Fowls and Foxes: Time skips and Teams.

After the Academy was done, Naruto was having a heated conversation with Blaziken and Kyuubi.

"I told you, you're going to do your homework."

"But Kyuu-Chan, I don't want to. You could just train me to do really awesome Jutsu."

"Kid, as much as I hate to admit it, you have to learn to use Chakra and Aura." Blaziken interjected. "We can't cause suspicion that I'm inside you." He smirked. "And besides, you cannot use chakra if you can't control it, right?"

Naruto sighed in defeat. "Okay Blaze-Tou-san, I will work on chakra control." Blaziken grunted in reply.

As Naruto walked home, he saw Hinata and branch house Hyuuga. Naruto smiled.
"Hinata-Chan!" Naruto yelled, running towards the two Hyuuga. "How are you?!" Hinata was blushing.

"Hinata, talk." Sceptile, Hinata's tenant, said to Hinata.

"H-Hi Na-Naruto –Ku-Kun." She Stuttered. Naruto leaned against a nearby wall.

"You know, you really need to stop stuttering." He responded casually.

"Sorr-sorry." She responded.

"Kit, c'mon, we have to go. The branch house Hyuuga is looking at us oddly." Kyuubi interjected.

"Okay, Kyuu-Chan." Naruto nodded, turning to Hinata. "I have to go Hinata, bye." He ran off towards the Academy student Training Grounds. When he arrived he saw a girl. She had brown hair tied into two buns, and chocolate brown eyes. She was wearing a pink Japanese styled shirt, and blue shinobi pants.

'Sh-she beautiful….." Naruto mumbled barely audible. The girl's ear twitched and she turned around.

Tenten's POV

As I was Training, I heard footsteps behind me. I decided to ignore them, but they kept coming closer. When they entered the training grounds, my peripheral vision looked at him. He looked around 6 or seven, but that was the only normal part about him. He had orange skin, cerulean blue eyes, and whisker marks on his cheeks. He also had an orange feather coming out of his blond hair.

He was staring at me, and I felt uncomfortable. When I heard a barely audible whisper of "she's beautiful," I blushed.

Third POV

Naruto saw Tenten blush. He blushed as well. When Tenten stopped blushing, she started walking towards Naruto. Naruto grinned cheekily.

"This is the academy student training, grounds, you know." Tenten scolded Naruto.

"Today was my first day!" Naruto said, pointing at his chest with his thumb.

"Is that so?" Tenten asked.

"Yep! Today I've come to train Chakra control." Tenten felt Nostalgic when she was young and first entered the academy. She grinned.

"I guess I'll help you then." Tenten said. Naruto's face lit up.

"Really?!" Naruto asked. Tenten nodded. "Alright Tenten-Sensei!"

Seven Years Later.

A 13 year old Naruto walked into the academy for the graduation exam. He remembered all the training he got from Kyuubi, Blaziken, and Tenten. He now had a muscular build. He was wearing a black sweat shirt, with fox on the front. He had a custom made vest with a Blaziken on the back. He also was wearing a pair of black shinobi pants, and goggles. He walked into the classroom, and sat beside Hinata. Lately, Naruto and Hinata's relationship has escalated. Naruto was smart, but was still too thick skulled to see Hinata's feelings for him. They were very good friends though.

Iruka, the academy teacher, walked into the room.

"Okay kids, today is a very special day." Iruka said. "Today is the day you get tested if you can become Shinobi of the Hidden Leave. Today you will….." Iruka continued his try you're best to graduate speech. As Iruka spoke, Naruto leaned over to Hinata.

"Hey, Hinata-Chan," Naruto whispered. "We got this."

"Yes, Naruto-kun. We do have this." She whispered back. Naruto grinned as Iruka finished and handed the written tests out.

At the front of the classroom, Mizuki grinned as he casted a Genjutsu on Naruto's paper.

"Finally, everything's coming into place." He whispered. "Very soon, Orochimaru-Sama, very soon….."

"Naruto," Kyuubi said inside "There's a Genjutsu on your Paper. You may want to break it." Naruto nodded. He put his hands together in a ram seal.

"Kai!" He said, making the Genjutsu fade away, revealing the real questions. He blinked, and laughed out loud. Iruka looked at him oddly.

"Naruto, what's so funny?" he asked in a demanding tone. Everyone in the class was sweat dropping.

"Ahaha….These questions are so easy. Any Ninja that could pass these would be mediocre at best." He laughed again. "I hope the next tests are harder." He then scribbled down the answers in a matter of seconds. Hinata looked over at Naruto.

"That was fast." She whispered.

"I'm good with tests." He responded simply. After a half an hour, Iruka looked at the clock.

"Okay everyone, time's up." He told the class. "The next test will take place outside. First, we will have a Kunai and Shuriken test, and then a one on one battle between classmates." Naruto grinned at this.

"Good, I have not had a good battle since that one time with Tenten-Sensei…"

*Flashback Time*

"Naruto-Kun," A newly made Genin Tenten said. "Today is the final day I can teach you, as I just became Genin, and Shinobi laws state that a Shinobi cannot teach any Non-Shinobi in Ninja arts, except if you have permission from you're Kage."

"Aww, But Tenten-Sensei, who will teach me?" Naruto complained.

"I don't know, but you should think of something." Tenten said, before grinning. "It's time for your final test. We will do something that no person have succeeded in doing…"

"What is that?" Naruto asked curiously.

"We will take Anko Mitarashi's Dango!"

*Flashback end*

Blaziken let out a throaty chuckle. "I remember that, you couldn't feel your legs for a week, you ran so fast."

Naruto shuddered. "Yeah, it was worse than that one time you made me kick logs for a day to practice double kick." A few minutes later, they arrived in the Academy's training ground. Iruka started calling names. Shino was first, starting off good with an eight out of ten. Choji Akimichi did well with a seven out of ten, followed by Sakura Haruno, who barely passed with five out of ten. Shikamaru Nara got Six, a passing mark. Kiba Inuzuka got Seven out of Ten. Hinata got a Stunning 8 with her Byakugan. Ino Yamanaka just passed with five as well. Iruka called the next name.

"Sasuke Uchiha." He sighed. Many Fan girl shrieks later, Sasuke flaunted up to the throwing course. He took his position. He threw his Kunai, with nine out of ten.

"Humph, Beat that, Dobe." Sasuke said to Naruto as he walked away from the throwing field. Naruto sighed, and turned to Iruka. "Iruka-Sensei, am I able to move the targets where ever I want?" Naruto asked. Iruka shrugged.

"Sure, I don't see why not?" He responded. Naruto moved the targets behind multiple trees. He inwardly grinned.

"Time to show these shinobi wannabes what it's all about." He said as he jumped into the ait, twisting his body as he threw some Kunai. They hit dead center. He then used the tree walking technique to stick to a tree, throwing more in the center. He finally used Chakra to jump higher, and brought some fire Aura into his last Kunai, shooting it at a tree with the same concept as Flame Burst. It flew into a tree, buzzing right through it like a knife in hot butter. It hit the Target in the bull's eye. He walked over to Iruka.

"So, Iruka-Sensei, how did I do?" He asked simply as the Fan girls shouted for his death, saying that he cheated. Iruka's mouth was agape. He shook it.

"Ten out of ten for one Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka said with a smirk as they walked to the sparring grounds. "Alright, the first fight will be…"

"Dobe, fight me!" Sasuke said.

"Sasuke, I set up the battles perfectly for the best one on one fight, and-"

"Let 'em, Iruka." Mizuki said with a smirk. "We can see how they fair against each other." Iruka just sighed, and waved his hand, signalling that it's OK.

"Hey, Sasuke, loser is dead last." Naruto said as he walked beside Sasuke.

"Sure thing, Dobe." Sasuke said with a smirk. They arrived at the Sparring grounds. Sasuke took the Uchiha interceptor fist, and Naruto took The Blaziken Fowl Dance. A shout of "Begin" from Iruka and Sasuke shot forward. Naruto just stood his ground as Sasuke threw a punch at him. Right before it hit, he ducked, before hitting Sasuke's stomach with a claw shaped hand. As Sasuke gasped, Naruto grabbed Sasuke and smashed his face into his knee, before grabbing his feet and spinning Goku style. He let go and Sasuke flew towards a tree. He hit it dead on. Iruka walked over towards Sasuke, and felt his pulse. Seeing that he was alive, he spoke:

"Double win for Naruto, with both ring out and knockout." He said. Mizuki inwardly frowned.

'My plan is failing…..' he thought. As Naruto walked away from the grounds, more fights commenced.


"Alright, Naruto, start with a Kawirami (Substitution)" Iruka said. Naruto nodded. A few seconds later, Mizuki's pants were on the floor. One embarrassed Mizuki later and the test was continued.

"Now, do Henge." Naruto turned into Blaziken, which surprised Iruka. He just sighed, and shook his head.

"Okay, now use Bushin." Iruka said as Mizuki disrupted Naruto's chakra flow. What he didn't expect was Naruto to just split into mirror images of himself.

"Congratulation's, Naruto, you pass!" Iruka said. All the Naruto's were jumping around in excitement.

"I'll treat you to Ramen later." Iruka said later. A Yahoo was heard throughout the village.

*That night*

"We have to make a new plan to get the scroll…." Mizuki said to a shadow.

"I guess you will have to steal it yourself." The shadow said as he pushed up his glassed.

"As you wish, Kabuto."

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