Author's Note: Welcome to the New Year and with it my first new story for 2013. :) I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I will writing it. I will be attempting a new sort of problem to face/tackle that I have not written about before, and trying to stay medically accurate while deviating as much as need be to tell the story. We'll see how this goes! XD Constructive Criticism is always welcomed. Enjoy!

Forget Me Not


It hadn't happened like she though it would.

There was no screech of tires. No smell of burnt rubber. In fact, her brakes hadn't worked at all, or maybe they had been the problem to begin with.

When Mako had set out for work early that freezing winter morning, her mind had been on everything else but the weather. Her drive was one she had taken time and time again; she knew the roads like she knew the back of her hand. But it was hard to spot something you couldn't see.

She had been driving along in the pre-dawn darkness, alone on the road except for the bright moon in the sky. Her car had felt like the inside of a freezer but she had made sure to bundle up tightly and let the car warm before she headed out.

It had been so still outside. So silent.

The only sounds she could hear were her engine running, the heat blasting, and the faint sound of music as she tapped her gloved fingers to its rhythm on the steering wheel.

Then it happened.

Black ice.

With no warning her car suddenly started to slide across the road. Startled out of her daydreams Mako attempted to steer her wheel in the opposite direction of the slide, trying and failing to cease her acceleration as she met the small hill she was suddenly sliding down. Her car twisted and turned until suddenly she was slipping backwards down the hill, panic beginning to bubble in her chest. With another turn of the wheel her car spun around again, accelerating faster as she went and with no longer any semblance of control. Her iron grip on the steering wheel was all that kept her centered as the world around her spun wildly out of focus.

A sudden large force slammed into her car and Mako felt herself thrown sideways from her seat and right into her driver's side window. The car was now full of the sounds of protesting metal and cracking glass but Mako could barely hear it as her head swam from the impact. With an almighty jolt her car ceased its movement.

Faint sound trickled through her ears, the whine and hiss of her car and the still tinkling sound of music that had played on uninterrupted as if nothing had happened.

A part of Mako's brain recognized that she had just been in an accident, that she needed help, but the larger part of her head was drowning in an embracing darkness as something warm and wet slid down the side of her face from somewhere under her hair line.

Her body wouldn't respond to even the simplest of commands, her vision blurred between reality and dreams. With one last sudden burst of clarity an image popped into her head, one that made her heart jolt in delight and then anxiety as her lips formed one last whispered word.


Then there was only darkness as the music from the radio played faintly on, the car's occupant unable to hear a single note.