"Edward wants to marry you,"

He got down on a knee.

"Are you prepared to walk away from your one chance, our only chance at a normal life?"

Penelope looked back and forth between her mother and the man with the awkward crooked expression that, if you were blind, might have been called a smile. He didn't want to marry her and she had no interest in marrying him.


Her mother stared a bit bug-eyed. "What?"

"You'll marry me?" Edward sounded like he was choking on the words.

Penelope gave a grimace not unlike Edward's own. "No. I was speaking to my mother. Yes, I'm ready to give away this chance. I'm happy as I am. I have friends now Mother. No matter what you say. You don't know what they think Mother. You can't get in their minds. I don't need to break the curse to be happy anymore."

Jessica gaped.

"So you can put that ugly face away and go home Edward." Penelope didn't mean to be quite so mean about it, but she was anxious for Edward to be gone from her life again. He had been nothing but a nuisance to her, especially since she revealed herself to him.

His face quirked into an expression that wasn't so different from the one he'd worn while proposing to her. He rose angrily to his feet, "Well I won't be coming back to help you with the curse, this was your last chance." He was practically spitting, which was more emotion than she'd known Edward to be capable of having. He stormed out, the door slamming behind him.

Penelope was not disappointed to see him go.

Jessica however could hardly contain her rage. "What were you thinking?" She shrieked angrily.

Penelope was fed up with this too, "Mother!" She retaliated angrily. "I'm old enough to make my own decisions. You can't force me to get married, just so I stop being me! This is my nose, no matter how much you deny it. It's time we started learning how to live with it rather than just trying to wish it away. Maybe Max was right and the curse can never be broken, that doesn't mean I can't be happy the way I am!"

"He was your chance!" Jessica gesticulated angrily at the slammed door. "He could have broken the curse! We could have been rid of that nose forever!"

"I don't love him Mother!" Penelope stomped angrily. "And if you can't understand that, can't understand me, maybe it's time that I moved out." She stared at her mother fiercely daring her to say another word. The rant had left her breathless but it felt good to finally be able to get these things off her chest. She hated constantly being treated like she was still a little girl by her own mother.

Jessica slumped speechless against the wall.

Penelope stalked out of the room.