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Warmth. Warmth was the first thing I felt as I became aware. The feeling of warmth rushing through me, consuming me in a blanket of safety, Strength, protection and love. Next thing I realize was the warmth disappearing, not completely but like it was moving away. That's when it hit me! It wasn't moving away I was. But why? I don't want to be taken away! It's not fair! Feeling aggravated and frustrated I tried to go back to my warmth. Suddenly a flow of calm entered me which made me instantly stop my struggling from surprise, where had this calm come from? It defiantly wasn't me. But none the less it calmed me down and I went willingly though a bit confused. Suddenly I was consumed in something, by the feel of it; it was something cold and hard but before I could find out what it was, darkness consumed me.

Waking up was quite interesting. The first thing I noticed was I could see! The next was the things I was seeing and it was like something was feeding me the information on what the things were.

Then i got this feeling I was being watched-which I was being- by a gigantic Mech. And that's where I am now, sitting on my hind legs so I can look ALL the way up to the Mech's face. Who is he? Tilting my head to my right side I summed him up. He was big, no! Huge! I must be microscopic to him but who is this Mech? He stood there emotionless and calmly wearing a red visor.

Wide curious optics met calm visor and we just stared at each other for I don't know how long, but it must have been a really long time and he didn't move once! Not a twitch! And I knew I should be scared of this Mech, he's huge, freakishly unmoving and silent as he stared back at me.

However all that on top of more I just couldn't help but feel a calm wash over me, the warmth from before, it's coming from him. So? I burst into giggles which stopped immediately once the sound pasted my jaw plating's. What was that sound? Clicking and chirping in wonder I listened to all the sounds I could make, Optics growing wider if that is even possible as I made all different sounds. After my sixth whistle I burst out into a fit of Giggles. Not stopping there i broke out into full laughter! What fun! These sounds, Amazing! Falling onto my back I rolled around in delight! I could feel amusement coming through a bond which only fuelled my laughter and giggles.

Finally I calmed down enough to look at the Mech, upside down. He still was unmoved but his Visor did look dimmer. Calm and relaxing emotions were sent through my Creators bond, it only took me a second to realize that this Mech was responsible for these emotions and that meant….. Surprise filled me.

This Mech was my creator. Understanding was sent through the bond, trickled by amusement. Warily I prodded the bond only to get a prod back. Cautiously I called through the bond *Hello. Is any-bot there?* I asked, there was a pause and then a voice spoke out *designation : Soundwave* the voice sent through, it was cold and emotionless and yet strangely calming, like something said I should trust this voice. Grinning at the silent Mech I prodded the bond again and again and got a trickle of amusement each time.

Suddenly the Mech straightened up more stiffly and seriousness filtered through the bond making me stop my giggling and prodding. Carefully Soundwave reached down plucking me off the ground and placed me into his large servos before he turned around and started walking.

Not caring where we were going I curled up next to his thumb "do not recharge" Soundwaves voice spoke. Feeling annoyed I clicked irritably at him but complied and stayed awake. Soon we arrived at some large dark doors which my creator stopped outside for a moment before they opened with a swishing sound.

Walking through the doors were fun and when they swished shut again I tried to look over Soundwaves thumb to see, however Soundwaves thumb was too big and since I couldn't walk yet I had to stay where I was.

Looking forward I realized we weren't alone; in fact there were a few other Mech in here. One that sat on a throne and was watching me silently, I could see all the gears running through his processor as he watched me.

Then he spoke "so this is the newly sparked sparkling?" The Mech asked as he took his optics off of me and addressed my Creator "yes lord Megatron" Soundwave replied in his same monotone voice "I see. Femme it seems" this Megatron spoke, annoyance seeping out as he looked back down at me. I studied him, he looked scary but something was very fascinating about this Mech, something that I don't understand lays in his red optics. I just noticed that he was looking at me too, locking optics.

We just stared at each other, unknown for how long. Those Optics were…..strangely pleasant, I think…I think I'm going to like this Mech.

A low grumbled voice broke my concentration and I looked over to another Mech who was quite big, he was standing with three others and was the closes to the Megatron mech. He stood tall and proud but had a scowl on his face as he looked at Megatron, he was a dull silver colour and seemed to have wings?

The other two by his side had quite the same appearance except they were different colours. One was purple and grey and the other blue and grey and they also stood tall and proud with their wings held high. I was lost in thought about how much the other two looked alike to the third Mech I didn't notice the heated conversation that had taken place between Megatron and the dull silver Mech until I heard a loud 'CLANG' "Shut your mouth star-scream" Megatron hissed as he loomed over the dull Silver Mech named Star-scream "y-yes my lord. I d-didn't mean any disrespect" Star-scream stutters out, wings held back ready encase Megatron hit him again.

I didn't understand what was going on! Why did Megatron hit Star-scream and what did Star-scream do to make Megatron so mad? But before I could ask Megatron was right in front of me! I let out a small squeak at how fast he moved across the room "Sound-wave? What is the sparkling's designation?" Megatron asked as he looked down at me in my creators servos "furnace" Sound-waves monotone voice spoke.

I was thrilled, I had a designation! Furnace, Furnace! Strange but- NO! I like it! I like it a lot. I sent my approval through the bond which seemed to please sound-wave.

Time pasted which I kept myself busy by playing with Sound-waves claw. This whole time Megatron and creator have been discussing stuff, stuff I don't really understand because half the time Sound-wave stops translating what they are saying but I'm not worried and could really careless. The only thing that is bothering me is how long this is taking! I want to recharge and this is taking forever. *it's been 15 minutes, 36 seconds and 455 milli-seconds* Sound-waves voice fills my head. Gasping quietly I look up to glare at my creator *that sooooo long! I want to recharge* I whine and growl out as my glare intensifies as Sound-wave ignores me.

"When will you activate the decepticon coding within her?" Megatron asks impatiently as he watches the sparkling "Decepticon coding activation: 4-7 months" Sound-wave answered as he looked down from his leader to his servo.

Megatron turned swiftly back to his throne "I want her trained as soon as she can walk properly and she is not to be by herself at all. I won't give the autobot-scum a chance to get their servos on her" Megatron said as he sat back down on his throne. Megatron Looked back down at the sparkling in Sound-waves servos "is everything prepared?" Megatron asked as he scanned the room. His optics landing on a mech that's been hanging back in the dark of the room.

The Mech's one optic focused on the sparkling "all the decepitcons have been informed about the sparkling, I am still working on the fire formula that you have requested, Lord Megatron. A test should be along in approximately one Orn." Shock-wave finished, his focus still on the slowly drowsing sparkling.

Megatron nodded to his helm at the scientist "very well shock-wave. If there's nothing more?...this meeting is over" Megatron ordered.

I looked up at Sound-wave as soon as he left the room *where we going now?* I asked over the bond *my quarters* Sound-wave sent back as he walk down the long hall way. Once we entered his quarters he lifted me up to his chest level "recharge Furnace…." he said as his chest plates separated. He sounded uncomfortable or unsure when he said that but I just shrugged it off as he placed be inside. I curled up next to his warm spark as I slowly fell into recharge. Everything was quiet and the last thing I remember hearing was a soft murmur through the creators bond *sweet-spark*.

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