Hi guys! I don't know if anybody is still interested, but I finally managed to write something. I'm not going to promises any updates on any other stories, but I do promise that I haven't forgotten about them!

Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you thought!

Brittany sighed loudly as her phone rang for what had to be the fiftieth time that day.

It was a hot day in July, the air-conditioning at her studio had broken down, which not only meant she had an unbearably hot office, but also that teachers and students were constantly barging to tell her it was too hot to dance. She had considered canceling classes until the cooling system was fixed, but their summer recital was only two weeks away, and the kids needed their practice time.

On top of her troubles at work, her wife and kids wouldn't leave her alone, calling her almost non-stop to whine and complain; they were all fighting and misbehaving. And as much as it was keeping her from getting any work done, all the whining somehow made her miss her family even more than usual. And also her nice and cool air-conditioned house, if she was being completely honest.

She loved her job, and most of the time she was content hearing her wife and kids' stories at the end of the day, but summers were always a bit harder for her, since her family spent so much time together without her, and she knew she was missing a lot. Santana would assure her that she didn't miss any of the good stuff, as the kids were mostly "bored and annoying as hell," according to her, but the fragments of their fights she was catching over the phone made Brittany realize that no matter how frustrating Santana's days could sometimes be, she would still like to be a part of a bit more of them.

She finally answered her phone on the fifth ring, wondering who it would be this time.

It is Santana herself, again. Brittany is a little surprised at that. Santana usually doesn't call her when she is in a bad mood, because she feels selfish for complaining about being at home with the girls while she knows that Brittany occasionally wishes she could be there instead. And since her girls have been blowing up her phone all day, all to whine or complain, she knows Santana must be in a bad mood.

"Hi baby, what's up?" She asks Santana.

"I miss you Britt," Santana immediately says, and Brittany is surprised to hear that she's on the verge of tears.

"I'm sorry, babe, I miss you too," she says, in what she hopes is a soothing voice.

"They're driving me crazy, Britt, nothing I do or say is right for all of them, and they hate me. I'm not complaining or anything, but it would be great if you could come home right now."

Brittany sighs. Lately the girls have been giving Santana some trouble. Usually her wife has no problem finding a balance between being strict and fun, but Jools, at thirteen, seems to have hit puberty, and is acting out a little bit, causing her younger sisters to imitate her attitude. On top of that, they were fighting a lot lately, probably because they were spending so much time together now that they had no school.

"Why don't you just send them to their room for a bit?" she suggests to Santana. That would give her wife break from the talking back and the girls a break from each other.

"I might," Santana sighs, "but it would still be wonderful if you could get home early tonight."

"I'll try baby," Brittany promises. "Now could you put Jools on the phone for a second, please?"

Brittany knows not to interfere too much when she's not there, because it just undermines Santana, but that doesn't mean she can't warn her daughter.

"Hey mom," Jools says, sounding bored.

"Hey Jools," Brittany says. "Are you guys behaving for your mother?" she asks casually.

"Yes," Jools answers, and she has the audacity to sound like she means it.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that," Brittany says pleasantly, "it'd better stay that way, right?"

"Yup," is all that Jools says back, popping the p.

Brittany sighs, it doesn't sound like she made too much of an impression.

"I'll see you soon," she says, and hangs up. She slouches in her chair and blows a damp strand of hair out of her face. She sits for a bit, making up her mind all of a sudden. It's so hot in her office that she can't focus anyway, so she might as well call it a day. It will make Santana happy, and hopefully her daughters too. She promises herself that once the recital is done, she will try and work from home as much as possible for the rest of the summer. She feels like she misses too much sitting in her office all day. Soon they will be all grown up, and then she can work all she likes.

She tidies up some papers, and shoves the things she needs into her purse, feeling good about her resolution. She can't quite go home yet though. She has to check on the various rehearsals going on in the building first.

She spends a couple of minutes in each room, watching the kids' rehearse, and checking with her teachers that everything is coming along as it should, warning each of her staff members to give the kids frequent water breaks.

After a quick cab ride she finally walks into her house, quietly, as to surprise her family.

She is the one who is surprised though, as she is met by silence. She spots Santana standing on the balcony, but she doesn't see or hear any of her girls, which is surprising, since she expected to walk into full on chaos.

She makes her way over to Santana, whose shoulders are shaking, telling Brittany she's crying, causing her to feel awful. "Hey honey," she says quietly, as she opens the door.

"Britt!" Relief is evident in Santana's voice, and she is immediately greeted with a firm hug.

"Hey baby, you all right? Why are you crying? Where are the kids? Did you send them to their rooms, after all?"

Santana sniffles before answering: "I didn't send them, I suggested they disappeared for a while, if they didn't want to find themselves in serious trouble."

Brittany smiles a little. She loves her daughters to death, but if they are behaving badly enough to have Santana in tears, she feels only pride for her wife for dealing with the situation in a seemingly efficient way, as the house is peaceful and quiet.

"Are we spoiling them too much, Britt?" Santana asks her, eyes still full of tears. "They used to be so sweet, and now, it's like I don't recognize them anymore," she says sadly.

"Oh baby, no, I don't think so," Brittany answers, thinking for a second. "They're just not used to being around each other all the time, and yes, they might be a little bored, but that's not such a bad thing. This way they'll be happy to go off to camp in August," Brittany smiles at Santana.

It's true, their daughters usually have a very full agenda, Jools is very athletic and does different sports, Olivia's a dancer like Brittany, and the twins are both in a choir, with Rosie also taking piano lessons, and Lila enrolled in drawing lessons. Then there were all the activities they were involved in in school.

With all of that temporarily not going on, it was normal that these girls didn't quite know what to do with themselves, but Brittany also knew that they needed a little rest after a busy school year.

Still, seeing Santana so upset hurt Brittany, and she knew they needed to talk to their kids. For now though, she just wanted everyone to cheer up a little.

"Why don't we watch a movie all together, and then go out for dinner and ice cream after, tonight?" She suggested to Santana. "That way they'll all shut up for a bit, and we don't have to worry about dinner for a change."

"Sure," Santana said, "but, I'll bet you they'll fight about what movie to watch, and where they want to go eat."

"I'm picking the movie, and you're picking the restaurant," Brittany firmly said. "And they'll be fine."

"If you say so," Santana said.

Brittany kissed her on the nose. "I do," she said. "Now, why don't you put Mary Poppins in, and I'll go and get the kids."

Santana chuckled at Brittany's choice, it was a family favorite, and they had seen it about a million times, but they all still liked it.

A couple of minutes later Brittany came down the stairs, all four girls in tow, and they all settled on their two couches.

The girls, who had the good grace to seem remorseful, were eager to cuddle with their moms, and as Brittany, who had Lila on one side and Jools on the other, looked over at Santana, who had Rosie and Olivia nestled into her sides, she smiled at her, happiness now in both of their eyes.

Four girls under one roof sure was a struggle at times, but moments like these made it all worth it, and Brittany hoped they would have plenty of moments like this before their eldest would be off to college. Not wanting to think about that too much yet, she gave Jools a little squeeze and a kiss in her hair before focusing on the movie again.