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The V-Kaiser

Chapter 3: Wild Ones

Naruto was currently giving his sister Yuna a piggyback ride after picking her up from school, after his talk with Takato and Henry he learned a little something about his fellow Tamers, the both can't fight worth crap. Takato he could understand, only a week as a Tamer and hasn't even been in an actual battle outside Renamon's fight, and Henry who was once a fighter became a pacifist after Terriermon first went into his Champion state against Gorillamon. Little was known about their fourth Tamer, that girl Rika Nanoka from what Henry told him was the Digimon Queen of Card Games.

He smirked, 'Now there's someone I'd like to play against' were his thoughts.

"Is Nii-chan okay, he's smiling a lot-" Yuna asked innocently.

"I'm fine... just met someone is all"

Within an alleyway ahead, Veemon picked up the scent of a nearby Digimon. It wasn't Guilmon, Renamon, or even Terriermon. He took to the rooftops and noticed a small dark violet skinned imp staring into a children's room, he sneaked up behind the Digimon and took a peak as well. Two children close to Yuna's age were tugging on a stuffed bear, yelling 'Mine/No Mine!'

"They should learn to share-" Calumon said, causing the imp to jump and fall face first onto the ground below. "The hell is wrong with you, don't go sneaking up on Digimon like that ya walking pork bun!" Impmon shouted. Calumon's ear shrunk back into his head, "Hey he was pointing things out, don't need to get all pissy" Veemon waved him off.

"Whatever, just leave me alone-" the Rookie level jumped back onto a different rooftop and hopped away. Veemon turned back to the room and watched as the two kids dropped the bear and pushed each other, eventually dropping a box on a desk, opening and revealing a white/violet D-Ark.

'A Tamer lives there!' Veemon thought in shock.

"Veemon we got a Bio-Emergence just north of here, see ya there"

"Huh! What? Oh right, C'mon Calumon let's go"

"Okay~" the white plush Digimon responded, clinging onto his friends shoulders as he headed north.

"Alright Yuna-chan, I've got to go somewhere but I'll be back before you know it okay so don't be getting into trouble now" Naruto said as he dashed out the door, leaving his little sister at home... alone.

Yuna turned to the large house complex, now what would a four year old do without adult supervision?

Naruto ran through the alleyways, following his D-Ark as the compass began to turn, 'Tsk, it's already crossed over-' he thought as Veemon landed beside him. "Sorry for the delay-" he said, "We saw a Digimon" Calumon replied.

"Did you delete it?"

"It was an Impmon, nothing to worry about"

The blonde nodded while he preferred a challenge, a Rookie level Digimon like Impmon had the potential to become one of the strongest Mega level Digimon within the Digital World. Naruto reached into his deck and brought out the Impmon card, the image of said Digimon struggling to fuse two red and blue fireballs. 'I wonder-' he thought as he continued to rush towards their objective.

After about a minute they stopped at an abandoned complex, "You smell it?" he asked, Veemon took a whiff and nodded. "Right in there just straight ahead" Calumon's ears shrunk once more as they proceeded into the complex.

"Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait~ ~ ~ there's two of-" he was cut off as a Wendigomon and DarkTyrannomon crashed through a wall.

"Iron Tail!" the black dinosaur whiplashes the bunny/dog off it, "Cable Crusher!" stretching its cable-like arms, slammed DarkTyrannomon across the asylum.

"Koko Crusher!" Wendigomon spurt out miniature cannon slots from his chest and fired rounds at the fallen dinosaur, "Fire Blast!" letting loose a large scale flamethrower in defense.

"Veemon, you ready!"bringing out his D-Ark and having Calumon fly onto his shoulder.


"Digi-Modify... Terra Force, Ninjamon's Bushin no Jutsu, Activate!"

"Bushin no Jutsu!" Veemon poofs a clone into existence, both giving a pixilated aura and make a mad dash for the two Champion level Digimon, "Vee Headbutt!" they declared, skull bashing into the two Digimon and knocking them onto the solid hard grounds. "Vee Punch!" the two Veemon then rapidly punched at the downed Digimon, "Digi-Modify... WarGreymon X's Gaia Force Zero!" taking a vice grip to the duo, they flung them towards the ceiling, "Gaia Force Zero!" forming a blazing sphere formed at their palms and flung it towards the still suspending Digimon.

Wendigomon and DarkTyrannomon roared in pain before bursting into clouds of data, "Well, that takes care of that" Veemon said as his clone burst into data. Before Tamer and Digimon could leave, Naruto's D-Ark detected another Bio-Emergence, "Another one?" Veemon asked, Calumon raised his head as they dashed out of the complex. Their was a strange ripples along the sky, 'Uh-oh' he thought.

Hypnos HQ

A blonde haired man in a black business suit, branding dark sunglasses while constantly flipping open and closing a Zippo lighter. "How long until the door closes?" he asked, two of the operators Riley Ootori and Tally Onodera rapidly typed on their digital keyboard, "On its own, it could take four to six hours-" Tally responded.

"By then, Shinjuku will be swarming with those 'things', get every employee working on this, have them find a way to close it"

"Hai, Yamaki-San!"

The now named Yamaki flipped opened his lighter as several yellow targets were marked along the areas marked around Shinjuku, having tested out Hypnos's Juggernaut program had back fired and instead of stopping more bio-emergence, it had actually opened up a clear path for more Digimon to crossover.

"Riley, I want you target the Wild Ones... and hit 'em with the Yuggoth"


Shinjuku Park

Takato was currently feeding Guilmon several breads he had snuck out of his parent's bakery. The red dinosaur was munching happily on the soft, tasty crust before catching the scent of a nearby Digimon and growled, letting his feral features show.

"Guilmon? What's up?" the brunette asked before his D-Ark's compass beeped on. 'Digimon!?' he thought as Guilmon rushed outside only to come face to face with a large green dinosaur, branding two large black and red ringed tusks from its shoulders, spikes down to its tail, and a skull and crossbones tattoo on its left shoulder.

Takato gulped and scanned the Digimon before him, "Tsukmon, Champion level whose attacks are Panzer Knuckle, Horn Driver, and Bayonet Lancer" he read as Guilmon fired a bullet from his mouth, "Pyro Sphere!" Tuskmon grunted from the attack and snarled at the Rookie Level.

"Horn Driver!" its tusks now glowing red as it charged Guilmon. Takato began to panic, "Guilmon get out of the way!" the red dinosaur snapped its attention towards his Tamer and does as commanded. Takato jumped away as Tuskmon plowed through Guilmon's new home. Tuskmon growled as it dug its head out of the rubble, Takato quickly remembered the advice his fellow Tamer had given him.

"Mixing status and move cards can bring up devastating to your opponent, try this one... ... ... ... ... ... ... remember Takato, the card games are nothing compared to actual Digi-Battle, make one mistake and it'll cost you dearly"

"Naruto's right, got to give it my all... Digi-Modify... Hyper Speed, Greymon's Nova Blast! Activate!"

Guilmon dashed in front of Tuskmon with great speed, "Nova Blast!"the raging fireball pushed Tuskmon onto its back and was soon engulfed in flames, this however did not stop it as it quickly got back on its feet and shined its tusks brightly.

"Bayonet Lancer!" firing two energy waves at it's opponent, "Guilmon!" Takato shouted as the red dinosaur was sent flying back from the shock waves. Both Tamer and Digimon looked up to see their opponent charge another attack.

"Digi-Modify... WarGreymon's Brave Shield! Activate!" slashing his card through his D-Ark, a shield of Chrome Digizoid branding the Crest of Courage on it, materialized within Guilmon's grasp. "Bayonet Lancer!" said energy waves blasted against the shield and pushed back the Rookie Level several inches.

"C'mon Guilmon, you can do it!"

"Pyro Sphere!" manages to fire its signature attack directly into Tuskmon's left eye, causing it roar in pain and aim away its still streaming attack. "Now's your chance, Digi-Modify...Frigimon's Sub-Zero Ice Punch! Activate!" the red dinosaur shot forth like a red bullet, his claws giving a pixilated icy aura before piercing it through his opponent.

"Sub-Zero Ice Punch!" Tuskmon was instantly frozen solid before being shattered into millions of pieces, courtesy of Guilmon's tail.

Takato stared at the pixilated data cloud that arose from the frozen ice, soon were absorbed by his partner. "We won?" he said not believing that they had actually defeated their first Digimon. He was snapped out of his funk when his D-Ark began to show multiple Bio-Emergence's throughout Shinjuku. "N-No way!?" he stuttered.

Naruto stopped his trek when his D-Ark gave similar results, "What the hell!? There's no way this can be happening!" Veemon and Calumon were equally surprised.

Digimon were suddenly popping up all over the place, 'There's no way we'll be able to keep our Digimon a secret' he thought. "We'll just have to take them out as quickly as possible" reaching into his second card holder and bringing out an evolution card.

"Need for speed, Veemon!"

"Got it!"

"Digi-Modify... DigiEgg of Knowledge! Activate!" Calumon's interface glowed bright red, causing the plush Digimon to flinch in slight pain.


The Crest of Knowledge appeared on the D-Ark's interface before emerging out, like a hologram. It then shot towards the dark skies glowing bright purple, Veemon then punches through it causing the crest to explode in a yellow earth-like data and rain down as the bipedal dragon nose dived through the air.


The Digimon's skin began to peel off as the fiery data circled around him like a twister; leaving the pale blue wire frame pattern on his body and morphed into a much larger body as the skin began to re-attach itself. The earth data then collided with the Digimon's chest, a yellow chest plate and two short clawed arms out his back with violet swirl marks. The data then engulfed the body equipping two greaves with insect-like clawed boots, a spiked collar, and a bee-like mask with the golden 'V' on its forehead and a patch of wild orange hair to grow from its head. The Digimon punched slammed its large three clawed fists together, causing four insect wings to sprout from it's back and the Crest of Knowledge to embed itself on the chest plate. The Digimon flapped its wings rapidly before disappearing into barely visible blurs; it then lands on the ground, causing it digital rocks to erupt.


"Alright Calumon, hang on!" Naruto took the plush Digimon into his arms and hopped onto the Armor Digimon's back. Dinobeemon flapped his wings rapidly and took off with the speed of a fired bullet.

At the same time, Rika Nanoka jumped over a fence of an alleyway as a Saberdramon flew through the narrow walls, hitting few of them in the process.

"Digi-Modify... WereGarurumon's Engetsugeri! Activate!" (Circle Moon Kick). Rika swiped said card and stood still while the black Birdramon look alike closed in on her, "Engetsugeri!" Renamon bolted forward and kicked Saberdramon off course before spinning around and kicking it harder with each spin, the vixen then axe kicked the Digimon into the ground and creating a large dust cloud.

"Night Roar!" violet colored feathers shot out of the cloud and towards Renamon, "Digi-Modify... Ninjamon's Bushin no Jutsu! LoaderLiomon's Loader Morningstar! Activate!" Rika stated whilst swiping her cards, "Bushin no Jutsu!" four Renamon clones appeared and maneuvered around the burning feathers, effectively confusing the overgrown bird.

A spiked flail then materialized within the vixen's grasp and slammed it into the Digimon's head; Saberdramon exploded into a cloud of data. "Done and done-" Rika muttered before her D-Ark went off the charts, she gasped as multiple Digimon were popping up all over her compass. Both Digimon and Tamer looked up just in time to see Dinobeemon zoom overhead, "Renamon let's move!" she said while making her way deeper into the city, the yellow furred vixen taking the rooftops.

"On you're left!"

"Hell Masquerade!" extending the blades on its extra arms, Dinobeemon flashed in front of an Airdramon and dismembered one of its wings. The dragon, still having minimal control of its flight attempted to devour the Armor Digimon found that he couldn't as he had disappeared in an after image. The battle was over long before it began, Dinobeemon reappeared with his back turned against the dragon and sheathed his blades. Airdramon's head then slid off its body and burst into data along with the rest of its body.

The duo could see several civilians look upon them, wondering what was going on. "So much for keeping Digimon a secret, c'mon Dinobeemon, onto the next target"

"Hai!" flying back several buildings and into a wide alleyway, "You!" Naruto turned away from his D-Ark, "You!" he replied towards Rika, "Me!" Calumon shouted happily, getting a sweat drop from Dinobeemon. Renamon dropped down from her position and in front of Rika in case the two decided to brawl during the crisis occurring.

"Listen, I know you're probably still mad about earlier but we've got bigger things to worry about-"

"Yeah, the sudden spawn of Digimon-" she replied, not taking her eyes off her opponent and his Armored Digimon.

"Don't get in my way"


"Look me and Renamon can handle this on our own, so just stay out of our way" this gave Naruto a tick mark, before jumping off Dinobeemon, who landed just across the two.

"Half an army of Digimon are popping up all over the city and you think the two of you are enough to stop them, like it or not you need help"

"I don't need help, expecially from you" she stated as she walked past the blond, before he could retort a cloud of smoke filled th area. Naruto's D-Ark read first, "Flymon, Champion Level, Virus Type, its attacks are Deadly Sting, Poison Powder, and Flying Arm... on its own its hardly a challenge but, with its hive, you better bring back up" he finished before they heard multiple buzzing wings.

"Hehe, just like that time with the Chameleonmon" Dinobeemon mused, as a swarm violet winged hornets emerged from the shadows.

"Renamon!" said vixen jumped in the air, with bright leaves materializing around her.

"Dinobeemon!" crossing his armorless arms while his extra limbs extended their scarlet stinger blades.

"Diamond Storm!/Hell Masquerade!"Renamon assaulted the insects while Dinobeemon disappeared in an afterimage. Few of the Flymon were bisected while others were caught in the small explosion, more were instantly replaced, "I'm sorry what was that about not needing help"Naruto mocked as he pulled out a card.

"I never asked for it, Digi-Modify... Shurimon's Kusanagi! Activate!" a large four star shuriken materialized within the Vixen's hand and gave it a hard but accurate toss, turning flies into clouds of data.

"Digi-Modify... Tigervespamon's Royal Meister! Sistermon Noir's Anthony! Activate!" Dinobeemon used his upper arms to take hold of twin tiger fanged blades while his extra limbs let drop the two automatic pistols into his Tamer's hands. Rika was greatly surprised when Naruto jumped back aboard Dinobeemon and took to the skies, firing bullets of Chrome Digizoid while his partner hacked and slashed away at the insects.

"Deadly Sting!" the Flymon began their counter attack, shooting their stingers at the group. Renamon dashed at her Tamer, "Power Paw!" using her now flaming blue fists, the yellow furred vixen managed to block off several before, "Poison Powder!" the Flymon flapped their wings and unleashed a venomous dust cloud, "Rika, Renamon get down!" Calumon shouted. Naruto took notice, "Kuso, Dinobeemon-", "On it!" the wasp Digimon nose dived down into the alleyway, many Flymon hot in pursuit.

Rika was about to draw her barrier card when the Flymon fired their Deadly Sting on the unsuspecting Renamon, this caused her to drop her guard and let their Poison Powder engulf her. "Irritant Buzz!" Dinobeemon sent out a high-pitched vibration from his rapidly flapping wings, the sound waves were enough to have the Flymon stop their assault.

Naruto hopped off his partner and rushed Rika and Renamon, all the while firing from his materialized weapons. Rika on the other hand was devastated as she stared upon her fallen partner, Flymon's Poison Powder was meant to drain a Digimon's energy and leave them weak while their Deadly Sting; the name speaks for itself, if not treated, the Digimon would die within the hour.

"Renamon..." she muttered, completely in shock, not being able to here Naruto call out to her.

"Naruto I can't keep this up forever!"

"Right, Digi-Modify... Devimon's Death Hand! Activate!" Dinobeemon flew up in a twister-like fashion with his upper three clawed hands glowing black, "Death Hand!" firing a violet/black energy beams from his palms, swatting away the flies from the group.

"Tsk, there's too many!" Dinobeemon shouted, one was about to hit him with its Deadly Sting when, "Gargo Laser!" several green concentrated bullets blasted through the swarm.

"Gargomon!?" the yellow wasp asked, "You aren't trigger crazy are you?" not needing another Digimon trying to kill him.

"Momentai! I've got it under control" he replied, putting both Naruto and Dinobeemon at ease when Henry, Takato, and Guilmon came rushing in.

"You guys are late!" the blonde asked before his guns went empty and dematerialized.

"We had a run in with Gorillamon-" Henry stated.

"Well come on then, these guys aren't gonna delete themselves, Digi-Modify... Valkyriemon's Aurvandil's Arrow! Activate!"

"Digi-Modify... MetalTyrannomon's Nuclear Laser! Activate!"Henry card slashed.

"Digi-Modifiy... Hyper Wing! Wingdramon's Blaze Sonic Breath! Activate!" Takato declared as he swiped his respected cards.

While the battle raged, Calumon got off of Naruto's shoulders and ran over to Renamon's fallen self, he placed his small hands on her yellow fur before turning to Rika. Though the white plush Digimon didn't know what it was like to be a fighter Digimon, he at least knew what it was like to be alone and knew how Rika would feel if she'd loose Renamon; even she wouldn't show it.

"Do you want to save her-" he asked, his eyes glowing a light blue.


"Do you want to save her-" he repeated as he turned to the rest of the Tamers, "Naruto told me, that Veemon was able to Digivolve because of his will to protect him-" he paused as he watched the duo take to the skies again, Guilmon and Gargomon following suit, "They would give each others lives to protect one another... how far would you go to protect the ones you care for?" he asked.

Rika bit her lower lip, she wanted to answer but no words would come out, "Rika!" she heard Naruto call, "Why are you hesitating!? Does Renamon mean that little to you!? Would you really just let her die and have her data absorbed by these bastards! Huh!?" at this point Rika let out few tears, "We've fought so hard... I wanted her to Digivolve, to prove that I was the greatest Tamer... but... if it means getting her deleted, then the hell with it!"

She placed a hand on her partner's fur, "She's not just my partner... she's my friend!" she answered. Her D-Ark then shined brightly, Naruto grinned, "That Rika... is the right answer" he stated as Calumon's interface glowed blue, "Calumon no Inori" he declared, soon Renamon was engulfed in a light veil before letting out a gasp for air. To both her and Rika's shock, Calumon's strange ability had healed her of her poisoning.

"Oi Rika-" Naruto yelled, getting her attention, "Catch!" he reached into his second deck and threw a card. The orange haired tomboy grasped the card and glanced at her shinning D-Ark, she nodded, "Renamon!"


"Digi-Modify... Digivolution! Activate!" Calumon flinched slightly as his interface glowed red.



The yellow vixen took stance as her skin and fur began to peel off, revealing the blue wire pattern as a cocoon of data engulfed her. Data quickly begins to re-attach itself, her once bipedal form was now four legged with a Yin-Yang symbol on each leg, her fur remained yellow in color while she grew a refined white mane. Her single tail split revealing nine beautiful tails, and a white/red stripped bell rope tied itself around her neck before mythical blue flames sparked on the tips of her tails and paws. Fire spun around her as she spun back into position.


Rika stared at her newly formed Digimon in all her glory, "Now that's what I like to see!" Naruto shouted, Takato and Henry were equally surprised by the ordeal.

"C'mon guys, let's finish this!" each Tamer and partners gave a 'Yeah!' and charged the lesser swarm.

"Hell Masquerade!"

"Gargo Laser!"

"Pyro Sphere!"

"Dragon Wheel!"

Within the hour the Tamers and their Digimon had turned the tables and deleted every single Flymon that had emerged. Takato and Henry gave each other a high five, as Gargomon and Dinobeemon reverted back to their Rookie levels; both tired from over using their evolutionary stages.

"Congratulations Rika, you too Kyubimon" Naruto stated as he picked up a sleeping Calumon. To his surprise Rika grabs him by his shirt and pulls him close, "If you EVER tell anyone I cried, I swear to Kami I'll kick your ass!" she threatened, with menacing and slightly watered red eyes.

The blonde Tamer couldn't help but snicker, "Okay, my lips are sealed, still though-" he turned to the nine-tailed vixen. "I'm glad to know that you think Digimon are more than just data" RIka for once in longest time of her life, smiled. Before any of them could continue their celebration, all of their D-Ark's went off the charts.

"What!?" the said, before looking towards the sky to see lightning spark around a ripple. Not seconds later, did a cloud of smoke appear, though not thick enough to cover the Digimon's body. Two large black pincers shot forth which were followed by a large spiked, scythe-like helmet, four large spiked clawed arms and a pair of wings.

It was nearly half way out when Takato scanned the Digimon with his D-Ark, "N-No way!" getting everyones attention.

"GranKuwagamon... Mega Level... Virus Type... its attacks are Dimension Scissors and Catastrophe"

"M-Mega Level-" Henry muttered.

Naruto grimaced, Veemon and Terriermon had burned out most of their strength which only left Kyubimon and Guilmon to fight; chances of victory, zero to none. 'We're gonna need a miracle for this' Naruto thought.

Hypnos HQ

"Yamaki-san, all systems ready!" Tally replied.

"Close the door, now!" he ordered.

"Yuggoth at full power, targeting... ... ... ... ... ... Fire!" Riley declared.

GranKuwagamon had nearly crossed-over when the passage way behind it suddenly began to close, it tried to push itself out but was suddenly hit by a digital field. The amount of energy that was being launched had forced it back into the Digital Stream where its body was quickly broken apart before combusting into a cloud of data.

Down below the Tamers hadn't a clue as to what had happened but, were thankful that they didn't have to fight against such a powerful opponent. "Guys check it out!" Naruto mentioned at his D-Ark, everyone grouped up to see that the Digimon signals were disappearing at an alarming rate. "Takatomon... I don't smell any bad Digimon" Guilmon spoke out.

"Hai, besides the four of us I don't sense any other Digimon" Kyubimon stated before De-Digivolving back into Renamon.

Within ten minutes, the Tamers and their partners had managed to evade the police and civilians who were most likely looking for any signs of the monsters that had invaded their city. They had stopped for a breather at the park, "Well guys, its been fun, but we better split before anyone else sees us" Naruto stated.

"Hai, my parents don't want me out too late" Takato responded.

Naruto turned to Rika as she walked down a different path, "Oi, Rika!"


"Now that Renamon can Digivolve, we can have that rematch you wanted-"

Rika smirked, "Don't think you'll get lucky like you did the last time!"

"Sure whatever you say... oh and Rika, are you doing anything Saturday?"

"Nothing I can think of, why?"

"Maybe we can meet up, have a Card Battle, I wanna see if you can live up to your reputation, Digimon Queen"

"So you know of me, fine then Saturday it is, meet me at the Firewall around twelve"

"See ya then!" he replied as she soon disappeared from view, leaving the three boys and Digimon to themselves.

"Great, now I'm gonna have to find a new home for Guilmon"Takato muttered as he watched Guilmon dig through the rubble.

"Tell me Henry, why the sudden change? I mean weren't you against fighting?" Henry sighed at his question.

"It's like you told me, find something worth fighting for, to me that was my family, the innocent, and my partner here"

Naruto patted his shoulder, "Glad you made the right choice... ... ... ... ... wait, OH CRAP! YUNA!" he yelled before making a mad dash to his home, with a semi conscious Veemon and Calumon. "What was that about?" Henry asked himself.

"All right Guilmon, ya did it!" using whatever was left from the small hut-like building, the red dinosaur had managed to dig a cave big enough to fit four people inside, wasn't much but it was better than nothing.

Namikaze Residence

Having let Veemon and Calumon crawl in through the window, Naruto nervously entered his home to see an upset Kushina and sheepish looking Minato holding a hyper active four year old. On his left several empty cookie boxes and soda cans laid to waste, the living room was a mess as picture frames where tilted, lamp posts were knocked over and a large crack on the television.

"Uh... I can explain..."

Next Chapter - Night of the living Dinosaur!

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