"We're going to have to wait 'til tomorrow so you can turn back Toothless"

I started laughing at the alchemists face when she heard the name Toothless being told. I covered my mouth. I usually just think of how it's funny in my head or smile but I guess I'm just an average 7 year old at the time.

This time Stoick made sure my wings were hidden. I made sure he knew I didn't like it. I almost pounced on him before thinking about what form I was in.

I decided to go with it and followed him back. Glaring all the way, of course, but I was still walking with him.

Once again those comments. And again and again. I ran after it came to 50 times Stoick or I was asked about my parents. I had tears running down my face and people were asking what's wrong. Stoick was even yelling for me to come back. I hated running. It was slower than flying. I ran and walked a bit awkwardly. I wasn't used to this form at all.

I had made it to where no one was looking and uncovered my wings from the almost new leather jacket. I spread my wings. I hoped this would work without a tail.

It did.

I missed flying. I haven't flown since that avalanche. Hiccup was asleep for a week but that was when the effects started taking place. There was a week before that where Stoick had banned us from flying since he didn't want him getting any worse.

I got to Stoick's room and told Hiccup the news. He grinned. I could tell he had a terrible idea that somehow involved me. I was glad he didn't ask about the left over tear drops running down my face.

Stoick came running in the door asking for me to come down right that instant. I knew I shouldn't fly to him so I could wait less time before I had to talk about leaving him and why I was so upset whenever my parents are mentioned. I slowly walked down.

"Come here Toothless. Tell me, why did ye run off and why do yew not like it when someone brings up yer parents?

I shook my foot in half circles before I decided to tell him the truth.

"Because everyone were mentioning my parents and they wouldn't stop. They're… they're…" I had paused for a second then, in a very small and barely audible voice, I spoke.

"They're dead… The Purple Mistcloud had killed them in cold blood. He wanted to be the top dragon. But first he had to kill off the night furies. We were always higher than even the Red Death. That's why I never stole food from you guys. I had never given food to her. I always just help the other dragons by destroying things so they wouldn't get mad. Sorry 'bout that."

"Okay then Drag… Toothless. I think Hiccup wants you. I'm fairly sure he heard the whole thing."

I nodded and left. Man I hated speaking

When I came back, Gobber was there as well. At first they had looked pitiful but then came the mischievous glance. I flew right up to them.

"What is it?"

"Nothing Toothless, trust us."

I gave them a glare that meant I didn't. I heard a knock on the door and footsteps coming towards us.

It was Astrid. My wings were showing at the time. I smirked at her. I hope she will believe what Hiccup is about to say.

"Astrid. That is… Toothless. Apparently if he talks too much, then he will turn into a human. Only night furies can talk though so don't even try with Stormfly."

"Yea. Okay then. Is this true?"

I made a look that obviously meant that that was the most obvious question ever asked and said, "Yep. I am around 700 years old. In night fury years, we go by how many 100 years we are to determine our ages. So now I'm seven…"

I could tell she was confused. But then she asked the strangest question. "If Hiccup and Stoick are going to trade back rooms starting tonight, where will you sleep? I mean you can't breathe fire."

I looked over to Hiccup for an answer. Instead he whispered to Astrid who then grinned mischievously at me like Gobber earlier. Man, I'm scared of what their plan is.

I looked over to Astrid. "Toothless, we are going to make a bed for you now. Come on let's get it ready."

I nodded and followed her. We got extra wood. I was wondering why we would be making a new bed but I went along with it. We went to an extra room under the stairs that was never really used besides storage. We just moved the stuff over and started building the bed. After that we went to get a blanket.

I looked at my bed and wondered how that thin piece of cloth will keep me warm. I decided to go with it.

"Alright Toothless; just sleep there now. It's getting late."

I hopped in and waited for her to turn out the lights. Since I would be back in my true form, I made sure I wouldn't rip my clothes and wrapped myself up in the blankets.

I woke up the next morning feeling cold. I looked at myself. I was finally a dragon again. I must've slept long then. I went to their breakfast table and nodded to Stoick that I was ready to cure him.

Hiccup was lying down. I thought of my parents and cried. A tear landed in his mouth. He swallowed it. He had immediately started screaming.

After an hour, he was a dragon like me. I looked at him in his dragon form and ordered Stoick to give him the potion. For some strange reason looked over to Hiccup. I knew they were giving a silent agreement to do whatever they were going to start whatever they were planning.

I thought I heard them wrong. Nope. They had really asked if they would mind if I would stay human. I nodded. That meant the horrible curse of being a night fury was over. That was their big plan. No more night furies but I didn't care.

I took the potion at the same time Hiccup did. We were both alone in our rooms. We turned back. I got dressed as fast as I could.

Hiccup was cured. I was so happy! I went over and hugged him. I could still fly but we would still need to find Hiccup a dragon. But that could wait for later.