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When Hiccup woke up I knew what we had to tell him. But how? At least it was Stoick and Gobber telling him and not me.

They started walking towards Stoick's room. He had been sleeping for a week and just woke up. Apparently the whole reason we had this problem with the sacrifice cure is that on the way there was a smashed bowl that's ingredients had mixed with the snow to make a dangerous chemical which Snotlout and Ruffnut were cleaning up. Some had landed in his mouth while he was falling.

I hurried after them. Hiccup had a look of confusion of why all three of us had come up at once with pitiful expressions on their faces. I went over and nuzzled him in hope he would cope with this information. But I knew that would only happen in my dreams

Stoick started to talk. My heart was beating out of my chest on how he would react. "Hiccup, I have some… news for yew. The healer came by today. He umm…. Said ye have a year left."

Gobber saw that Stoick was having a hard time and finished it for him. "If we want you to survive this than we have to do the most horrible thing imaginable. Either you or me have to kill Toothless, Stoick, and Astrid. I'm so sorry."

Hiccup had a look of utter horror on his face. I knew of another cure. I turn him into a dragon. My parents were originally humans but drank a night fury's tear. They later had me. I can talk but that scares everyone and it hurts so I don't. But I had to tell them.

I opened my mouth and for the first time in years, rusty words came out of my mouth. "I know of another cure" Everyone looked at me puzzled.

"And now I'm hallucinating. Great." My trainer always finds some way to lighten everyone's moods but now you could tell the pure shock and sadness by how soft his words were.

"Trainer. I'm sorry I didn't let you know I could speak. But I didn't want to frighten you. I haven't spoken for 100 or so years. But back to my point. The cure involves something only I can give to you. A tear of the night fury. I'm the last one.

"But there's a catch. You will be no longer mortal. You will become a night fury. It is a slow and painful process but it will cure your illness. When you talk for a while you slowly turn human again but it goes away quickly. Please don't decide lightly. You can live forever if no one kills you. You will most likely be able to watch everyone you know and love die. There is no known cure for becoming a night fury. Night fury's are the only ones able to speak. I personally don't like the way it feels. Your decision"

I forgot how it felt to speak. How cold air fills your mouth when you get enough air to speak. How everyone looks at you as if they themselves are crazy. Hopefully I won't have to talk to young trainer that often.

Stoick said in a booming laugh, "Ah, Toothless that feeling goes away once you get used to it! I had a great uncle who wouldn't speak and that was his problem. I think that 'Trainer' here won't mind if you choose not to though."

I was slightly shocked "I would still rather have my part in this conversation kept private. I don't like everyone finding it out of place for me to be talking"

Already Stoick and Gobber could see me forming into a human. Slowly and scale by scale but all they could see was my head morphing into a human shape.

"There are many disadvantages. I'll let you decide. If you want to stay human for around a year then it will be painful during your illness. If you choose it now your illness would be over. If you don't mind I'm going to hide now before I turn human. Since I was born from two night furies that weren't already night furies, I still will have my wings. They are shorter though. I don't want you guys to see. Be. Back. Soon. Bye!"

I ran. I didn't want them to see my human form. I only turned once those 100 years ago when I had tried to see if my parents were alive and then giving up. They weren't. I had turned that night. I had black, fluffy, short hair. It was around hiccup's length but longer. You couldn't notice though because it went every which way. I was pale white. Probably due to my sadness. I had tears everywhere. Seems like it's easier to hide your tears as a dragon. My eyes were a foggy yellow-green which I could tell by the lake nearby. By quickly I had meant a day. We live for so long we don't see the point of going through pain every day so we could become human. It was one of the curses of being a night fury.

It was too late. I looked for anything nearby for clothing. I was in Hiccup's room. I ran over to the bed. I collapsed and got tangled in the sheets. I really wasn't used to my human form. Stoick and Gobber went into Hiccup's room and saw me tangled in the sheets on the ground. I looked up to them. I heard them laughing.

Stoick decided to ask Hiccup if I could borrow some clothes after I told him how long it would last. I heard a small and rusty 'okay'. Strange. Usually I can hear every little breath for the next mile. I guess this a curse of the humans.

Stoick came back and handed me an outfit of Trainer's that I have never seen him where before; probably because I looked younger than him. I couldn't tell the age of humans by looking at them though. I overheard Stoick whispering to Gobber that I looked like I was 7 and how it made sense that I sounded so young when I spoke.

I followed them back to Stoick's room. I could feel my face burning hot and when we walked past a shiny shield I saw my face was reddish. I remember Young Trainer telling me how it's called blushing. Strange.

When we reached Hiccup's dad's room, I heard Hiccup gasp at how young I was. Hiccup managed to form the words "Toothless, how old are you?"

"700 give or take. In night fury years that would be around, oh what, 7 years? Yeah that seems… right. Since night furies live the longest, we have the ages spread out the longest."


I decided to follow Stoick to meet up with the alchemist. Gobber was watching Hiccup at the time. I found it slightly awkward to be with Stoick by myself. Everyone was looking at me as if they couldn't understand why Stoick was bringing me across town when Hiccup was so sick. There was also the problem of my wings, too.

I even heard a few villagers talking to him.

"Stoick I can bring him to his mother or father if you want" I heard that one a lot. It upset me the most and I think they could tell by the way my eyes watered. Once it got so bad I shed a tear or two. Seeing how I was human I don't see how anyone would get turned. I had, as a human, the emotions and all that of a 7 year old.

Great. Another comment about the same thing. Stoick had decided on just brushing me along until we got there. I wiped my eyes on my sleeve and waked in. The alchemist was a woman with red hair tied off in a braid. At the time she was wearing her lab coat. She pointed me towards a Terrible Terror in the waiting area and I left, thinking about the horrible thing she had just done.

At least I didn't have my fire breathing skills right now. Otherwise she and the nuisance would be on the ground.

I decided to act like any other Viking and live with it. I did all the little dragon tricks the village knew and more. By the time Stoick was back, I had managed to completely massage the little chaotic dragon into sleeping peacefully.

Stoick had told me the best news that day "The alchemist has a potion that will turn night furies back into their human form. You will still have your wings, for example. So we can get ye and Hiccup into curing now."

I nodded.