. It was what killed my family and made my kind endangered.

I awoke to Hiccup and Stoick. I looked around. Was it a dream? I was soon answered that by seeing the ashes of the dragon. I was given the biggest hug of my life from not only Hiccup, but Stoick as well. I had survived and got my revenge. But how?