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It has been two weeks since we first had Sex, and we have had it again some many times after. One Wednesday, I didn't even get out of bed, because of how sore I was. Hikaru gave me my favorite flowers again and hand fed me my favorite chocolate kisses after stealing some of them.

It was Monday again, and we had just left our limo hand and hand. I was laughing as Hikaru was talking about what prank we should do on our lord. Hikaru was carrying our bag with his other hand, had it thrown over his shoulder.

As we are about to walk into the build, someone was walking the down the stair looking very confused. I stopped Hikaru from pulling us past him, "Can I help you sir?" Even though he is the high school uniform, I did not know if his name, he doesn't look familiar.

He turns to look at us, "Yes, I am lost; I do not know where my classroom is, because today is my first day here."

I blink at him, "Well then i think that we can help. What is your classroom number?" I asked as I pulled Hikaru with me so as to get closer to the boy, "I am Kaoru, and this Hikaru," I said when we are closer to him.

"I am Juliet, I know it' is a girl name, but I like going by it." He said as he held out his hand and blushing, I shake his hand, and then retake Hikaru's hand. He told his room number.

"I know what you mean, do not worry I won't make fun of you, but I cannot say anything about Hikaru." I said as I started to lead him to his room, which he shares with us "We have the same class; I know that desk in front of me just opened, so you might be sitting in front of me." Juliet looked surprised but nodded.

"Would you happen to know if there is a cooking club here?" Juliet asked just as we passed a guy, who knocked into Juliet, and the other boy almost fell onto me. Hikaru react faster than I thought he could and saved him front falling and sqishing me flat.

The guy turned around and saved Juliet as well, he blinked in loving awe, "What a beautiful face you have, you must have a lovely body to match. My name is Romeo."

"My name is Juliet," He shyly answered. Romeo gently pulled him back up into a standing position, his arms still lightly placed on his arms.

"Why have I never seen you around Juliet," Romeo asked, as Hikaru gently entangled our hands and lead us to our class room.

"You saved me from getting hurt, Hikaru," I said as we went into the room and he lead me to the window and sat me down with him standing between my legs.

"Of course, I will always save you. It was fate i guess, we helped Juliet and Romeo meet." He kissed me, and we made out till four minutes before classes started, and our fellow students started to come in. When Hikaru was pulling me to my seat, Romeo had dropped Juliet off, and Juliet was blushing. He sat in front of me.

"Hello Juliet, sorry we left you but we thought that you and Romeo would like to be alone." I said as Hikaru took his seat.

"It is alright," He said was he looked at me, "I got to meet my Romeo," He said dreamily. I got out my pencil and started to write down the eleven rules. My pencil still had the pumpkin on it. It made me smile, because it was from Hikaru.

I give Juliet the rules, "Give these to Romeo, tell him that if he wants to date he as to follow these rules. The Cooking Club meets every day at four. The Drama Club meets every day at five, if you are going to date Romeo you will have to know that. I am in the Host Club that meets right after school ends, for hosting we go into five sometimes six." I told him as he nods and looks over the rules I give him.

"These are smart rules thank you for them." He says while smiling at me.

We are half away through classes when the whole building started to shake, Hikaru dove for me, and was using his arms to cover my head, with both my hand already over my head. We are sitting under my desk. I look up when the shaking stops. A few minutes later, the classroom door slams open, Romeo panting for his breath and he runs to Juliet checking him over, "Are you alright my Juliet," Juliet nods and blush, as Romeo keeps checking him.

I look over as Hikaru begins checking me over, kissing me on the lips, every time something came out fine. I smile at him, and start to do the same once he saw I fine.

The teacher came out of her daze and orders us all out of the building just when I was checking Hikaru over.

We lead the way out of the build with Juliet and Romeo behind us. Once we got outside the class spilt up to talk with their friends has we head over the host club. I grad Juliet free head and lead him over to the host club.

"My lord, meet Juliet and Romeo," Tamaki looked back and forth even though I showed him with my hand who was who.

"Your names are really Romeo and Juliet," He asked as they nod their head. Tamaki drag one of Romeo's hand and Kyoya's hand and drag them off to talk about something.

I looked up at Hikaru, and kissed him, "Thank you for saving my life." I said when I pulled away.

"I will protect you with my life," He said, check off rule three: Protect them with your life. "By the way if Romeo every does something like that again, I will kill him." I laugh as I remember Romeo had almost hurt me, when he knocked into Juliet.

I kissed him again. My life really couldn't get any better. But doesn't that mean it can get worse, right. i shook my head at the thought as i felt Hikaru softly kiss my lips. i smile, yep, a perfect life.

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