Hullo guys! If you've read "It's a Wonderful Life," this is kind of a continuation, only it involves the rest of the main Shugo Chara characters with their children! I enjoyed coming up with their names and I'll certainly enjoy introducing them one by one! I hope you'll enjoy this, too!

I do not own Shugo Chara! or the characters (except for the ones I made up); copyright belongs to Peach Pit.

NOTE: The timeline is July 2028, five years after "It's a Wonderful Life."

Chirp, chirp…

…Sunshine filtered in through the window as the curtains were being drawn. The sudden sunlight disturbed the person in bed next to the window (who was without blankets) and made him squeeze his eyes shut.

A moment or two later, the same person who drew the curtains was shaking the trying-to-sleep-but-failing boy.

"Nii-chan! Akito-nii-chan! Wake up!"

Eleven-year-old Akito moaned and covered his golden eyes with the back of his wrist. "Just a few more minutes, Miu…"

Miu, his younger sister, did not comply. "No! You have to come down and help set up for the get-together party, remember?" She determinedly set to work on getting her brother up by taking his right arm and tugging it gently. Akito, seeing that getting the wanted sleep was useless, sighed and sat up in bed.

With a triumphant look on her eight-year-old face, Miu reminded Akito excitedly, "I'm so excited for this afternoon! I get to meet Mama's friends from elementary school! And there will be girls my age!" she smiled brightly at the thought.

Akito, despite his annoyance in being woken up so suddenly, smiled at Miu's excitement. Sometimes there are just some people whose happiness is contagious.

He yawned and stretched as he asked Miu, "Are Kiku and Ai up yet?"

"Yep! Everybody's up except you, Akito!" she smiled knowingly, her dark blue eyes shining. "But I suppose I can't blame you for that since you were up pretty late helping Mama with the food."

Akito nodded and yawned again as he ran a hand through his dark blue hair, which he inherited from his father. His parents and their friends have been planning a get-together party for months. He had been looking forward to the party and couldn't wait until it got here. Now that today is the assigned date for the party, July 22nd, 2028, Akito remembered his previous excitement before and gained energy from it. Suddenly he wanted to do anything he could do to help.

He jumped out of bed with an exciting fire dancing in his eyes. Miu, startled by the sudden action, stepped back and remarked, "So nii-chan is all up and energized, huh? I guess my work here is done!" she gave an accomplished smile and pranced out of Akito's room, her pink hair bouncing on her shoulders.

Akito felt so excited that he didn't know what to do first. When he got his brain organized, he bounded toward his drawer and flung out his change of clothes. The somewhat loud ruckus made one small person peep out of their bed sleepily.

"What are you doing, Akito?..." he said while yawning and rubbing his eyes. He was holding open what seemed to be half of an eggshell.

Akito, half-changing into his clothes, glanced excitedly at his guardian character (yes, the very creatures Akito was so curious about!). "Don't you remember, Hakase?! Today's the get-together party with all of Mama's friends from elementary school! And I gotta help downstairs to set it up!" He stumbled over some furniture while he was getting ready.

Hakase sighed. "You're energetic, as usual…" he stepped out of his eggshell, which had a blue color with a pair of glasses and a beaker on it. Hakase had messy blue hair and had smart-looking glasses on, which covered green eyes. He was wearing an unbuttoned white lab coat, a dark blue shirt underneath it, black pants, and black shoes. He also had a beaker in his right hand, giving him the look of a scientist.

While Akito was still rummaging and making a mess, Hakase went over to the other egg, which was red and had two hands on it, and knocked, saying, "Tetsu, you'd better get up. Akito is really energetic this morning."

The egg opened and revealed a sleepy face. When he saw what Hakase was saying was true, he lifted up the top eggshell and got out. Tetsu stretched his little body and yawned, all the while staring horrifyingly at the mess Akito made. Hakase grinned at his nicely-combed red-haired, yellow-eyed partner, who was wearing a short-sleeved dark red shirt, casual black jeans and sneakers, and a white apron. He also had two hands stuck together on his head as his symbol.

Tetsu could no longer tolerate Akito's messiness. "Akito-kun! What do you think you're doing?!" he flew over to Akito, frantically trying to get his attention.

By that time, fortunately, Akito was already dressed and pretty much was done making a racket. He turned over to Tetsu, nonchalantly saying, "Why, I'm getting dressed, of course."

"That's not what I mean!" Tetsu exclaimed, flailing his arms and growing crazy at the sight of the messy room, even getting his neatly-combed hair slightly messy. "Why are you making such a mess?!"

Akito surveyed his room, suddenly realizing what his excitement had done. He looked over at Tetsu again with a sympathizing look. "I'm sorry, Tetsu. I know how much you hate disorder and messiness."

The red-haired chara gave him an eyebrow raise. "Well, I'll accept your apology. But you must clean this up!"

"Ehh?" Akito drew out disagreeably. The mess was quite like a tornado went through his room. "But I have to help Mama and the others downstairs!"

Tetsu grinned no-problem like. "Then we must clean up faster. Chara Change!"

Akito's hair became neat, as it was messy before, and two hands stuck together appeared on his head.

"Clean-Up Time!" Tetsu ordered promptly.

Akito saw the mess he made and immediately set to work, quickly but set everything neatly. Everything got done in less than a minute.

Then Akito went back to normal, his hair in the slightly-messy mode.

Tetsu sighed at his disordered hair. "You can't go downstairs like that. Here, let me comb," and, with that, there appeared out of his big apron pocket a red comb large enough for Akito's head. Even though Tetsu is small, he's very strong. He began to comb Akito's hair and in a moment was done. Tetsu smiled proudly at his work and put the comb back into his apron pocket (which can fit almost anything in there, even if it's too big for the pocket).

"Thanks, Tetsu. I guess I should be more neat and organized like you, huh?" Akito smiled appreciatively. Tetsu smiled back, blushing a bit. Then Akito was out the door, going to help his mother and sisters.

Tetsu flew back to where Hakase was sitting the whole time and sat down on the edge of the desk. Hakase had been leaning back against his egg, hands behind his head, amusingly watching the scene that occurred before him.

"You know, I think you're too strict with Akito sometimes."

Tetsu shrugged. "If Akito-kun wants to be a neat and organized person, he's just gotta learn how to get rid of his messy habits, and sometimes that takes strict instructing to do." He shot a glance at Hakase. "Sometimes I wonder if he gets his messy habits from you…" he said, looking at Hakase's hair with disapproval.

Hakase burst out laughing. "My hair has always been like this. Even if I comb it, it'll get messy again because I'm always doing science experiments. So what's the point?"

Tetsu sighed and smiled in spite of himself. "I suppose we really are opposites. You're messy, and I'm tidy. It's like a contradiction, almost. But you were born out of Akito's desire to be a scientist, not to be messy. But because he's messy, he desired to be more neat and organized, and also to be helpful to others."

Hakase nodded contentedly. "Mm-hmm," he said, standing up and stretching himself. "I suppose we ought to go downstairs now," he remarked, looking over at Tetsu who was already flying to the door.

That's it for now! Be patient for me as I write the next chapter because it might take a while to think up! I hope the story sounds good so far? :)