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CHAPTER 5-Upgrade

Hiding. Can't let them find me! This way? No that way. These thought swirled around my processor as I sneaked down the cold grey halls. Rumble- my spark brother- was supposed to be spark sitting me; however he got a little….tied up. It's been –in human time-two months since my adventure and during that time I've been trying to find my true love, Knockout.

These months have been delightful, well most of them. I have met my other spark brother frenzy but he couldn't stay very long and had to go with a black and white mech named Barricade to do a job. I miss him, but Opi says I can see him again in another two months! I can't wait till then! Oh and I've learnt soooo much about earth and its inhabitants. It's remarkable! I love finding more information about it, though I have to keep it secret since Opi doesn't like me talking about it, I wonder why? I don't find anything wrong with it except for the organics, they are a bit gross with their bodily fluids and fuel- it's so yucky.

I've learnt to walk. I can walk 5-7 steps without falling down. But anymore and my legs start to shake, hurt and I fall down.

Turning down another hall I slip into a crack just small enough for me though it's a bit of a squeeze. Vibrations of a Mechs thudding footsteps tell me some-bot is coming, I can't let them find me! I have to find my Knockout-strangely he always disappears whenever I'm around-Breakdown just says he's really busy.

Sticking my head slightly out of the small crack I watch as the big Mech walks past. Isn't he the mech I met a Deca-cycle-(3 weeks)- when Opi took me for my first bath? The one that got punched in the face by Skywarp for almost stepping on me.

Watching the mech turn the corner I came down from, i silently as possible wriggled my body out of the tight crack, being mindful of my delicate wings, and then I turned around to walk towards the medical bay

At least, I would have if I hadn't walked straight into a metal chest.

Looking up slowly i see the face of an annoyed Ravage. "Hey 'ig 'other" I clicked and whistled as I take a step away from his chest.

I now come just up to Ravages chest and my speech has formed so I can say most words though I am terrible with B's and S's.

"what are you doing out here?" Ravage growls as he looks around.

I shrug slightly "Rum oring and, and he did ant want ta p-play" I whine pitifully. It's not fair, I wanted to go find my sweet knockout and explore! Everyone else gets to but me! "That idiot" Ravage hissed.

Suddenly soft thud vibrations could be felt indicating that some Mechs were coming "come on" Ravage growled as he picked me up with his strong jaws by my scruff bar and started racing back down the halls.

I giggled and shrilled as we raced around and in-between Mechs peds. My giggles died down once as we came to a stop, however it wasn't at our quarters, it was Shock-waves lab.

I hated Shockwave or anything to do with him! He scares me and tinkers with my frame- which does hurt!- but everyone keeps saying it's for my own good. *i-I don't want to visit Shock-wave* I wail down my bond with Ravage as he walks towards the doors *but Furnace, Shockwave has a gift for you. And don't worry Soundwave and I will be present* Ravage's soothingly sweet reply calmed me a bit as we entered the lab.

He jumped to one of the berths on the other side from Soundwave. I saw Soundwave standing with Megatron and Starscream-who looked slightly interested with whatever they were discussing. Normally when Starscream came he looked annoyed and bored out of his processor but today he looked interested.

Looking around I eyed all the sharp demented tools and machines in the grey cemented lab. Every time I come here Shockwave changes or adds things to my frame. Last time it was these weird sensors on my wings and that hurt for days.

Nervously i sent a pulse of love and worry down my bond to my creator. Opi didn't move an inch my way as he listened to Lord Megatron, but he sent back Courage and love.

The instant Shockwave walked in my wings started quivering and I crouched low to the berth. My plates shifted slightly which showed my unease.

Ravage was lying down next to me, trying to comfort me the best he can in front of Lord Megatron. Strangely Megatron doesn't like any of my brothers or my Opi to show me any kind of affection in his presents. Something about "love is a weakness" and "we are Decepticon! We don't show weakness", but besides that Lord Megatron's cool.

He always tells me about stories of Cybertron, what he and the Decepticon cause is and how those evil Auto-bots have tried to harm my family just because my family wants to bring peace and that's what Megatron tells me I'm here for, to help defeat the Autobots as Megatrons new weapon and bring a glorious ending to this war...….if I can?

Suddenly I'm snapped out of my mussing as Shockwave spoke "My Lord" Shockwave says as he bows to Megatron. I watched and listened as best as I could but after a while my processor began to wander…..

"The liquid fire is ready for testing" Shock-waves cold voice said. He received a nod from Megatron before pulling out a small metal test tube filled with some heated red and orange substance from his sub-space. "This tube is made out of the same rare metal that Furnace's frame contains." Shockwave said as he moves past Megatron to some poor mechs servo that lies on a table.

Meagtron, Soundwave and Starscream followed the stoic Mech "the liquid fire in this Tube contains approximately 7 thousand nanites. Add the Liquid Fire to this Mech's Servo…" Shockwave took off the lid of the tube and began to pour the strangely light liquid onto the hand.

Everyone- excluding Furnace and Ravage- watched as the liquid fire fell onto the servo before bursting out into wild flames of orange, reds and pinks. "Once the liquid fire is released into the air it evaporates to spread out the nanites. CO2 (Carbon-dioxide) alights the liquid fire. Oxygen fuel's the fire and the nanites, while heating the nanites to maximum point (2010 C) with the help of the Liquid substance HHX." Shockwave explained as he watched the liquid flames devour the servo like acid.

Shockwave looked away to his Lord "the nanites slowly eat away at the melting metal where it's been hit until there is nothing left." Shockwave said calmly to his Lord.

Lord Megatron had a tiny smile on his face as he watched the fire greedily consume the hand. The flames reflection danced in his tainted red gaze before he nodded his head in approval "well done Shockwave. When will the femme be ready for the formula?" Meagtron asked still looking at the melted hand which now looked like some abstract art piece.

"The femme needs more of the 7HHXq1 – metal on her frame to hold larger quantities of the liquid fire." Shockwave replied as he cleaned away the now settled fire and the remainder of the servo.

"I want you to work on the femme. Everything that we've been discussing for the weapon I want, I want it accomplished in the next 3 Orns" Megatron ordered stonily.

Shockwave nodded and began preparing everything for the operation "Soundwave stay here and keep the sparkling calm and record everything." Megatron order as he looked from Soundwave to the sparkling.

Soundwave was watching Shockwave closely "affirmative Lord Megatron" he answered, not missing a beat.

Shockwave turned to address the third in command "the operation should take 10 megacycles (10 hours)" Shockwave stated before turning back to his work.

Soundwave looked across the room catching optics with Ravage. With a single nod Ravage picked Furnace up by her scruff bar and leapt over to the berth next to Sound-wave just as Shockwave pulled out a long needle containing a blue substance. He looked down at the sparkling in Ravages Jaws, his optic glittered with excitement but his face stayed neutral.

Furnace watched the needle with wide panicking optics as Shock-wave brought it out, the only thought going through her processor was 'no, no, no not again!'.

Her armour bristled and her wings flared to make her look larger but still Shockwave advanced forward, bringing the needle closer.

A threatening growl was released from her vocal cords making Soundwaves on edge *Furnace: submit* Soundwaves voice ordered as he sent emotions of calmness and courage through the bond. Furnace though warily let Shockwave inject her with the blue fluid; she knew she could trust her Opi.

Slowly the effect of the Blue drug started to appear. Her vision was getting fuzzy and black dots began to appear, noise was disappearing and soon she found herself falling onto the berth and into unconsciousness.

Soundwave stood off to the side letting the scientist work on his newest creation. Though he might look calm out-side, he was a slight mess on the inside. He didn't trust Shockwave and having him work on his creation was…..worrying, it made him very uncomfortable.

During the operation Soundwave watched as Shockwave placed more sensor's on Furnace's spine from the top of her head to the tip of her tail. Adding more 7HHXq1x – metal to her armour was the next step as well as Bending and twisting the metal of the armour for protection. Adding the weapons was next, at the end of her tail was now placed a razor sharp spade/heart end.

Shockwave worked from the tail up, making sure that his lord's weapon was at its best. Unfortunately for Shockwave he had to follow the rules that Megatron ordered and not tinker to much with the new sparkling, especially since it was Sound-waves and said creator was watching his every-move. But a patient Mech can wait.

Finishing with the weapons Shockwave moved to his work station to fetch the liquid fire. Opening the sparkling's chest Compartment, he cautiously started to attach the combustible formula tank below the sparkling's spark chamber.

Finishing with the empty tank he picked up the liquid fire and turned to Soundwave "The sparkling will need to digest double the quantity of Energon it would normally require. This will ensure the fire will not extinguish or run out" Shockwave voiced dryly before turning back to the sparkling and adding the formula.

Without looking up he added "I will have to add some programming and coding on a later date so the sparkling can understand how to use the formula" and with that said Shock-wave began closing the tank and sparkling's chest.

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