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"Digimon" - Speech

'Digimon' - Thoughts

"Digimon" - Flashback

Digimon!/Digimon!" - Action

The V-Kaiser

Chapter 2: Tamers of Shinjuku

Monday - 6:45 AM

Naruto sat on the two-step stairs by the front door, already dressed with the exception of his shoes; in his mouth was a piece of toast. Not a minute later, his shoes tied and backpack hefted on his shoulder, ran outside; on the roof stood Veemon, who seconds later jumped from roof to roof, following his Tamer from a distance.

"Naruto be sure to pick up your sister after school!" Kushina shouted through the window.

"Got it!" she heard from the distance.

Yodobashi Middle School

Standing in front of the gates, Naruto gave a sigh in slight exhaustion, like anyone wouldn't loose their stamina after non-stop sprinting from their house towards their destination. He looked up towards one of the trees and spotted his partner well hidden behind its leaves; he trimmed his hair back a bit, unknowing to others that he had given a Digimon the signal to remain out of sight.

It was then when someone bumped into him making him stumble forward and nearly falling face-first, "Oh sorry about that-" he heard. Raising his head up, Naruto spotted the familiar face of a brown haired boy, 'I remember him' thought the blond as he recalled visiting the bakery his parents owned after the DigiBattle with Deltamon.

Naruto shook his head, 'He seems to be in a hurry-' checking the clock on his cell phone, 'Class doesn't even start for another two hours' he thought as he walked through the doors and into the hallways of the school. Minutes pass, several students took notice of him and either ignored him or wondered if he was a new kid, how right they were; Naruto continued at a normal pace until he found himself at the main office.

"Um, excuse me-"

A woman in semi-formal clothes sat behind a desk, typing on a computer; most likely checking student attendance and what not. She looks up, "Can I help you?" she asks, "Hai, I just transfered here and I wanted to know my schedule for the school year" he asked.

"I see, well then may I get your name?" getting a nod from the blond.

"Naruto Namikaze-"

Typing the name in, she looked over the results and found the boy's name, she clicked it and scrolled down, scanning through information before the nearby printer brought out the boy's schedule.

"Here you go-" she said, handing over the paper, in which the Tamer gladly took.


Room 5-2

"Good morning, everyone!"

"Morning Ms. Asagi!" the class responded.

"Today we'll be welcoming a transfer student from Konoha Academy-" she said, causing the students to mutter amongst themselves. "You can come in now" Nami called out; students watch as the door opened, and in came The V-Kaiser.

"Konichiwa, the name's Naruto Namikaze, I hope we can get along" he introduced himself, getting mixed reactions from his new classmates. Several girls gained light blushes on their faces while giggling amongst themselves, while the boy's either didn't care or wondered if the blond was into Japan's number one card game.

Timeskip - Lunch

"Jeri where are you taking me?" Naruto asked his new friend. The girl had shoulder length brown hair, a small ponytail tied to the side of her head; she wore a yellow shirt under a green dress, along with white/blue cerulean sneakers and oddly enough a yellow dog sock puppet.

She was currently dragging the blond towards the Digi-Trio: Kazu Shioda, Kenta Kitagawa, and Takato Matsuki. "Well, I saw that you had cards so I thought that maybe you'd want to play with others" she pointed out with a smile, Naruto sighed, it looked like there wasn't really any other alternative.

"Alright, one game-"

"Yay!" she pulled harder as she dashed faster, causing Naruto to almost trip and get dragged along the dirt.

Up in a tree, Veemon was snoozing peacefully on a branch, a bubble grew and shrunk from his nose with each breath. It was then popped when the scent of an unknown Digimon filled the air, "Eh?" was his answer as he looked down to see a rather large cardboard box 'move' its way into the school, what caught his eyes was the red tail underneath the back.

"What the hell?" Veemon responds with a tilted head.

With Naruto

"Guys!" Jeri called out, causing Kazu, Kenta, and Takato to look over at the bubbly brunette who was dragging along the blond Tamer.

"Hey, Jeri and... ... ... ... Naruto, right?" Kenta waved to the two, Kazu tilted his head a bit wondering why Jeri would drag the blond to their spot, while Takato timidly waved at his crush.

"Guess what, Naruto's a card player too" she motioned.

"Oh really-" Kazu asked with a smirk as he cupped his chin, "You any good?"

"Kazu-" Takato tried to have his friend back out from the incoming battle.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not... only one way to find out-" Naruto's responded with his deck in hand, this caused Kazu's smirk to widen.

"Then let's Digi-Battle!"

Jeri, Kenta, and Takato sat by the sidelines as the game started, "So who goes first?" Kenta asked, Naruto brought out a quarter, "Heads you go, tails I go-" giving a flip, it landed on heads.

"Then allow me to start by using the Digimon Code Plug-in D, and bring up Commandramon to my field" placing the Digimon on his field and awaiting his opponent.

"My turn... I use the Digimon Code Plug-in D and place Veemon on the field and Digi-Modify, equip Terra Force"

"Terra Force-" Kenta muttered, causing to Jeri and Takato to look at him, "Something wrong Kenta?" the boy adjusted his glasses, "Nothing, except Terra Force gives a massive boost to Digimon from the Dragon's Roar Family"

Kazu's Data Points: 7500

On Field: Commandramon - Rookie - ATK 170 - Move List: M16 Assassin (50 DP), DCD Bomb (100 DP)

Naruto's Data Points: 7500

On Field: Veemon - Rookie - ATK 130 (+400) - Move List: Hopping Kick (40 DP), Vee Headbutt (80 DP)

Equipped Cards: [Terra Force] + 400 ATK.

"Tsk, big deal I can do that too, Digi-Modify and activate Power Chip Plug-in B... Commandramon's ATK is raised by Three Hundred, now Digi-Modify and activate Angemon's Hand of Fate, increase ATK by One Hundred and attack your Veemon"

Commandramon ATK: 570

Veemon ATK: 530

"Digi-Modify, I activate Victorygreymon's Victory Shield and nullify your attack"

"Nice save, but not for long-"

Takato had his full attention on the card battle, 'That was a close save', he knew Kazu was one of the best players he knew and would never show his opponent mercy, he could only wonder how long the new kid would last against him.

"So you think, I Digi-Modify and activate Cannonbeemon's Nitro Stinger, increase ATK by Three Hundred for a single turn and attack your Commandramon"

"I'm not about to have Data Points taken so easily, I Digi-Modify and activate Data Barrier" placing a card, imaging a pixilated orb.

"Nice try Kazu, however Nitro Stinger has the ability to penetrate shields and barriers beneath Ultimate Level" the blond states, shocking the brunette.

Kazu's Data Points: 6770

On Field: N/A

Naruto's Data Points: 7500

On Field: Veemon - Rookie - ATK 130 (+400) - Move List: High Hopping Kick (40 DP), Vee Headbutt (80 DP)

Equipped Cards: [Terra Force] + 400 ATK.

"Wow, Naruto draws first blood-" Jeri states, Kenta as well as Takato were surprised, they weren't always the first to take Kazu's Data Points as it was nearly impossible to them.

"Fine then, since Commandramon was deleted before your Veemon, I'm automatically allowed to use the Digi-Code Plug-in C, and bring forth Greymon"

Greymon - Champion - ATK 500 - Move List: Great Antler (100 DP), Nova Blast (150 DP)

"But before I end my turn I Digi-Modify and activate, Angewomon's Holy Air!"

"That's not good" Kazu stated, Jeri not having much knowledge on the game asked, "Why's that?"

"Angewomon's Holy Air stops an opponent from attacking for a single turn while it increases the players AP by Two Hundred, as of now Greymon's Attack Power is at Seven Hundred where as Veemon is still at Five Hundred Thirty" he explained.

"So that means-"

"Either Kazu's going to attack or he's got something else planned", Takato took a glance at the blond wondering how he was going to escape.

Naruto thought to himself, 'Not much I can do with Holy Air in play, the only things available are Digivolution and counter cards... then again his Greymon is a Champion Level'

"Alright, I Digi-Modify and activate Ninjamon's Bushin no Jutsu!" he grabbed the set of twelve-sided dice and gave them a toss, both landed on six which caused the blond to mentally sigh in relief; had it not been a paired number, then the card would have been useless.

"Confusion worked, now you can't attack for a single turn"

"Now that's what I call luck" Takato spoke out.

"Tsk, fine then, since Greymon's Attack exceeds the necessary limit I Digi-Modify and activate Perfect Digivolution... Greymon Digivolves to Metalgreymon" he states swapping both cards with each other.

Metalgreymon - Ultimate - ATK 800 (+200) - Move List: Trident Arm (200 DP), Giga Blaster (300 DP)

Veemon - Rookie - ATK 530 - Move List: High Jump Kick (40 DP), Vee Headbutt (80 DP)

"I'd like to see you take down my Ultimate with that Rookie of yours-" Kazu taunted.

'Oh you're going to wish you hadn't said that' the blond thought with a smirk.

"I Digi-Modify and activate Gale Force, increase Veemon's Attack by another Four Hundred points!"

"S-Say what!"

"Not done yet, I Digi-Modify and activate Silphymon's Static Force, increase Attack by Two Hundred Fifty... Metalgreymon is now deleted"

Kazu's Data Points: 5590

On Field: N/A

Naruto's Data Points: 7500

On Field: Veemon - Rookie - ATK 1130 (+800) - Moves List: High Jump Kick (40 DP), Vee Headbutt (80 DP)

Equipped Cards: [Terra Force] + 400, [Gale Force] + 400.

'N-No way, he actually did it-' Kazu thought, leaving Takato and Kento gaping in shock.

"You know, the thing about having an Ultimate on the field is that most players tend to think they have an upper hand"

Before the match could continue they heard a scream from within the hallways, "Um, what was that?" Jeri asked.

"Don't know, but maybe we should finish this at a later time-" Naruto stated as he grabbed his cards and placed them back into his holder.

"Yeah, let's go find out what happened" Kazu said, personally thankful the blond decided to 'postpone' the match and not get humiliated any further.

Kazu, Jeri, and Kenta made their ways towards the halls while Naruto proceeded to hide his cards inside his backpack. However as he did, Takato caught a glance of the blue watch-like device within the pack, just as it was closed, 'Was that... a Digivice!?' he thought with wide-eyes before he watched the blond run off with the rest of the group.

'No way-' he thought rubbing his eyes as if trying to get dirt out, 'Probably just imagining things' after all he had obtained a D-Ark himself a week ago and his partner not two days ago, the recent events could've mind boggled anyone.

Students stood within the hallways as several teachers helped their fellow co-worker who was spouting nonsense about some kind of red dinosaur; beside him was a flipped cardboard box. When the group arrived, Naruto heard a barely audible gasp from Takato and turned to the Brunette who was trying to hide his shocked look.

The blonde walked past the growing crowd of students and towards a nearby window, he spotted Veemon who was motioning him to come outside. Turning back to see the teachers attempt to dispatch the crowd and made a run for the nearest exit.

Once outside, "Veemon-" he called.

"Naruto!" said bipedal dragon landed in front of him, "Mind telling me why there's a Digimon on school grounds?" the Tamer asked.

"It entered the school before I could do anything, unless you want me to risk getting caught-"

"Right, right, well we better find it before it does any damage" Naruto sighed, bringing out his D-Ark and to his surprise, getting three waypoints.

"Uh-oh" Veemon could only state in surprise, as one of them started spinning.

The pair turned ready to for an ambush, only to look down at a small white and purple plush-like Digimon. It had innocent eyes like that of a toddler and an upside down gem-like triangle on its forehead in between three others, closely resembling a triforce. The two blink once, then twice, "Uh... hi?" Naruto asked dumbly, kind of expecting something... bigger and... intimidating.

"Hi mister, would you like to play with me?" it asked childishly.

"Play with- wait what!?" before the two could deduce anything, they heard the bell ring.

"Crap, class is starting, Veemon take-" he turned the small Digimon only to blink in surprise, it disappeared. "The hell did it-" he gave a sigh, "Nevermind, Veemon continue doing what you were, we'll deal with the other two later" the bipedal dragon gave a nod, "What about the kid?" referring to the strange yet possible in-training Digimon they met not a few seconds ago.

"Well, normally I wouldn't under or overestimate an opponent, but it obviously isn't a battle-ready Digimon... leave him" Naruto gave his response as he walked back to his homeroom, leaving his partner to silently patrol the school for any unknown Digimon scents.

After School

Naruto walked out of the room, holding several sheets of school work; he reached over his shoulder and brought up his backpack. The blond neatly stuffed his work inside his bag as the students swarmed the hallways, he made his way outside but not before catching a glimpse of Takato dashing towards the staircase, leading towards the roof.

'Where's he going?' the blond asked himself, before bumping into another student; who had blue hair, wore an orange jacket over a grey shirt, white wrist bands, brown pants, and grey/yellow shoes.

"Oh, sorry about that"

The boy Naruto had bumped into only nodded and continued past him, "Psst, Henry-" a small rabbit/dog-like plushie whispered into the boy's ear.

"Terriermon, keep quiet-"

"But its important!"

The boy now named Henry sped up his pace and entered a lonely bathroom, "Alright what is it?"

"Its that guy you bumped into... he's got the scent of a Digimon on him"

"What!?" Henry spoke in surprise.

Ten Minutes Later

Naruto and Veemon walk through a hidden path to avoid being detected by the public, "What is up with this thing?" the blond stated while pushing the two lower buttons on his D-Ark, while the compass was active.

He knew Digimon didn't just disappear, especially if they were on school grounds, his D-Ark would've pointed them to it. "You got anything Veemon?" he asked.

The blue dragon sniffed the air several times, "It's faint, but a Digimon definitely passed through here" he replied. They watched as a butterfly fluttered in the air, which was shortly followed by a small white plush-like Digimon; causing both Tamer and Partner to facevault.

The two picked themselves up from the ground before the Digimon landed on the blond's hair, "Kid what are you doing?" Naruto asked.

"Oh its you guys again, do you want to play with me now?" the Digimon asked, as its bunny-like ear shrunk.

Naruto sighed and looked at his D-Ark once more, an interface popped up showing information, "Calumon?"

"That's me-" the now named Calumon said happily.

'Strange... other than his name, there's nothing on him-'

"Naruto!" Veemon said after taking another sniff, his eyes snapping wide; the D-Ark suddenly showed a waypoint.

"About time" the two then dashed towards their objective, with Calumon hanging onto the blond's shoulder, "Where are we going?" he asked, holding on tightly.

Takato had a horrified look on his face as his partner, Guilmon was kicked into a steel fence; bursting it open with sheer force. He turned to their attacker, a yellow furred vixen and a dark orange haired girl.

"Y-You're that girl I saw in my dream" he muttered, remembering the strange dream he had the day he got his D-Ark, the same duo that fought and deleted a Lynxmon.

The red dinosaur known as Guilmon, growled as he got back to his feet, "Pyro Sphere!" shooting a fireball at his opponent who easily dodged and let the flamming orb pass her, destroying and setting ablaze whatever the sphere had hit.

"Guilmon don't!" Takato pleaded, hoping to try and reason with the female Tamer; however with how the red dinosaur was acting, how Renamon had openly attacked them, and her Tamer not bothering to stop the two, there was little chance of that happening.

Renamon jumped over Guilmon as the dinosaur swiped its claws at the vixen, "Diamond Storm!" pure white, diamond hard, and razor sharp leaves were fired at the virus type. The leaf's exploded on contact, leaving Guilmon tattered self still but, barely standing.

"Your Digimon's weak... not even a minute into the fight and is already falling unconscious, it's pathetic" the girl pointed out.

"Leave him alone, he's not ready for battles yet-"

"That's too bad then, every Digimon knows that when they bio-emerge they become a target to those who have already crossed over; they must win battles to get stronger or lose and be deleted... now seeing as how you won't fight back-" she turns to her partner.

"Renamon... delete him-"

"H-Hey wait a second-"

"Diamond Sto- Vee Headbutt!" the vixen was tackled hard by a bipedal dragon, right before declaring her attack. Both present Tamers snapped their heads at the newcomer, "A... Veemon?" Takato muttered, "Power Paw!" Veemon back-flipped away from the vixen's blue flamed fists. "Renamon, what are you doing get up!" the girl nearly shouted, the vixen stumbled a bit, holding her stomach before getting back to her feet; the small dragon had a clean shot at the vixen's abdominal.

"Phew, looks like I made it in time" now turning their heads to the second newcomer. Takato went wide-eyed while the girl raised an eyebrow, "N-N-Naruto, you're a Tamer too!?" the brunette stuttered out, Naruto took a glance at the boy, "And you as well" he said, glancing at the red/white D-Ark and dinosaur.

'Who's this guy?' the girl thought.

Calumon climbed over and sat on the blond's shoulder while Naruto himself scanned both Digimon with his D-Ark. 'Renamon, Rookie Level, Data Type... one of the few strongest Rookie's as well... this'll be fun-' he thought before scanning Guilmon.

'No data... ... ... ... like with Calumon-'

Veemon lands besides Guilmon and notices the dinosaur's tail, "Hey, you're the one that entered the school" he pointed accusingly, before Renamon fired another round of razor leaves.

"Digi-Modify... Power Boost Plug-in C, Activate!"

Veemon cracked his neck as he was cloaked in a faint pixilated aura and dashed forward "Vee Punch!" rapidly thrusting a volley of fists, the leaves where knocked aside. The sound of clashing metal filled the air with each leaf hit, 'No way... Diamond Storm is Renamon's signature attack, no Rookie level could've blocked them, even with a power boost they'd need a shield or barrier to be able to do that!' the girl thought with disbelief painted on her face.

"So, you wish to continue even with the odd's being two against one-"

"W-Wait Naruto, we're not ready to battle yet!" Takato pleaded.

"Just use you're cards-"

"No, I mean this is our first battle!" Naruto turned to the brunette with a deadpan stare before giving a sigh.

"Okay fine, we'll handle this, take your Digimon and get out of here, Veemon you ready?"


It was at this point that Takato felt useless, here his new friend was going up against someone who would appear to be an experienced Tamer. He had also asked to for his help and had turned him down due to not being battle-ready, Takato's only option was to leave with his weakened Digimon.

"Digi-Modify... Garurumon's Howling Blaster, Activate!"

"Digi-Modify... Kabutarimon's Electro Shocker, Activate!"

Renamon thrusted a flaming blue open palm while Veemon charged an electrical orb in his grasp.

"Howling Blaster!"

"Electro Shocker!"

Both attacks collided, the blue flames heated the lightning orb causing it to grow larger before exploding; canceling out the two attacks.

"Vee Headbutt!" shooting like a bullet through the smoke, Renamon barely had time to avoid, "Power Paw!" she declared now performing a flurry of kicks and swipes.

"Takato what are you doing, get him out of here!"

"Guilmon c'mon!" the red dinosaur refused to move and once again joined the frame.

Veemon and Renamon charged one another, not paying attention to the stampeding dinosaur heading their way, "Bunny Blast!" a green bullet of super heated air exploded between the three before they could maul each other. They all turned to the third and forth newcomer, "Hey... you're the one I bumped into after school" Naruto spoke.

"After schoo- there's another Tamer at our school!" Takato couldn't help but shout.

"Looks can be deceiving, guess that plushie 'was' your Digimon"

The bluenette walked towards the three, with Terriermon jumping down from his shoulders, "Momentai (Take it easy) you three, there's no need for violence" the Rookie stated. At this Naruto and Veemon couldn't help but sweatdrop, after all, about eighty to ninety percent of all Digi-Battles are resolved with violence.

"Enough stalling, Renamon finish them!"

"As you wish... Diamond Storm!"

"Pyro Sphere!"

"Vee Headbutt!" they all continued their assault, Terriermon walked back to Henry, "Well I tried everything-" getting a face palm from his Tamer, Takato ran towards the bluenette as the battle raged, only hopped he could at least help him aid Guilmon.

"Digi-Modify... Ogremon's Overlord Fist, Activate!" Veemon's fist glowed an ominous purple before thrusting it forward, letting loose a dark energy.

"Digi-Modify... Leomon's Fist of the Beast King, Activate!" Renamon's fist shined bright orange and thrusted forward, shooting an aura like energy in the shape of a lion's head.

Both attacks resulted in an explosion, Guilmon sent flying back from the shock waves; on the sidelines Terriermon was watching the fight with a smile on his face, unknowingly to him, the urge to join the battle was reaching its peak.

"W-We have to do something!" Takato stated, Henry knew he was right and should help, however the bluenette was a pacifist and would avoid conflict. If they didn't do anything soon, one of the three Digimon would end up deleted.

"Digi-Modify... Hyper Speed, Beelzemon's Berejena Activate!" dual shotguns materialized within the dragon's grasp and disappeared in a blur.

'No!' the girl thought, attempting to grab a card to counter but, was proven too late. Veemon appeared in front of Renamon with aimed at her stomach and fired a round. Due to him being a Rookie level, the damage of the weapons was greatly reduced to that of a Champion level, however that didn't stop the vixen from being knocked down due to the force of the weapon.

Veemon planted a foot on her chest and aimed the second gun to her head, "You give up?" the girl heard Naruto say. Had Renamon been a wild one then Veemon would've pulled the trigger then and there, however from one Tamer to another, he would at least show some form of mercy.

"Hehehe-" Takato and Henry turned to Terriermon who seemed to be shaking uncontrollably. Henry's eyes widened, "Terriermon, don't!" he shouted, getting the attention of the other two Tamers. Calumon winced as his red interface began to glow.



The rabbit/dog Digimon was surrounded in a cocoon of green data; starting from head to toe, his skin began to peal off, leaving a green wire frame pattern on its now much larger body. Skin began to re-attach itself; his body was now a variation of green and tan color, a red diamond laid plain on his forehead, two slash marks on his cheeks, and blue navy pants on his lower torso. Several pieces of machinery assimilated themselves on the Champions arms revealing them to be a pair of gatling guns, before wrapping a strap of ammunition across his chest...


"N-No way... he Digivolved-" the girl muttered in disbelief.

Gargomon laughed happily as he began to randomly fire from his gatling guns, Henry tackled Takato down while Naruto grabbed Calumon, held him close and quickly hid behind cover along with the dark orange haired girl. Veemon took his foot off Renamon and tackled Guilmon to safety while the vixen rolled away a few feet before jumping to a tree.

'Kuso...' were Naruto's thoughts as he tried to peek from his hiding place only to be shot at by the unstable Champion Level, Calumon buried his head in the blond's chest, shaking from fright. "He's not making this easy-" he said before eyeing the two dragon/dinosaur Digimon, a light bulb clicked, "Hey Veemon how's about a little teamwork!" he yelled.

"Huh?" was his reply, before quickly realizing the meaning, "Hey, Guilmon right?" getting an uneasy 'hai' from the now calmed dinosaur.

"Can you fire one of Pyro Spheres at him... just a distraction"

"What's... distraction?" he asked, nearly causing Veemon to nearly facevault, "Just fire one-"

Gargomon continued to fire rounds, laughing like trigger happy bunny that he is, when suddenly, "Pyro Sphere!" a fireball collided with the Champion level face causing him to stumble back.

"Guilmon!?" Takato couldn't help but shout in surprise.

"Now!" Veemon shot forward with Naruto bringing a card out from his second holder, 'What's he doing?' they thought.

"Digi-Modify... DigiEgg of Courage, Activate!"

Once more Calumon winced with his interface shining brighter than before.


The crest of Courage appeared on the D-Ark's interface before emerging out, like a hologram. It then shot towards the dark skies glowing bright orange, Veemon then punches through it causing the crest exploding in fiery red data and rain down as the bipedal dragon nose dived through the air.


The Digimon's skin began to peel off as the fiery data circled around him like a twister; leaving the pale blue wire frame pattern on his body and morphed into a much larger body as the skin began to re-attach itself. The fiery data then collided with the Digimon's left arm, equipping a egg-like gauntlet with flame designs, shortly three sharp claws sprouted from said guards. The data began to engulf the body, equipping a second gauntlet to the right arm, a pair of clawed boots on both legs, flame design armored knee pads and turtleneck chest piece, three black leather straps on both arms, and a single bladed horn helmet. The Digimon flipped onto its legs and fired two fireballs from its gauntlets before emitting flames in a tornado like fashion.


"Him too!?" The girl stated feeling weak on her knees.

"Let's do this quick, Digi-Modify... Terra Force, Activate!" swiping said card through the D-Ark, Flamedramon gave off an aura of orange pixilated data, and jumped into the air. At this point, Gargomon was back on his feet and was about to continue blaze guns when, "Fire Rocket!" Flamedramon aimed both gauntlets and fired two high powered fireballs at his opponent.

Gargomon took the blasts and stumbled back, with scorch marks on over his body; Flamedramon landed ontop of the Champion level and slammed an open palm on his face, "Fire Rocket!" the fireball exploded and point blank, creating a large smoke/dust cloud, causing those witnessing to shield their eyes from the waves of dust.

Once cleared, Flamedramon walked towards Henry with Terriermon passed out in his arms, "Terriermon!" Henry got off the ground and rushed towards the armored Digimon, he took his partner off his hands, "You really outt'a train him up a bit before having him go Champion state, maybe when he's not a trigger crazy bunny, we can have a rematch" he heard Flamedramon state before he walked back to his partner.

Naruto turned to see his opponent walk away from the area, "Hey-" he called out, causing her to look back at him with a small glare, "What's you're name?" he asked. The girl turned slightly as Renamon joined her, "Rika Nonaka" she responded, the blond nodded, "Naruto Namikaze".

"Namikaze huh... make no mistake, you got lucky, we won't be beaten so easily the next time" she states before walking off, Renamon taking off into the trees.

'Rika Nonaka... hehe, she's kind of cute when she's angry' he thought before heading to the group, Calumon now resting on his head.

"So... you guys want to explain to me why, A: You're Digimon can't control his Champion level and, B: your's entered school grounds in a cardboard box" he asked both remaining Tamers, and still conscious Digimon.

Next Chapter: Wild Ones

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