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"Digimon" - Speech

'Digimon' - Thoughts

"Digimon" - Flashback

Digimon!/Digimon!" - Action

The V-Kaiser

Chapter 1: Enter the Multi-Form Digimon

"Naruto! Yuna! Hurry up you two or we're leaving without you!" one Kushina Uzumaki shouted through the car window.

Not a second later, a four year old blond haired girl came running out of the now empty house, she wore a white jacket with a pair of fox-like ears, a pair of black shorts and shoes; on her back she had strapped a common backpack while carrying a Lunamon plushie.

Minato Namikaze, smiled as he helped his daughter into the car, he turned back to the house, "Naruto we're waiting!" he shouted.

"I hear ya, jeez!" they heard, before watching their eldest child walk out of the house, lazily hefting a single-strap backpack over his shoulder while strapping a card holder and a strange watch-like device to his belt. Both parents couldn't help but roll their eyes, just what was it about those card games that made the younger generation like them so much.

Naruto Uzumaki walked towards the car; wearing basic black & white track pants with athletic running shoes, as well as a black hoodie vest over a blue shirt. The boy scratched the back of his head, "Yo, am I late?" he said, getting a sigh from his parents; granted their son was a genius and were happy to know that the card game wasn't interfering with his studies or social life, but recently he's been getting late for several appointed times.

"I swear, Kakashi is starting to rub off on him-" Kushina shook her head, knowing that the family's supposed uncle carried the same habit. Naruto opened the door and gave a signal which went unnoticed by his family; he sat in and closed the door watching a blur disappear through the trees.

Twenty Minutes Later

During the drive, Minato and Kushina had their own conversation, mainly about family, work, or certain events they heard over the news, while Yuna was sleeping peacefully in her seat. Naruto however, was busy looking over his deck; deciding which cards to use in his next battle, he held a good combination of attack and equip cards, some defense and stat cards here and there.

It wasn't until a card flashed through his hands that made the blond smile; it was his favorite card, Wisemon's Pandora Dialogue. A counter attack, that preserves an enemy attack within a space-time, then fires it back at high speeds; perfect against higher-level opponents. The blond looked out the window, he stared several seconds, not being able to spot his partner he grabbed his watch-like device and swiped a card, "Hyper Speed, Activate!" he whispered. He looked to see a blur run past them, still hiding with behind the shadows of the trees, Naruto smirked before turning his attention to his device.

The watch was hand-sized, azure blue in color with a white ring around a square screen; it also carried a yellow button on at the bottom left of said screen and two more buttons just below. The device was held by a key-chain strap of the same color; he silently chuckled, remembering how it all began.

Flashback - Ten Months Ago

"You give up?" Naruto asked, with an amused look on his face.

"Never! I Digi-Modify and activate, Perfect Digivolution!" one Kiba Inuzuka proclaimed, setting down a blue digivice card, "Garurumon digivolves to Weregarurumon!" continuing as he swapped his champion with it's Ultimate level.

"And now, I Digi-Modify and activate Metalseadramon's Ultimate Stream!" he openly declared, overshadowing the two were several kids and teens, either gasping or in awe at the game being currently played.

"Weregarurumon's Attack Power is raised by 550, now say good-bye to you're Veemon!"

"I don't think so Kiba-" the blond proclaimed with a smirk.

"Oh Kami don't tell me-"

"Yup, Digi-Modify... Activate, Wisemon's Pandora Dialogue!" Naruto stated placing the card on his field and reversing the Ultimate's attack, the blond grabbed a set of twelve sided dice and gave them a roll. The pair came to a halt and Kiba instantly paled, "Sorry Kiba... you just got a critical!" he stated, "Now I end this, Digi-Modify... Equip, Ravemon's Chouou-maru! (Raven King)" he placed a card, showing the image of a white katana.

"Now to finish this, I attack with Veemon... Celestial Blade!"

"D-Damn it-" Kiba sulked as his Data Points reached zero; the audience then cheered for both players.

"Ah, don't worry Kiba... I'm sure you'll beat me someday" he stated with an amused smile.

"Yeah right, like I can ever win against someone who can take down an Ultimate with a Rookie-" he complained, though he was right; Naruto was given a nickname amongst the players due to his destructive yet strategic capabilities and for his favoritism of Veemon, The V-Kaiser.

"Uh-huh... well Kiba I believe you owe me something-" Naruto motioned, this caused Kiba to groan, he had bet Naruto one of his cards if he won.

"Fine, not like I could use it anyway" Kiba sighed handing over a card, it read, Digi-Egg of Friendship.

'Sweet, now I can Armor Digivolve Veemon to Raidramon' he thought as he pocketed the card, shuffled the card into his deck and placed it into his holder before walking away from the local park alongside Kiba.

That Night

"Nii-chan, Yuna-chan brought you tea and cookies-" said younger blond said, struggling to hold it up. Naruto saw this and took the small tray off his sister's hands, he then ruffled her hair and gave her a cookie in which she happily munched on.

"Now, Yuna-chan what have I told you about bothering you're brother during his studies" Kushina said as she stood by the door frame.

"Oh relax mom, she's not causing trouble"

"Not when you have a big test tomorrow" she retorted, as she picked up her youngest child and left the room, closing the door in the process. Naruto sighed, he loved his family, but sometimes he wished they'd take it easy on him with his school work; five minutes later, the blond closed his notebook and stretched his limbs.

Having finished his homework, Naruto reached for his backpack and swapped the papers with his card holder. He smiled as he scavaged the pack and brought out a booster pack, "Let's see-" he muttered as he tore open the plastic pack and looked at his fifteen new cards.

"YES!" he nearly shouted, in his hands, he held the one of two cards he was saving up for, The Digi-Egg of Destiny.

Naruto looked at the other cards that came with the pack and shrugged, just a few common cards that he either already possessed or wasn't exactly interested in.

Naruto immediately added to cards to his deck and shuffled, it was then that he remembered the card that he had won off Kiba and began to search through his deck, "That's strange, I'm sure I put in here-" he said as he continued to shuffle, "Huh?" he said as he came across a strange blue card.

It had a pixilated yellow 'D' with a blue dinosaur that closely resembled an Agumon, 'What the hell?' he thought, knowing that he had never seen nor placed the card in his deck. The thirteen-year old opened a drawer and brought out a Card Reader, with a swipe the info began to scan on the screen, to his surprise, random numbers began to rapidly run through the screen before the scanner shined bright and morphed into an azure blue device.

The blond was an expert in the card game, had watched several episodes from the anime, read some of the magazines... so it was well known to the blond as to what the watch actually was, "Digivice-" he muttered, dumbfounded.

He rubbed his eyes before blinking owlishly... the D-Ark was still in his hand, "Did... that really just happen?" he asked himself.

End of Flashback

Naruto placed the cards back in his holder as the car came to a complete stop, he looked out the window to see a large house complex. Getting out of the car, he helped his father bring in whatever luggage they carried while Kushina carried a sleeping Yuna; the younger blond sighed, the family had moved to Shinjuku, not that he cared much about where he lived but, that meant saying goodbye to his friends back at the academy.

The family made their way inside, glad that they had already unboxed and refurnished the house before the move. "I'll be in my room-" Naruto said, taking his items to his dedicated area of residence.

He entered his room and dropped his bags, making sure to lock the door in the process, "Phew... how was the run?" he asked as the window opened itself.

In stepped in a humanoid-lizard creature, it was about two feet tall, had blue skin covering most of its body, two curved appendages growing on the back of its head, a small horn on the tip of its nose, a bone-like shoulder pad on his left arm, a leather strap across his chest; connecting to his shoulder pad, and a yellow 'V' on its forehead.

"It was a good workout-" it replied as it stretched its limbs.

Naruto smiled at his partner, remembering how the two met...

Flashback - Nine Months Ago

Naruto walked towards Konoha academy, it was a private school, one of the best in all Tokyo. He ignored the students around him as he continued to stare at his D-Ark. A month had passed since he had received it; and after witnessing his card reader morph into the digivice, the blue card that had caused the shift the occur, had dissapeared.

He had searched his entire room for it, but the card was nowhere to be seen; which was strange considering his 'Digi-Egg of Friendship' had dissapeared as well.

The blond sighed, wondering if Digimon truly do exist, "Nyu-" he stopped and turned his head towards the trees. He spotted a small floating creature, it had pale yellow fur with dark blue tribal markings running down its sides and belly, a curved antenna on the back of its head, and had a large smile on its face (Digi-Gnome).

"Eh?" he said, not believing what he was seeing, was this... a Digimon? It sure wasn't any of the ones he's seen or heard of before.

"Nyu-" the Digi-Gnome pointed towards the trees across the road; Naruto followed its finger, and raised an eyebrow, 'There's nothing there' he thought before turning back to see that the gnome was gone. Suddenly his D-Ark gave several beeps, "Huh?" he said, before pressing one of the buttons activating a digital compass, with a red arrow waypoint aiming behind him. He turned to the trees across the road to see the Digi-Gnome waving to him before it dissapeared into pixilated data.

Naruto looked both sides of the road to see if any cars were coming before dashing towards the trees, "Hey Naruto where are you going?" he heard Kiba ask.

"I forgot something!" he yelled back.

"But you're house is that way-"


Five Minutes Later

Naruto had stopped to catch his breath, not knowing how deep he was into the woods. He watched his D-Ark as the red waypoint spun in circles, meaning he was at the approximate location, "Now what?" he asked himself, it was then that a thick fog shot forth from the ground and engulfed the area.

"N-Nani!?" the blond picked up a crackling sound enter the trees, he narrowed his eyes as the fog surrounding his point of view dispersed. He felt small leaves hit the side of his face and noticed a lot more falling from the sky; he slowly looked up and gasped slightly.

Connecting to a tree was an armored larva-like Digimon, its hard shell was violet in color, eight spikes surrounding its upper torso, a large stinger at its base, a red horn on its forehead, and six spear tipped tentacles sprouting from its back.

Naruto looked at his D-Ark as an image of said Digimon appeared on his radar, giving information on the insect.

"Chrysalimon, a Champion Level... Type... unknown... attribute... unknown-" he gulped.

"You... I know you-" it spoke as its yellow eyes landed on the blond Digidestined, "You're the one who can defeat an Ultimate with a mear Rookie Level... with you as my tamer, I'll reach my Mega level in no time at all-" it spoke, as it stretched out its tentacles towards the blond.

Naruto backed away as the spear tipped appendages neared, "What do you say... partners?" it asked, the blond gulped, 'T-Tamer' he thought, every bone in his body telling him to reject the offer and make a run for it, after all if his memory served correctly, Chrysalimon was one of the Nightmare Soldiers, aka Evil Digimon.

"Y-You know I'm gonna be late for school, so... I'll t-think about it" he said.

"Think about it... what's there to think, its a yes or no question-" the Digimon responded, with a dark look.

"I think I should go" he responded before making a quick dash for it.

"Oh no you don't" Chrysalimon stated as it detached itself from the tree and used its tentacles to maneuver itself after Naruto.

"Data Crusher!" it proclaimed shooting forward two of its tentacles forward, the blond dodged to the side, avoiding the spears as it tore through a tree.

Naruto continued running, he looked back to see if Chrysalimon was still following him; he heard several trees being knocked down, meaning the virus Digimon was still after him. He turned and continued to run, but tripped when he fell down hill, scrapping his knee and arm in the process; Naruto groaned in pain before looking up to see a cemetery.

Forcing himself up, he limped towards the graves as Chrysalimon neared the area, "Hmm... where are you hiding?" it asked itself, as it continued through the cemetery. Naruto calmed his breath as the Digimon crawled past him, at least he kept calm before a tentacle burst through the gravestone he was hiding behind.

The blond Digidestined rolled out of the way and attempted to run, but was tripped by Chrysalimon's tentacles, "There you are-" it spoke as it approached the blond, taking a grip on his legs and hoisting him high in the air. "Now, I employ you to reconsider my offer-" it spoke, Naruto winced as the tentacles tightened its grip around his scrapped leg.

"N-Never-" he said.

"Then, if I can't have you as a tamer... then no one can" it readied a tentacle and was about to skewer the blond, when the screen on Naruto's D-Ark shined brightly seconds before the ground beneath them did so as well.

It was then that a pillar of light flashed towards the sky, forcing both human and Digimon to shield their eyes, Chrysalimon couldn't bare the blinding light and dropped the blond before backing away.

Naruto, slowly opened his eyes as the light dimmed, in place stood a familiar two foot tall blue bipedal lizard humanoid, "Veemon-" he muttered.

The Rookie digimon, stretched his arms and legs as it gazed upon Chrysalimon, "It sure was hard finding you-" he said, surprising Naruto, "Gotta thank the Digi-Gnome for that" Veemon stated as he brought up his two fists and got into stance.

"Digi-Gnome?" he repeated, before he recalled the strange creature that gave him the waypoint.

"And as for you-" the young Digimon pointed towards the Champion Level, "I'll give you one chance to back off or else-" he threatened.

"Hmph, or else what?" Chrysalimon challenged.

"I will delete you" Veemon retorted, causing the virus Digimon to chuckle before it became full out laughfest.

"Then bring it, show me what you got Rookie! Data Crusher!" it stated, firing its tentacles into the ground, before they uprooted towards the blue-skinned dragon. Veemon jumped out of the way, grabbed a hold of one of the tentacles and flung himself at his opponent.

"Vee Headbutt!" he declared as he delivered an intense skull bash, towards the Digimon's hard shell; knocking back Chrysalimon and staggering Veemon. "Whoa... talk about being hard-headed" the Rookie Digimon stated, as his head spinned, "Veemon, watch out!" Naruto called out; Veemon was able to acknowledge and ducked to the side as more of Chrysalimon's tentacles.

"I won't be able to get through that shell-" Naruto heard Veemon say, "All of my attacks are physical... think you can help me out" the young dragon asked.

"Huh? H-How am I supposed to help against that!" he pointed at Chrysalimon.

"Well, you 'are' my tamer right?" Veemon asked, surprising the blond thirteen-year old.

"I-I am?"

"Yeah... don't you wanna be?" he replied as he watched Chrysalimon pick itself up.

"Tsk, insolent whelp... I'll delete you, then absorb you're data and make sure you never reform!" positioning four of its tentacles near its chest as a violet orb of electricity charged, "Unconnect Buster!" the virus Digimon shouted, firing its charged attack.

"Kuso, MOVE!" Veemon yelled, as he tackled Naruto out of the way, and narrowly dodging the lethal attack.

"Stand still damn it!" the virus Digimon shouted, charging up another blast.

"This guy just doesn't give up does he?" Veemon stated.

"Unconnect Buster!"

"Digi-Modify!" Veemon snapped his attention to Naruto as he swiped his favorite card through his D-Ark, "Wisemon's Pandora Dialogue, Activate!"

Veemon's emblem glowed slightly as the Rookie clasped his hands together before spreading out his arms, creating a portal out of pixilated data, "Pandora Dialogue!". Naruto watched in awe as Chrysalimon's Unconnect Buster was sucked in; Veemon clasped his hands together closing the time space, "What!?" the virus Digimon shouted, not believing that its attack was stopped so easily.

"Not done yet-" Veemon spread his arms once more, opening a portal behind Chrysalimon, said Digimon could only look in both shock and horror as his own attack was delivered back at itself. The electrical blast exploded upon contact causing Chrysalimon to yell in pain as his hard shell cracked in several areas; Veemon turned to Naruto in surprise, "My answer... is yes-" the blond turned to his new partner, "Hell yes!" he said with an excited grin. Chrysalimon grunted in pain as it brought itself up to its... tentacles, "Y-You...-" it readied its spear tipped appendages, "Data Crusher!" it shot forth its tentacles, with the intent to skewer, both Digimon and tamer.

"Digi-Modify... Victorygreymon's Victroy Shield!"

Veemon's arms, shined brightly before it dispersed, revealing a V-shaped shield, forged of Chrome Digizoid. Chrysalimon's tentacles bounced off the shield with a loud 'clang', "Now let's finish this!" Naruto declared, Veemon grinned wanting to know what his tamer had in stored for him.

"Digi-Modify... Scouter Monoeye, Mummymon's Obelisk, Activate!" the blond tamer declared, slashing said card through his D-Ark.

Once again, Veemon's emblem glowed shortly before a scouter materialized on right eye and a large rifle in his hands. Looking through the eyepiece, several areas on Chrysalimon's shell was locked on and fired; Chrysalimon looked at the team in shock as parts of his shell was obliterated, revealing its soft muscle underneath the torn armor.

"Digi-Modify... Long Sword-" swiping a card; materializing a long sword of Blue Digizoid (AN: Veemon's Longsword) within his partner's grasps, "Gale Force, Activate!" Veemon's emblem shined brightly as the Rookie Digimon gave war cry; coating himself in a strong aura of blue data. In an instant, Veemon appeared behind Chrysalimon on a knee; he stood back up and gave his sword a swipe as Chrysalimon's body split in half before bursting into data.

Naruto couldn't help but watch in surprise as Veemon began to absorb the data, "Hey Veemon, what're you doing?" he asked. His partner turned to him, "Absorbing Chrysalimon's data, by doing so, I grow stronger-" he responds, the blond looks at his Digimon with a raised eyebrow.

"Then what happens if you don't?"

"Then they'll be reborn in the Digital World as an egg, where they will hatch as a new Digimon"

"Then do it-" Naruto stated, surprising Veemon.

"Are... you sure about this?"

"Hai, trust me when I say this, you don't need the data to get stronger" Veemon stared at his tamer before he stopped the absorption process and let the remaining data was sent back to the Digital World. He turned back to Naruto who smiled at him, "He might have been an evil Digimon, but even he deserves a second chance... don't you think?" he asked, Veemon only shrugged and placed arms behind his head.

"So... partners?" Naruto asked, Veemon rubbed the tip of his nose before shaking hands with his Tamer, "Partners" he replied.

End of Flashback

Naruto's eye twitched slightly, he had forgotten about school that day and was not only forced to stand outside the classroom with a pair of buckets, the staff made sure to inform his parents of his tardiness and injuries, 'Kami, mom freaked that day-' he thought with a chuckle. "So, should we check out the area?" he asked, Veemon nodded in agreement, "Sure, maybe we'll get to fight some Digimon while we're out there" the blue humanoid dragon said with a fist pump.

"Then let's go-"

"Naruto who're you talking to?" he heard Kushina ask from the other side of the door.

'Kuso! Veemon hide!' he whispered as he opened the door, "Hey mom, I was actually on my way just now-" he said.

"Where to?" she asked suspiciously.

"Um... we just moved here, I kinda' want to get to know the area a bit" he responded.

Kushina rubbed her chin before letting him pass; she noticed the glance he gave to his room before leaving and turned to see an open window, she walked towards it and peeked out, only to see the trees softly waving in the wind, "Hmm, must be my imagination" she said to herself as she left the room.

Shinjuku City - Three Hours Later

Naruto walked out of a convenience store, holding a booster pack as he entered an alleyway. He leaned against a wall as Veemon dropped down from the rooftops and next to his Tamer, "So what'cha get?" he asked, "Hang on, I haven't opened it yet-" Naruto responded as he tore off the piece of plastic and retrieved the twelve cards.

"Ladydevimon's Darkness Wave, got it... Angemon's Hand of Fate, got it... Green Digi-Core, got it... Thunderbirmon's Spark Wing... don't got it... Shurimon's Kusanagi, got it... Unimon's Holy Shot, got it... Power Chip Plug-In B, got it... Ninjamon's Bushin no Jutsu, got like ten of those-" he said with a small laugh, "Cannonbeemon's Nitro Stinger... don't got that... Tigervespamon's Royal Meister... don't got that... *Whistle* Chaosdramon X's Hyper Infinity Cannon, that's rare-" he said before his eyes landed on the last card.

"Digi-Egg of Light-" Veemon read, "Nice, another egg added to our inventory" he spoke.

"Looks that way-" Naruto replied as he opened a second card holder containing a total of five cards -Digivolve and the Digi-Eggs of Destiny, Courage, Kindness, and Knowledge. He placed the card in and closed the holder shut, Naruto then shuffled the cards he had into his deck before walking out a different path of the alley, "Kinda wished it was the Digi-Egg of Miracles-" he muttered.

"Ah c'mon Naruto, you know as well as I do, that card isn't available in booster packs-"

"I know, and I still need twenty thousand yen before I can buy it though" (AN: About $200) he said.


Naruto grabbed his cell-phone and hit the call button, "Yo?" he answered, "Hey Naruto it's your father, I suggest you get back within the hour before your mother declares you missing-" he heard his dad say.

"Right, right... I'm on my way" he replied before hitting the end call button.

"Mom cares too much" he mutters, before his D-Ark gave several beeps, "Digimon?" Veemon asked excitedly, Naruto activates the compass/radar and gives its coordinates with a red arrow waypoint.

"Yup... let's make this quick" he said as he ran out of the alley, with Veemon taking the roof tops.

Shinjuku Park - Ten Minutes Later

Naruto stopped as the waypoint span uncontrollably, "It's here-" he stated as Veemon dropped down by his side as a thick fog vial rolled in. The blond brought out a pair of sports sunglasses and readied his deck, "You ready?" he asked his partner, "Born ready-" the Rookie replied.


Naruto raised his D-Ark as the digimon made its appearance. A large bipedal dark blue dinosaur with two tails, one with a mechanical end and the other a skeletal end. On its left arm, a drooling mechanical head, on its right a skull head; the digimon looked down at the Tamer an digimon and growled in hunger.

"Deltamon, A Champion Level Digimon, Virus Type, its attacks are Triplex Force , Skull Fang and Serpent Bite... it seems this guy used to be three digimon, now they act as one are their mind is now hell bent on destruction, we better take this guy down quick before he goes into a residential area" Naruto spoke as he read the digimon's information.

"Take it down quick, got'cha!" Veemon said getting into stance.

"Veemon I meant Digivolve-" Naruto said, getting a groan in disappointment, "Aw but, that's no fun!" he complained.

"No time for fun Veemon, now get ready!" he said as Deltamon charged forward, with a roar that promised pain.

"Digi-Modify-" Naruto stated as he card slashed his D-Ark, "Digivolution, Activate!"



Veemon was engulfed by a pale-blue cocoon of data, within, the young Digimon's skin began to peel off, revealing a much larger form in a wire frame pattern. The skin began to re-attach itself to the body, giving form to Veemon's champion level. The egg then exploded as the Rookie Digimon's form changed, resembling a large dinosaur with skin a darker hue of blue and white. It had a rough blue 'V' on the center of its chest alongside several scars and tribal markings on its arms, legs, chest, face, and tail; it bore five large claws on its arms along with a large horn on the tip of its beak-like snout and two more on the back of its neck, closely resembling metal. On its shoulders were bone-like shoulder pads and thick leather forearm bracers. It breathed out bright yellow flames from its razor tooth infested mouth, before giving a thunderous roar.


Deltamon snarled at his opponent as a light blue aura glowed on the jaws of the three heads, "Triple Force!" firing an energy wave from the heads and towards Veedramon.

"V-Nova Blast!" the Champion virus buster declared, colliding Deltamon's energy wave with a scorching heat ray, and exploding upon impact. Deltamon charged forward with its right arm drooling for flesh, "Serpent Bite!" the Digi-head opened jaws and proceeded to clamp down.

"Digi-Modify... Cannonbeemon's Nitro Stinger, Activate!"

Veedramon's left arm morphed into a high-calibur yellow/black stripped laser cannon and jammed it into the serpent head's mouth, "Nitro Stinger!" he declared, firing a round and deleting the arm entirely, along with part of Deltamon's upper torso. The virus Digimon roared in pain and anger before swinging its open skull mouth, "Skull Fang!" only for Veedramon to grab the arm and flip the Digimon overhead and slamming it hard on the ground.

In an instant, Veedramon was above the downed digimon readying a glowing white fist, "Hammer Punch!" he declared, before crushing the two headed Digimon's into a cloud of pixilated data. Naruto watched from the sidelines as the data was sent flying back towards the Digital World; he then turned to Veedramon as he was engulfed in a cocoon of data and reverting back to his Rookie form.

"We didn't have to Digivolve to win ya know-" Veemon pointed out.

"I know, but I'm hungry and dinner's in forty minutes... come on I'll get you some melon bread" at this Veemon perked up, "Hai Naruto-sama!" he saluted causing the blond to sweatdrop, as the duo walked away.

Not ten minutes later, a dark orange haired girl wearing turquoise-turtleneck t-shirt with a broken heart in the center, along with short button fly blue jeans, red wrist bands, steel-toed sneakers and buckles around her waist and leg. She was followed by a bipedal yellow furred vixen, with violet arm bracers with a yin-yang emblem embedded on the backhand, and two violet swirl-like tomes on her knees.

The girl looked at her white/blue D-Ark as the red waypoint on her radar disappeared, "Tsk, we missed it-" she spoke in annoyance. Her Digimon partner perked up a strange scent caught her nose, 'There was another Digimon here' she thought before watching her tamer walk away from the area, the vixen then took to the trees.

With Naruto

The blond walked towards his home, making sure to take a more secluded route as his Digimon walked with him. Veemon currently munching on his fifth melon bread, "So *munch* what do we do tomorrow?" he asked, Naruto rubbed took a bite out of his own bread, "Well, lucky for us, tomorrow's a Saturday... Mom and Dad have work, they'll either put me in charge of Yuna or take her to a day care center... so we'll work on the deck, if there's a Digimon, we'll go for it" he said.

"Can we take our time with the next one, I actually prefer a good fight" Veemon responded.

"Hai, Hai-" the blond responded, as they neared their home. Naruto walked through the front while Veemon took the remaining melon breads and entered through the window just out of the blond's room.

"I'm home!" Naruto called out.

"Nii-chan!" he heard Yuna shout as she rushed her older brother, he grabbed his younger sister and held her close as he walked into the living room. "Am I late?" he asked, Minato looked at the clock before turning back to his son, "Almost" he replied before turning his attention to the television.

"Oh wow-" he mused, as the new reports a domestic disturbance near Shinjuku Park, apparently the only things found were the scorch marks and small crater on the ground, courtesy of Veemon's fight. Naruto only raised an eyebrow, trying not to look suspicious as he sat down with his father, Yuna wiggled out of her brother's grasp and ran across the room.

The blond smiled as he saw the younger blond play with her Lunamon plushie, "Dinner!" Kushina called out. During their meal time, while Minato and Kushina spoke, Yuna happily ate what her mother had prepared, she took glances at her brother who was stashing a portion of Nikujaga along with several rice balls inside a plastic container.

"What's Nii-chan doing?" she asked, causing Naruto sheepishly laugh at his sister's question.

"Just something for later, keep on eating Yuna-chan" he said as he too dug into his plate. Two minutes later, the family finished their meals and proceeded to help clean their plates, during that time Naruto snuck in the leftovers to his room.

"Here ya go Veemon, Kaa-san's Special Nikujaga-" he said handing over the still piping hot food with a pair of chopsticks.

'Nikujaga... potatoes and meat... kinda lame-' the Digimon thought while cupping his chin in a thoughtful way, as his tamer left the room before anyone noticed he left, with a shrug Veemon dug into the plastic container.

Naruto walked back to the kitchen and washed his plate, recalling the events that led to his partners Digivolution.

Flashback - Seven Months Ago - Konoha Academy

"Yo, Naruto-" said blond turned to see two of his good friends, Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi. Next to Naruto, Shikamaru was the smartest kid in school, despite his lazy nature; while Choji a festively plump student who was always seen eating a bag of chips, was one of the most kind-hearted people anyone could meet. Like Naruto, the two carried a card holder on their belts.

"Sup guys-"

"We're heading over to Uchiha's Database after school, you want in? We can play a game" Choji asked.

Uchiha's Database was the local game store owned by Sasuke's cousin, Obito. With Digimon becoming the nation's top card game, the shop had rapidly become successful, "Love to, but usually I prefer to spend a few on a pack before going and sadly I'm broke... so I'm gonna have to say no this time-" he responded.

"Ah, you're still saving up for the DigiEgg of Miracles? You know you're never gonna get it if you keep spending money on booster packs" Shikamaru stated.

'I know!' Naruto thought crying anime tears, however, unbeknownst to the two academy students, the cards that he had been purchasing were being put to use in the battles he and his partner have been fighting.

After Class

Naruto took a different route, avoiding all physical contact with other students, he hid behind a tree and swapped out his uniform with his casual gear before rushing out. He was shortly accompanied by a blue blur, "Looks like it'll be in the Urban District" Naruto stated; during the last class period the blond's D-Ark let out a beep and activated its compass. He quickly hid it when all eyes turned to him and stated that it was just a call from his cell phone.

"Alright then let's party-" Veemon declared as he and his tamer followed the waypoint on the Digivice.

Urban District

The sound of children screaming filled the air as a thick fog covered a backlot area, "Hurry-" Naruto proclaimed as he brought out a pair of sunglasses and placed them on. Veemon dashed forward not before sniffing the air, attempting to catch the scent of their opponent; Naruto keeping a path open for the kids to runaway.

Seconds quickly became minutes as the fog began to disperse, Veemon brought his fist up in defense while his tamer readied a card. As soon as the fog clear... nothing, absolutely nothing, "That's weird-" Naruto spoke staring at his D-Ark, the way point was spinning; indicating that they were at the right place and the fog proves that a Digimon had Bio-Emerged into the area.

"I smell a Digimon" the bipedal dragon stated, his chin lifted high into the air, "It's definitely here"

Naruto stared at his D-Ark before turning back and closing the gates, though he knew it wouldn't contain a champion or higher level, it would keep humans in or out of the area.

"Digi-Modify... Mummymon's Obelisk, Beelzemon's Berenjena, Activate!" he declared, swiping the two cards and materializing said weapons. Naruto grasped the dual sawn-off shotguns while Veemon took hold of the large rifle, the two held their arms up and analyzed the area. They perked up when a trash can was knocked down, "Stay in position-" the young tamer stated, Veemon hesitated but nodded. They turned their attention but, didn't budge as fence was knocked down, splashing a puddle of mud in the process.

Veemon narrowed his eyes as mud stains dripped down the 'wall', he kept staring until 'it' moved. "I see it!" he said, taking aim along with Naruto.

"Tongue Whip!"

Narrowly avoiding the incoming attack the two fired their weapons, sadly having less accuracy due to their movement, missed their shots and hit the wall behind the Digimon. "What was that!?" Naruto asked, now taking aim at several places along with his partner, they watched as dumpsters, fences, trees, even nearby cars move aside.

"I think I know-" Veemon stated before firing a round into a mud puddle, stopping all movement as the mud drenched a now visible figure.

An green, red stripped scaled reptilian Digimon stared at the duo with its hypnotic ripple pattern eyes, under its goggled, heavy armored helmet. Naruto placed a shotgun below his armpit and brought out his D-Ark, "Chamelemon, Champion Level, Virus Type, it's attacks are Tongue Whip and Heat Eye... that's something we're going to want to avoid" he said, before re-attaching the D-Ark to his waist and gripping the shotgun beneath his arm.

"Alright take it out!" Veemon stated as he fired his Obelisk rifle.

Chamelemon went silent again as its body changed adapted with the scenery, making it invisible once more; sadly due to the mud on its body it became an easy target for the tamer and his Digimon. "Fire!" Naruto shouted pulling the trigger on the Berenjena and Veemon on the Obelisk.

"Heat Eye!" the reptilian Digimon declared with its eyes going wide and glowing white, before emitting a heat ray which burned through various objects as it made its way towards it's opponent. Naruto tackled Veemon out of the way as the ray passed through, he aimed the shotguns and pulled the trigger once more.


"Empty-" he muttered as the guns dematerialized along with the Obelisk.

"Meh, who needs 'em let's do this the old fashioned way" Veemon stated as he charged forward.

"Tongue Whip!" Chamelemon declared its attack as it extended its tongue, Veemon side stepped the whip and grasped it.

"Digi-Modify... Power Boost, Activate!"

Veemon gave off a pixilated aura and pulled Chamelemon towards him, "Vee Headbutt!" slamming foreheads together in a loud bang, Chamelemon flew back. However, the bipedal dragon still had the tongue in a vice grip and pulled the Digimon forward and gave another headbutt; from Naruto's point of view, the two Digimon would resemble a blue/green paddle ball.

"Digi-Modify... Meramon's Fire Fist, Activate!"

Giving one last pull to the dazed Chamelemon, "Fire Fist!" Veemon declared slamming a flaming punch towards the now cracked helmet and collapsing it within the Digimon's skull, reducing it to a cloud of pixilated data. Naruto gave a fist pump as the data was sent back towards the digital world, "Alright let's call it a day Veemon-" he said.

"We're not done yet-"

"Eh?" the blond stated, confusingly.

"There's... more..." he said sniffing the air before a dozen Chamelemon deactivated their camouflage, sticking to the walls or standing above fallen dumpsters. "Oh~~~ crap!" Naruto stated as turned to see a RedChamelemon land in front of them, eyes began to glow.


"Heat Eye!" they all declared firing rays of blazing light, Naruto got behind Veemon and swiped a card through his D-Ark, "Digi-Modify... Victorygreymon's Victory Shield, Activate!" said Chrome Digizoid Shield materialized onto the bipedal dragon's arms and managed to reflect several rays.

More rays were fired and burned through multiple objects as they passed, one just so happened to be a hollowed out tree were one of the few children had hidden themselves. "You've got to be kidding me!" Naruto nearly shouted as he rushed through the valley of beams, Veemon doing his best to block them off with his shield.

The blond tamer made it to the shakened child, "Hey, you okay-" the kid gasped as he saw the older blond, "Listen I'm gonna get you out of here, but you've got to trust us" he said.

"Hey, Naruto... little help here!" Veemon shouted as he was being pushed back by the now focused heat rays.

"Digi-Modify... Counter Attack, Activate!"

Veemon once more gave an aura of pixilated data and held his ground against the thirteen Chamelemon, "Alright c'mon, let's go-" Naruto stated as he picked up the kid and rushed towards the gate, only for the RedChamelemon to appear in front of them, "Tongue Whip!" it declared, whiplashing the blond and forcing him to drop the child. "Naruto!" Veemon shouted before he too was knocked back by the tongue and dematerializing the Victory Shield. The kid looked up to see Naruto groaning in pain, the two made eye contact, "Don't just sit there, go! Run dammit!" he shouted. Being hesitant, the boy gulped, nodded, and made a mad dash out through the gates.

Naruto coughed a bit before the RedChamelemon's tongue wrapped around his neck and hoisted him high above the ground. Veemon was tackled down before he could act and was forced to watch his tamer suffocate, "Naruto!" he struggled to get loose, and could watch in horror as the boy's body slowly lost air.

"I've already lost my family once..." he muttered, as the yellow 'V' on his forehead began to glow, recalling the events that had happened before arriving in the human world. The lost of his fellow brothers and sisters, the fires of the 'bird' Digimon that had razed it to the ground, "I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN!" he yelled, before Naruto's D-Ark shined brightly.



Veemon was engulfed by a pale-blue cocoon of data, within, the young digimon's skin began to peel off, revealing a much larger form in a wire frame pattern. The skin began to re-attach itself to the body, giving form to Veemon's champion level. The egg then exploded as the Rookie digimon's form changed, resembling a large dinosaur with skin a darker hue of blue and white. It had a rough blue 'V' on the center of its chest alongside several scars and tribal markings on its arms, legs, chest, face, and tail; it bore five large claws on its arms along with a large horn on the tip of its beak-like snout and two more on the back of its neck, closely resembling metal. On its shoulders were bone-like shoulder pads and thick leather forearm bracers. It breathed out bright yellow flames from its razor tooth infested mouth, before giving a thunderous roar.


The Chamelemon were thrown up as Veedramon stood up, the RedChamelemon dropped the tamer in shock as the large wingless dragon charged his way towards it. Naruto gasped for air and weakly looked up to see his partner's Champion Level, he gave a small smile, "Give 'em hell-" he said before coughing for air.

"Heat Eye!"

"V-Nova Blast!" both attacks collided, only mear seconds and Veedramon flames overpowered RedChamelemon's attack, blasting it through a wall. The large dragon took hold of one of the dozen reptilian tails before using the Digimon as a flail, and proceeded to slam it against the others. "Hammer Punch!" thrusting its glowing white fist on the battered Chamelemon causing it to burst in a cloud of pixilated data.

He snarled as all Chamelemon dashed forth with eyes glowing, "Heat Eye!" they shouted angrily.

Veedramon flexed his claws and gave them a swipe towards his opponents, "Cutter Shoot!" he stated, creating multiple blades of wind in which easily slashed through the heat rays and through the remaining Chamelemon. Like the last two, all were reduced to pixilated data.

The Champion Level eased his breath as the adrenaline rush took its tole on his body, "Good job Veedramon-" said wingless dragon turned to see his tamer, slightly tattered but okay. The two looked up to the sky, expecting to see the data return to the digital world, only for it to be absorbed by the RedChamelemon.

Both Naruto and Veedramon grit their teeth in anger as the Chamelemon prepared a full power Heat Eye, "Need a boost?" Naruto asked, the dragon gave a nod resulting in the blond swiping a card through his D-Ark, "Digi-Modify... Gale Force, Activate!"

"Heat Eye!"

"V-Nova Blast!" firing an even larger blast than before, and with the stat boost from Naruto's Gale Force, the RedChamelemon was engulfed in yellow flames before bursting into pixilated data. Naruto wiped the sweat beads off his forehead, he turned to congratulate his partner only for him to be engulfed in a cocoon of data, reverted back to his Rookie form, and fell back exhausted.

"You okay?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yeah... just a little-" *Gurgle* "-hungry" Veemon replied, getting a laugh out of both. The blond tamer hefted his partner over his back and carried him home before the officials showed up.

End of Flashback

After washing his plate, Naruto walked back to his room and gazing upon the now empty plastic container, with Veemon patting his stomach. "Not a classy meal, but I must say, you're mother sure knows how to cook" he said, Naruto laughed and walked over to his desk and taking out his card holder. There were sure to be some card players at his new school and he would want the chance to play them.

It was then when a tower of light caught the edge of his eye, "What?" he asked himself, Veemon turned to the direction his tamer was looking to see the same tower as him. Naruto looked at his D-Ark, surprisingly giving a waypoint before the red arrow dissapeared and canceled the compass.

"Huh? That's strange-" he muttered wondering what had happened.

Shinjuku City - Dead End Alleyway

A brown haired boy wearing yellow goggles, sweat bands, blue hooded shirt, grey pants, and green shoes; stood quietly as he stared upon a red dinosaur in shock. In his hand, he held a white/red D-Ark, and muttered a single word, "Guilmon".

Next Chapter: Tamers of Shinjuku

AN: Hey guys, surprised that I've started a Digimon cross-over, well believe it or not I've been wanting to start one for a while now; Digimon was one of first few anime that has gotten me into the Japanese shows and graphic novels, that alongside Evangelion.

Anyway for those of you wondering yes Veemon is Naruto's partner and is in fact a Multi-form Digimon. Here is the list for his evolutions...

Digivolution Chain

Veemon - Veedramon - AeroVeedramon - UlforceVeedramon - Future Mode


Courage - Flamedramon

Friendship - Raidramon

Love - Sethmon

Sincerity - Yasyamon

Knowledge - Dinobeemon (Cause Honeybeemon just doesn't cut it for me)

Reliability - Depthmon

Hope - Sagittarimon

Light - Gargoylemon

Kindness - Kangarumon (Unless someone has a better idea)

Destiny - Paildramon (Don't ask just go with it)

Miracles - Magnamon

And that's about it, anyway just to explain a few things, yes Naruto's deck mostly consists of equip and offensive cards, there isn't much defense other than a few counter and armor/shield cards. Anyway, Gale Force is a card I came up with, what it does is temporarily maximize the stats of a Digimon that belongs to the 'Nature Spirits' Family.

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