Fowls and Foxes: The Lab

A boy walked into shop, looking up at all the merchandise. As he looked up at a tomato, the shop's owner walked up to the boy.

"Scram, Demon!" He said, with a broom in hand. When the boy looked up at him in confusion, the shop owner started hitting the boy with the broom. The boy ran out, the shopkeeper close behind him. Nearby, some drunken Chuunin were walking down the street, when the boy sped by.

"Hey look," one of them said. "It's that demon brat, Naruto." he hiccupped, and smashed his sake bottle on a nearby post. They ran after Naruto. The other ones did said action. Naruto ran down an alleyway, hoping to escape the shopkeeper and then 3 drunken people with smashed bottles. He made another sharp turn around a small passage, and there was a vent into a building. it looked abandoned. Looking behind and seeing the shopkeeper turning the corner, he crawled into the vent, hoping for safety. Inside he was awed. There was an elaborate lab inside. He looked up at a machine, and curiously, pushed a button. Naruto was lifted into the air by his floppy blond mop that you could call hair. The claw that picked him up put him in a glowing clear tube. Naruto was struggling, but when he was put in the machine, he stopped struggling, giving up. A mask was hooked up to his mouth, and the machine filled up with a red liquid.

XoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXo Xo

Hinata Hyuuga saw somebody run by. By his floppy blond hair, she could tell it was her crush, Naruto. Then, some drunken Ninja pushed her out of the way, making her 7 year old body fall to the ground. Against her better will, she decided to follow Naruto and the shinobi down the alleyway they went. The young hyuuga saw the 3 Chuunin walked out of the alleyway, too drunk to see anything. They passed out. There was a shopkeeper also, but he gave up later. As the shopkeeper walked out of the alley way, Hinata did some handsigns.

"Byakugan!" She said, searching around for Naruto. She saw him the lab. She crawled into the vent that Naruto crawled into earlier. She crawled out of the vent, and her Pale Lavender eyes saw Naruto in the tube. The claw saw her as well, and picked her up. Hinata screamed. The same thing that happened to Naruto happened to Hinata, except the tube filled up with green liquid.

In the Mindscape of Naruto's.

Naruto woke up in a sewer system. He sighed.

"They put me in a sewer this time?" He wondered. He decided to find a way out. He walked down the path a little while, until he found a huge cage. Inside was a girl. It looked like she was crying.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked, running up beside her.

"I-I'm sorry." She choked out between sobs,

"Sorry about what?" Naruto replied, worried.

"I was the one…. Tha-that caused you all this pain. This… suffering."

"What is your name? And why are you in the sewers?"

The girl thought about it for a moment, until she answered. "I am the Kyuubi….. And I'm inside you."

Since Naruto was hugging Kyuubi at the time, his jaw gaped. "You mean the Demon Fox that attacked Konoha seven years ago?" Kyuubi nodded. Thought after thought were rushing through Naruto's mind, until someone spoke behind them.

"Hey, I'm here too….."

Naruto and Kyuubi looked, and saw a strange creature. It was a bipedal bird thing. It had feathered legs that were red and turned yellow as it hit the feet. It had talons as hands, and had pale teal feathers that looked like hair. There was also 'V' shaped horns on its red head.

"…..what are you?" Naruto asked.

"My Name is Blaziken." He said in a monotone voice. "What's happening right now is that my DNA is being fused with yours. Very long ago, there was somebody named Ben Oak. Ben was a professer that studied Creatures like me. I'm a Pokémon. There was over 600 Pokémon discovered at the time. I am a fire and fighting type. So that means you will have the traits of a Fire and fighting types, and also you are able to use Fire type jutsu. You will also be a Taijutsu Prodigy."

Kyuubi looked up. "But does that me-mean that Naruto's DNA will be completely changed?"

"Bingo." Blaziken said with a blank expression. Naruto was still rubbing Kyuubi's back, but then realized something. He was not rubbing cloth, but bare skin, meaning that Kyuubi was naked.

"AAAAAH, KYUUBI-CHAN," he yelled. "WHY ARE YOU NAKED!?" Kyuubi laughed, while Blaziken chuckled.

"I guess I never got any clothing." She said, finally done laughing.

"But anyways, you're going to school tomorrow, right?" Blaziken asked.

"Um, ya. It's my first day. "Naruto responded.

"I guess I'm going to teach you a Pokémon 'Jutsu'." Blaziken breathed in, and when he breathed out, small burning wood came out. "This is a move called Ember."

"Whoa!" Naruto said. "That's cool." So Blaziken explained the basics of the fire type moves, and all night, Naruto worked on Ember. Little did Naruto know, that the Saidaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, found Naruto and Hinata, and took them to the Hospital.

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