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"Honey, I'm home!" Even though Brittany had been saying those words every single day for years now, she never got tired of them. This was hands down her favorite time of day. Getting to greet her wife and kids after a full day of work was something she had a hard time describing. Even when the house was a mess, or when one or more of her kids were screaming or when Santana was yelling to somebody – on the phone or in the kitchen – she always felt her body relax the minute she crossed the threshold of her house.

Tonight she was greeted by relative silence. Sure she could hear the quiet hum of the washer, the distant sound of a cartoon playing on T.V. and classical music drifting down the stairs, but in the Pierce household this counted as quiet.

"Babe, where you at?" she yelled, unaccustomed to not seeing Santana as soon as she got inside. She put down her briefcase, took of her coat, stepped out of her shoes and made her way from the foyer to the kitchen.

The sight she was greeted with caused her to break into a full on smile. Santana and Lila were involved in an intense staring match, equally dark eyes focusing on each other equally stubbornly. They had been trying to potty train the twins this week, and surprisingly, it was Rosie who had understood the concept within hours, while Lila still refused to go. Santana was convinced that Lila understood just as well as Rosie did, but that their little diva rather liked the attention of people changing her diaper for her; hence the staring match.

Brittany chuckled, and made her way over to Santana who was still completely focused on their daughter, arms crossed over her chest. "Hey babe," she muttered, softly kissing Santana on the cheek. "You are both so cute when you're angry."

Santana glares at her, "for your information, I am trying to potty train your daughter here, Britt," she says somewhat coolly, yet unable to hide her excitement at her wife's arrival. Brittany laughs in response, of course Lila is her daughter, but the stubborn attitude, exotic good looks and pouty lips make it obvious to literally anybody that Lila is Santana's child too.

"Where's the other crazies?" Brittany informs casually, while sneaking a peeled carrot from the cutting board on the counter. "Jools is doing her homework, or is supposed to, Liv is practicing some ballet routine and Rosie is watching T.V." Santana rattled off.

Brittany still had trouble believing that they had four kids – all girls – even though the twins were approaching their third birthday.

When Olivia had turned three, Brittany and Santana had decided to go for just one more, not expecting to end up doubling the amount of kids they already had. Although they had always known multiples were a possibility, they had sort of let go of that notion after two single pregnancies. To say they were surprised when the obstetrician had told them there were two heartbeats was an understatement, but after they had recovered from the shock, they had embraced it.

People asked them all the time if they didn't mind not having any boys, but although boy twins would most definitely been welcome, at this point they were mostly relieved that they didn't have just one boy surrounded by three sisters and two moms. They were scared of what puberty would bring, but right now they were quite enjoying their four girls.

They had both underestimated the strain being pregnant with twins would put on Santana's body – she had been put on complete bed rest six months into the pregnancy, after literally collapsing – but other than that, they had expected the new arrivals with just as much joy as the other two.

After their birth, they had initially struggled with the care of two infants and two more young children, but once they had worked out a system, their twins had turned out to be suite easy babies. Lila, however, had soon developed quite the little personality, and ever since she had mastered the art of talking she had been dubbed the little diva of the family.

Santana loved to remind Brittany that they had almost chosen Rachel as her godmother; they were both grateful they had eventually gone with Quinn, as they didn't even want to consider the effect spending lots of time with Rachel would have on Lila.

Anyways, this little battle of wills Brittany walked in on was nothing new, and she knew to leave them to it, knowing intervening would inevitably lead to one of her girls – most likely both – to get upset with her. Instead she chose to go check up on her other kids.

Brittany had in the past sometimes been jealous of Santana, who up till now had always been at home with the kids. However, she had to admit that getting away from them was what made her so grateful to see them at night. She knew she would have eventually gotten to resent her kids for keeping her from dancing, had she given up work to be with them, or even carry them.

Her body was her instrument, so she considered herself lucky for being with another woman who could give her babies while she could keep dancing. They had initially thought Santana would go back to work a couple of months after Juliet's birth, but once they had figured out that almost all of Santana's pay check – she was a high school teacher – would go into child care, Santana had jumped at the opportunity to stay home.

And home she had been ever since, both of them agreeing that it was easiest that way, especially when it would come to expanding their family. Now the twins would start school soon though, and Santana had started looking into part time jobs, claiming that vanity would go to her head if she had too much time on her hands. Brittany already struggled to comprehend the amount of time Santana could spend in the bathroom getting ready. And that was without considering the hair appointments, the mani-pedi's and the trips to the gym.

Don't get her wrong, Brittany loved the way Santana looked, but to her Santana was maybe at her sexiest when she was wearing sweats, one of Brittany's shirts, and with her hair in a messy bun on top of her head. She had however, finally come to the understanding that Santana's vanity had little to do with her, and a lot with Santana herself.

The first one of her kids Brittany ran into was Rosie, sucking her thumb in front of the T.V., clutching her blankie. Rosie's blue eyes lit up with excitement when she saw her mama though, and she extended her little arms for a hug. Brittany lifted her up, and carried her upstairs, where her six-year-old was practicing her ballet moves.

Brittany couldn't deny how happy she was that one of her daughter showed an interest in dance, and she spent a couple minutes just watching her talented little girl, still holding Rosie in her arms. Eventually she stepped into the room for a kiss and a hug, but she was soon ushered out again. Brittany smirked, recognizing that kind of behavior very well. She made her way to Jools' room which was right next to Olivia's.

The ten-year-old blonde – her kids displayed an interesting mix of hair, skin and eye colors – was indeed diligently doing her homework. She had figured really fast that the sooner she finished her homework, the sooner she had time for fun things. "Mama!" she exclaimed when she noticed Brittany and Rosie coming in. As Olivia hugged her, Brittany relished how happy she was in this moment, never having thought it possible when she was a lonely teenager in Lima, Ohio.